Caterpillar to Butterfly – review and giveaway

Caterpillar to Butterfly – review and giveaway

It’s always a joy for me to see Monkey with my Dad, seeing that love of nature being passed from one generation to another.  We’ve watched the life-cycle of both moths and butterflies here, so I knew Monkey would be interested in the Caterpillar to Butterfly book we recently received.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

This Sterling Childrens Book board book was published earlier this year, and provides a simple, photographic view of the life cycle of the butterfly.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

It would be a great book to introduce younger children to this wonderful change from caterpillar to butterfly.  Monkey learnt about life cycles in Year One at school and this would have been really useful to show his classmates at the time.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Monkey knows a lot about this subject for his age, but he could still appreciate the photographs and could talk through what was happening without looking at the written notes.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

For £5.99 this book written by Melissa Stewart its a good photographic introduction.

Also in the series is Our Solar System, another great visual aid to learning about the planets.  Monkey has loved looking at this book.

Our Solar System

The board book talks children through the various planets in our solar system and, again provides a great photographic guide.

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Caterpillar to Butterfly board book worth £5.99

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118 thoughts on “Caterpillar to Butterfly – review and giveaway

  1. Hard to choose and I don’t know many of their names
    The blue morph is ma gesticulating and the colours are amazing

  2. The prettiest butterfly I have ever seen is rhe red admiral – such dashing colours – just wish I saw more!

  3. I’m not entering. Just wanted to say the butterfly book looks amazing. Think i might get one for my nephew x

  4. The cabbage butterfly because it’s the first type of butterfly that my little man ever saw when we moved from the city to our new slightly less inner city location, with grass! He said, “look mommy a butterfly, wow it’s so beautiful” He’s only 2.5 🙂

  5. I like the white ones, are they cabbage butterflies? We have some dancing in our garden every so often 🙂

  6. The red admiral because these are what I remember seeing all the time when I played outside as a child.

  7. I love all butterflies, though my favourite is the Red Admiral, because of its colours, especially the red, which is my favourite colour x

  8. I love Common Blues. they are the most amazing colour that their name seems like such an insult!

  9. The ‘Baccarat Blue Papillon’ from the film ‘Papillon’ that Steve McQueen had tattoed on his chest. The prisoners used to catch them and they were crushed into dye to create ink on money notes…I’m glad they don’t do that anymore. They represent freedom to me as ‘Papillon’ escaped at the end of the movie. x

  10. I like Monarch butterflies. They’re such a nice shade of orange, and they were very common where I grew up.

  11. I love Cabbage White butterflies as they are the first one that I learned when I was little and I always used to look out for on walks with my mum!

  12. I love Peacick butterflies because of the beautiful eye on the wings like on a peacock’s feather

  13. The Variable Cracker butterfly. It’s beautiful wings remind me of a peacock’s tail feathers.

  14. The red admiral be a use its one I remember from when I was little and remember trying to spot them when I was little

  15. I love the red admiral – it was the first butterfly I ever saw, and my dad told me an amazing story about its adventures

  16. I like cabbage whites because they are so simple and striking, and we can very often see them in the garden.

  17. Love the ‘white cabbage’ butterflies, there is always one flying around my garden & I find them very comforting

  18. I don’t know many butterfly names, but I absolutely adore all butterflies. They’re all beautiful and majestic.

  19. Cabbage White is my favourite as I see lots in my garden, they are just so pretty and look so delicate but are so eye-catching and always make me smile

  20. I have always been frightened of moths and butterflies as a result of an unfortunate childhood experience but the striking beauty of the Monarch butterfly is truly extraordinary.

  21. Red admiral, although I’m love all butterflies and bees and feel like every one should have a wild flowers patch in their gardens to encourage,more of them

  22. Cabbage White because I have such lovely memories of watching them frolicking around the honeysuckle when I was little 🙂

  23. The Blue Morpho butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world, I love the blue shades it is my favourite colour which is why it’s my favourite.

  24. I hadn’t realised there were so many different types of butterfly until you asked this, the only one I no is cabbage white

  25. I don’t have a favourite. I clearly don’t know enough about butterflies. Maybe I need to read the book more than the kids!

  26. I think my favourite would be the monarch – I have to admit I don’t know many names of the individual butterflies, but they are all beautiful

  27. The glass-winged butterfly… I just find it amazing how their wings are see-through. We went to Butterfly World last weekend and it blew my mind!

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