Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover – review and giveaway

Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover – review and giveaway

Not that long ago you may remember that Monkey got to have some colouring fun with a Colour & Learn World Map pillowcase. Well the team at eat sleep doodle thought he might like the matching Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover, and it’s gone down a storm here.

Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover

The eat sleep doodle Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover fits a single bed and comes complete with a set of wash out fabric pens.  These pens are great, they don’t leach through fabric so you can draw things in without worrying about the surface or fabric underneath.  Then when your duvet needs washing, the colours wash out leaving your child able to start a different colour scheme next time around.

We’re big fans of the eat sleep doodle range, and loving maps the way we do, the Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover was always going to be a big hit. The oceans have already been pre-printed in blue, unlike the pillowcase, and this works so well on the duvet cover.

Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover

Monkey and I have been colouring in together after school and talking about the different countries, animals and landmarks as we go.  I love visual learning aids and this takes it to another level.

Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover

Monkey loves the animals that live in Africa as much as I do, and his beloved Giraffe was amongst the first to have a make over.  What I really love about this Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover, that it works, whether you colour in all of it, or just a fraction of it.  The print is educational and fun to look at.

We’ve talked more about the wonders of the world and Monkey recognises them all now.

Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover


He’s learned so much from this duvet and the pillowcase we previously reviewed.  Monkey also loves the idea that the colours disappear as if by magic when I wash it, and he can start all over again.  He’s been going to sleep and dreaming of adventures near and far since he started colouring in this lovely duvet cover.

Priced at £40, this isn’t your normal duvet cover, it’s so much more and the pens are fab too.  I needed to magic a Spotty t-shirt from nowhere a few weeks ago when Monkey decided he wanted to join in with something at school the next day.  The eat sleep doodle pens came to my rescue, and I knew they’d wash right out when I next did the washing.

For more information on the full range of products stocked by eat sleep doodle, pop over to their website, they’s got some great ideas.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I love this range so much, I’ve teamed up with eat sleep doodle to offer one lucky winner the Colour & Learn World Map Duvet cover worth £40.  Enter via the Gleam form below – good luck!

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Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover (single) worth £40.00

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255 thoughts on “Colour & Learn World Map duvet cover – review and giveaway

  1. A dodo! So they can colour an extinct creature the way they like, and learn about where it came from in the world (and how it became extinct!)

  2. I love Giraffes, so I was really pleased to see one on there, especially now that they’re becoming rarer!

  3. I’d love to see a Polar Bear on it! As it’s near to Christmas and they are a vital part of it – well especially in the classic Coca Cola advert

  4. Oh wow now you ask a hard question. I would like to see the animals of each continent on the duvet as they are all so spectacular.
    I particularly like the Red Pandas.

  5. I’d like to see reptiles. Snakes especially would be great for colouring in different colours. Plus it might help to stop phobias.

  6. Lions and the other endangered animals. The rate we are going it might be the only way to see them in the future. 🙁

  7. I would love to see a manatee on there! they are one of my favourite animals, but not very commonplace in children’s books etc. They are so cute and I think it would be nice to have something a little different.

  8. we are huge reptile fans so I think we would love to colour in a lizard or a crocodile SNAP!

  9. Whale sharks would be great as they are some of my favourite animals. Red fox or a deer would be cool to represent some British wildlife. Or a horse as they are wild throughout many parts of the world so they could be plaed on a lot of spots on the map.

  10. It would be great to see another duvet cover done with illustrations of mythical beasts on it like the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster…that would be fun. x

  11. A lion or tiger. Both feirce creatures but territorial parents protecting their young plus they’re just beautiful.

  12. Lots of sea animals – whales, dolphins, turtles etc to make the large areas of water interesting!

  13. A giraffe because it is my granddaughter’s favourite animal and it would be quite a challenge to colour it in correctly!

  14. Rhinos! 🙂 We are Daddy Rhino, Mummy Rhino and we have 3 baby rhinos in our house <3 We have a stuffed rhino family collection and wooden rhinos in our living room 🙂 xx

  15. I would love to see zebras, some may think they arent so colourful but I think they are beautiful creatures

  16. I’d love to see frogs because I’m a tad obsessed 🙂 and I think you could make a really interesting cover with their various life stages!

  17. Hedgehogs – they are endangered species and are declining in number rapidly and need our help. (@PeanutHog)

  18. Dolphins as we love dolphins but something colourful like a parrot might be fun for the children to colour in. My daughter would love this. She spends every hour she can colouring! x

  19. My Grandson would love a dinosaur, he is two and a half years old, and does a very good impression of a roaring dinosaur, he loves them

  20. A tiger because it is such a beautiful animal and would need several colours and a lot of concentration to colour so many little bits

  21. I would love to see a Sloth as my daughter absolutely loves them! When we visit the zoo we always spend lots of time, usually watching the Sloth doing nothing!

  22. A killer whale – I took me niece to see them when she was 3 – shes 7 now and still talks about it – the duvet would be for her would be a lovely thing for us to do together.

  23. A flamingo….we had our first family holiday abroad last year to Portugal and visit the Flamingos at the natural lagoon. My son Ronan has been fascinated by them ever since!

  24. Okapi (I think that’s how it’s pronounced) it’s really pretty and soon to be extinct if we show and tell these to everyone they might just get a revival

  25. I already spotted my favourite animal -the elephant in Africa on the duvet. My daughter would love a penguin to be on it

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