Don’t Bug the Insects – review and giveaway

Don’t Bug the Insects – review and giveaway

We had a wonderful day out at Marwell Zoo recently and got to watch some remarkable Leaf Cutter Ants hard at work.  You all know we love insects here, but it’s normally butterflies and dragonflies that steal the limelight. Watching the ants hard at work reminded both me and my 7 year old son just how wonderful all insects can be. We’ve been reading Don’t Bug the Insects by Ben Richmond recently and it’s a great introduction to twelve of these wonderful 6 legged creatures.

Don't Bug the Insects

Don’t Bug the Insects is published through Sterling Books and is a 28 page hardback book.  It’s full of interesting facts about a range of insects including ants, silkworms and lightning bugs to name but a few.

Did you know that there are over 13,000 different species of ants?  No, neither did we.  We certainly watched the ants at Marwell Zoo carrying five times their own body weight as they cut up leaves and carried them home. Fascinating to watch.

Bees are a firm favourite here, and my son is used to me spending ages watching them as the fly from one flower to another pollinating as they go.

Don't Bug the Insects

Don’t Bug the Insects is written from the insects’ point of view, which amused my 7 year old.  As we meet each insect in turn we learn about them, how they help the world around them and on their impact on the human race.

When we took some of my Dad’s bug collection into school at the end of Year Two, most of the children were fascinated by the praying mantis and I can see a few of them wanting to keep one as a pet in the future.  It’s also interesting to know that this insect has inspired two different martial arts with its’ movements.

Don't Bug the Insects

My son has been a ladybird spotter for as long as I can remember but he had no idea that some ladybirds have no spots at all.  Did you? Priced at £10.99 Don’t Bug the Insects provides an introduction to insects with some interesting facts.

disclosure:  we were given the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Don't Bug the Insects

Don’t Bug the Insects book worth £10.99

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136 thoughts on “Don’t Bug the Insects – review and giveaway

  1. Bumble Bees – although I don’t like to get up too close to them, I do like them because they don’t chase you like wasps and they are good for our environment and we need to look after them!

  2. Oh, dear. I know they are a key part of the ecosystem but I find them creepy. However, I grow buddleija for butterflies so I guess they would be my favourite.

  3. Bees the closer you get to them the more complex they are
    Quite extrodinary they can fly at all the size of some of them

  4. I love bumble bees, it amazes me that when they land near you, you can stroke their fluffy bodies, and they actually let you!

  5. Caterpillars , as there is such a variety , and then of course they turn into beautiful butterflies .( two insects for the price of one )

  6. I love snails, the fact they carry their shells and can whip back into them so quick when needed…and their little antennas are so cute when they pop up…like little aliens

  7. I love bees even though I’m allergic to them – they never bother me unless I accidentally bother them first (like a mutual nonaggression pact ) so over the years I’ve become quite fond of them.

  8. My fave insect is the dung beetle as it’s the strongest insect (& animal, for that matter) – it can pull 1,141 times its bodyweight & the males fight for females’ attention. Beside, the sight of it, moving balls of dung, makes me & my family smile ; )

  9. What’s your favourite insect and why? the bumblebee as it defies the laws of aerodynamics and flies so beautifully

  10. I rather like cockroaches, theres such a variety, and they will even survive the apocalypse think I really ended up liking them after watching Joe’s Apartment a must see film

  11. My favourite is the Honey Bee for providing us with nature’s bounty but I have a healthy respect for the Dung Beetle. Any creature that puts up with as much xxxx as them deserve some credit after all? x

  12. Bumble bees are my favourite because they are pretty and vital to our lives 🙂 oh and very hardworking too

  13. Ants fascinate me. I’m not sure I could call them my favourite insect as I seem to spend a lot of time in the summer stopping them invading the house but they are such workers and their persistence is amazing!

  14. I like most bugs and insects but I am totally fascinated by the variety of moths so many lovely colours, I saw a vivid green one the other day it looked like a leaf amazing.

  15. I love Butterfly’s as they come in so many different shapes and sizes and they are so colourful

  16. Butterflies, love watching them flitting from flower to flower & my 3 year old grandson says that they are sent by grandpa in the sky

  17. I used to hate them and I’m still terrified of them, but I really like moths and they fascinate me now! Some of them can be so colourfil especially in other countries. If you search the hashtag #moths on instagram there are some unreal looking ones

  18. My favourite insect is moths! They can be just as beautiful & majestic as butterflies but often get overlooked!

  19. I love ladybirds. Not only are they really beautiful to look at they are wonderful predators, and eat all the aphids, which can damage the plants.

  20. I love ladybirds and my children count the spots to see how old they are just like I did as a child

  21. I love butteflies and moths, my daughter is terrifeid but I really like them, they are so pretty!

  22. I love bees because they are so hard-working and help humans because they pollinate fruit and vegetables and flowers.

  23. For me it has to be butterflies as they are so beautiful and i could look at them for hours as they amaze me.

  24. I like butterflies and moths but I am not a fan of them in their caterpillar form (I got attacked by a poisonous one on hols and since then have deffo gone off them!)

  25. I love bees because the do so much to help fertilise some of the food we eat. And honey bees produce honey too!

  26. I love bees. They are fascinating to watch. They do so much good and unlike wasps they don’t chase you around the garden!

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