Disney Aristocrats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75 giveaway

Disney Aristocats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75 giveaway

In the third instalment of Christmas stocking filler offerings, I have for you today this Disney Aristocats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75 giveaway.  I was almost tempted to keep this for myself as I adore the film and clearly love cats too.  But I figured that there would be lots of children who would make much better use of it all than I would.

Disney Aristocrats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75 giveaway

The set comes with a pen, ruler, eraser, pencil and pencil sharpener.


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Disney Aristocrats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75

102 thoughts on “Disney Aristocats Marie Stationery Set worth £2.75 giveaway

  1. My favourite Disney film is actually “The Aristocats” I love cats and I love the characters in this and the music, especially “Everybody wants to be a cat”

  2. I love Sleeping Beauty, it reminds of being a child and being carefree as I used to love it and watch it everyday

  3. I love Dumbo because it was always my grand daughter’s favourite and we spent many happy hours curled up on the sofa watching it together

  4. I love Beauty and the Beast which my daughter would HAVE to watch every day, after nursery, when I was making dinner. You’d think I’d hate it but knowing every word and remembering seeing my now 30 year old’s face light up makes it very special.

  5. Mine is lion king! Used to be my favourite when I was younger so brings back memories! I can’t wait for my little boy to be old enough to watch it!

  6. My favourite Disney film is Jungle Book. I have happy memories of watching this as a child , with my parents and siblings at the cinema .

  7. 101 dalmations, loved the story as it was all about cute dogs which I love. I loved the film so much I ended up owning dalmations

  8. Beauty and the beast is my favourite disney film because I love the storyline of it and its very enjoyable to watch and has interesting characters.

  9. The Lion King. It’s just a perfect film and it didn’t need that remake! I’ve seen the original twice at the cinema. The first time it came out when I was 3 and when they re-released it when I was in my twenties. Also seen the stage show which was epic. The sound track is spot on as well!

  10. The Little Mermaid as the songs as so catchy and i can’t stop singing “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter,under the sea” for about 2 days afterwards.I really like the characters too as they are just so loveable.

  11. I’m torn as there are so many that I love but I particularly love Hercules because the songs in it are awesome!

  12. Bambi, was the first film my father took my mother to see back in the day so always watched when it was on in our house

  13. Lady & the Tramp. It’s just such a lovely film & my son used to watch it everyday when he was little so it’s the once I know best!

  14. Has to be Toy story was first Disney film I seen and fell in love with it!!! I love it each time I watch it

  15. Robin Hood – I am having a disney day on Wednesday for my birthday and this is the first one I will be watching .

  16. I’ve always loved Mulan just because it’s about a strong woman with a mind of her own and a brilliant example for all young children xx

  17. Gosh it’s so hard to choose just one, the aristocrats is one I still have multiple copies of though, because it’s cats and I’ve always loved anything about cats.

  18. The Aristocats because it was one of the the first Disney films I saw as a child and let’s face it everybody wants to be a cat

  19. Sleeping Beauty – because I can’t stop watching the bit when they magically make the birthday cake. Because who doesn’t love a cake magically made.

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