Dig In!

Dig In! from Drumond Park – review and giveaway

We’ve been going on a treasure hunt, to look for cars and trains and doughnuts!   We’ve been having fun with the Dig In! from Drumond Park and as always my son seems to beat me at every turn.

Dig In!

Dig In! from Drumond Park is aimed at families with children aged 8 and over, although my 7-year-old son soon had it sussed. It can be played with 2-4 players with two versions of the game. The game comes with 128 playing pieces in 4 colours, the Dig In! bowl, a 15 second timer, 12 double-sided playing cards and instructions.

The aim of this fast paced game is to Dig In! to the bowl and match all six pieces to your playing card against the clock.  You can either play with the cards colour or grey side up, then give each player a card face up, to complete.

Dig In!

The first player presses the timer down to give themselves 15 seconds to Dig In! and find as many pieces that they need as possible, using both hands.  As they find the relevant pieces they place them on the card.

Dig In!

When the buzzer goes, play moves on to the next player, they press the timer down again and so on. Once all the players have had their turn it’s a free for all as all players try to complete their cards at the same time, but only using one hand.  The first player to fill their card wins the round and keeps the card.  The key is to find as many pieces on your solo turn as you possibly can, especially if four players are playing.

If you are lucky enough to find all six of your required play pieces within your original 15 second slot, you get to keep the card and win the round.

The winner of Dig In! is the first player to collect three cards.

If you decide to play with the grey side of the cards, you can collect the objects in any colour.  This has definitely been my son’s preferred version of the game at the moment, although as he gets older and his observation skills improve I’m sure that will change.  At the moment he’s all just about the winning.

Dig In!

We’ve had lots of fun playing this game over the last couple of weeks, it certainly gets you to work on your hand/eye coordination skills!  My son has always been particularly thrilled if his card has a train on it to collect.  Some things never change.

When we’ve finished each round, before we put the playing pieces back into the bowl, we try to make up a little story with the playing pieces we’ve collected.  It’s a little twist, nothing to do with the rules of play, but great for helping with communication skills and to encourage kids imaginations.

Priced at £19.99 Dig In! from Drumond Park is a great family friendly game for everyone to enjoy.  What’s more, the playing pieces can be packed away in the bags provided, and everything sits nicely inside the bowl, making it an easy game to box up and store.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference and you can find more information and stockists, if you visit www.drumondpark.com.

disclosure: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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Dig In! game from Drumond Park worth £19.99

163 thoughts on “Dig In! from Drumond Park – review and giveaway

  1. I’d like to see maybe a Disney version, so there’s Disney objects, especially Eeyore!

  2. id like to see a spin- off from another game so the piece from monopoly or Operation, kid would love that 🙂

  3. We would love fish as we have tropical fish and my granddaughter would love to play with them

  4. A front door key…it would give the children good practice for helping me rummage through my handbag when I’ve ‘mislaid’ mine 😉 x

  5. Different types of animals as this would be quite hard and so would make the game more interesting

  6. A chocolate bar to remind me of what I used to depend on to get through a day at work 🙂

  7. A pea pod. I love pea pods…. and I’ve got 3 of my own little peas in a pod 🙂

  8. I would say I’d love to see a frog as they’re my favourite animal – but they already have that covered! So I think I’d like to see a book, because I love reading 🙂

  9. A bar of chocolate haha, i’m pretty sure my daughter could find that with her eyes closed haha 🙂

  10. I would like to see a bicycle- all the other things I can think of are already in the game 🙂 x

  11. My daughter said a bunny, she’s all Eastered out at the moment after winning the first prize for her bonnet yesterday

  12. A pretzel because its the grandchildrens favourite snack, especially if its a cheese one

  13. A maple leaf, to remind me of the years I lived in Canada, and the birth place of both my amazing sons.

  14. i would like to see a watermelon as it is my sons favorite thing in the whole world lol

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