The Christmas Treasure Hunt

The Christmas Treasure Hunt – giveaway

I have a lovely giveaway for you today thanks to the team at Campbell Books.  The Christmas Treasure Hunt is a really wonderful life the flap hardback book which I can thoroughly recommend for any household.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt

You may recall that we reviewed The Christmas Treasure Hunt last year and it was an instant hit.  It has become a much loved book in this house and will be well read again this Christmas.

Ag Jatkowska’s illustrations bring this book to life as the animals search for the presents in the annual Christmas Treasure Hunt.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt

Priced at £9.99 I can thoroughly recommend The Christmas Treasure Hunt and I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win their own copy.  Just complete the Gleam form below – good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 3rd December 2014 at midnight.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt board book worth £9.99

122 thoughts on “The Christmas Treasure Hunt – giveaway

  1. Chocolate tree hangings as they seem to disappear during December??? The kids say they must have melted or the dog ate them!

  2. Different Christmas goodies so that each one is a surprise in itself ( Santa’s .coins. snowmen .tree hangings .) I’m excited at the thought

  3. I would hide chocolates as my husband always eats them at least I stand a chance of getting to them first if I know where they are!

  4. I would have a treasure hunt with 1 gold coin left at every clue all leading to the final present which would be a cuddly snowman 🙂

  5. I’m doing a treasure hunt for my Daughter this year, the treasure is Christmas cookie cutters, a Christmas DVD and some chocolate coins!

  6. Little characters from the nativity, to teach the true meaning of Christmas x Good Luck everyone and Merry Christmas x

  7. I’d hide my dog’s presents as she is quite wily and in the past has found her sweeties and eaten them before Christmas.

  8. Chocolate coins (covered in gold foil). Seems like treasure, a treat and the Treasure Hunt would be a good active game for the children etc.

  9. I would hide some little reindeer sweets and a sleigh so that the kids think they are helping Santa by putting his sleigh and reindeer ready do delivering all those pressies on Christmas Eve!

  10. I would hide chocolate gold coins with a stash at the end so we could dress as pirates and find the treasure

  11. I bought some little christmasy finger puppets which would be a brilliant idea for a hide and seek game on christmas eve for the kids! I think I would also hide some chocolate coins to lol thanks for the idea 😉

  12. I think I’d hide something that comes in parts like a big jigsaw or model so all the pieces need to be found and then put together.

  13. Mini chocolate santas – because it’s like santa is hiding little minis of himself to let the kids know he was there!

  14. Id hide Lindt Chocolate balls – Id hide them really well though so only I could find them and eat them hehehe 😀

  15. we usually hide one of our daughters large gifts each year and she has to follow clues to find it, she loves it!

  16. gold coins, i always had them in my stocking when i was a child, always put them in my childrens stockings and am now putting them in my granddaughters stocking

  17. chocolate coins because my kids love them at Christmas time but also love them as pirate treasure for regular treasure hunts

  18. We would have a chocolate treasure hunt, because chocolate is part of your staple diet at christmas 🙂

  19. I’d hide the baubles for the Christmas Tree, then the children could find them and hang them on the tree!

  20. It would have to be candy canes but I cant be trusted with them – I ate them form the tree last year and tried blaming the dog but his doggy breath gave me away 🙁

  21. I would hide different craft items such as pom poms that make up a Christmas decoration, like a Snowman as it extends the festive fun!

  22. I would hide the usual chocolate coins and sweets maybe a couple of pennies for their piggy bank but I will also hide for my daughter a piece of jewelry that I have treasured and I know she will treasure when she gets older xx

  23. Chocolate coins as my son loves anything shiny and would feel like he’s collecting treasure with the reward of eating after!

  24. I’d hide some of the Christmas presents with clues about how to find them, purely because it makes it even more exciting!!! x

  25. Little packs of chocolate raisins as well all love those and adult ones could have just a little tot of rum :0)

  26. well if i did a treasure hunt id hide pressies and clues for the kids and let them find them all in fabulous hidy places and let them enjoy opening whatever size it is and the enjoyment of whats hiding inside the pressie.i remember when i was 7 or 8 and my bug sister hid mine and my 2 other brothers in bags in the house and we had the best time searching for them but that was over 33 years ago and i still remember how great it was

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