Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw – review and giveaway

Are you children always pestering you to play the grabbing claw games at the local fair or arcades?  We’ve been testing out a new game from Drumond Park recently which gives you the option to play at home with their Crazy Claw game.

Crazy Claw

Crazy Claw is a brand new game, aimed at children aged 5 years and over, that can be played with 2-4 players.  The game comes with an ‘arcade’ that needs to be assembled, grabber, 12 coloured balls, 12 toy tokens, 4 collection cards, sticker sheets to complete the look of the arcade and a set of instructions.

Crazy Claw

The aim of the game is to catch balls with the grabber and collect the tokens inside and match those shown on your collection card.  The first one to complete their card is the winner.

You do need to assemble the Crazy Claw unit and add the stickers to decorate it. The instruction leaflet shows you how to construct it and where to place the stickers.  I’ve found it much easier to fit the clear walls to the lid part of the unit and then slot the walls into the base (so the opposite way to the instructions).

Crazy Claw

The stickers are easy to attach and within a couple of minutes the unit was ready.

Crazy Claw

You place one toy token inside each coloured ball (the balls pop open) and then place the balls inside the Crazy Claw unit.

Give each player a collection card and you are ready to play.

Crazy Claw

The youngest player takes the grabber and feeds it into the hole on the top of the unit.  Whilst he tries to grab a ball, the other players hit the red paddles at the base of the unit to make the balls jump up and down.

Crazy Claw

Once the player has grabbed a ball, they open it and check inside and see if the token matches one of those shown on their card.  If it does, they place the token on their card, seal the ball and place it back into the unit. If it doesn’t they just put the ball back.  Play then passes on.

Crazy Claw

Play continues until one player fills their card.  As more toy tokens are collected, you stand more chances of grabbing an empty ball.  It’s practically impossible to keep track of the balls so it’s a real game of chance, and lots of fun too.

Crazy Claw is a real family fun game and we’ve enjoyed playing it.  It’s not complicated, so younger children pick it up immediately and it’s the sort of game that would be great to play at a birthday party. Priced at £22.99, I can see it being on lots of Christmas lists this year.

Once you’ve finished playing Crazy Claw, the unit can be dismantled and everything packs away back in the box.

For stockists and to play games online, visit Drumond Park.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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Crazy Claw game worth £22.99

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  8. My favourite was the penny drop game, because it was one that I used to be quite good at, though I only ever put what I won back in again x

  9. I love the racing games with the steering wheels because the hubby hates it when I beat him!

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  11. I like the machines like the one on Tipping Point. I get great satisfaction from getting the little keyrings and toys out!!

  12. Probably snow bros. It’s an old arcade game that my brother and I spent a lot of time playing. Especially on one particular family holiday to Spain.

  13. I still love the penny drop machines. I’m as frugal as my dad was as a kid. i want to participate but don’t want to spend lots of money doing it so me and the kids usually opt for those and the kids love it when little prizes like keyrings etc pop out. You definitely end up with something from a pounds worth of pennies and in the rare times you don’t you haven’t broken the bank to try and win a prize that you are unlikely to get.

  14. Old school pacman, loved it. Modern dayish Megadrive Sonic the Hedgehog. I don’t do all the new fangled stuff though 🙂

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  37. This looks fab !! I think I might have to treat my niece and nephew to it for when they come to play ! They are very good and make 1 game last for months but I think it’s time for a change now. My favourite arcade / computer game when I was small was monkey climbs a tree – it was maths based and the better you did the higher you climbed. Would love to find that again.

  38. I have always loved the 2p machines! I used to save up all of my pennies as a child and head to Newquay with my family in the summer and take them with us! X

  39. A very old Atari arcade game called Tempest. I spent sooooo much of my childhood spare time playing it 🙂

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