Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold DVD giveaway

Today I have a Dora and the Lost City of Gold DVD giveaway for you.  You can find my full review for this family favourite here.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Dora and the Lost City of Gold DVD is perfect for a family movie night and it’s funny as well as being full of action and adventure.

I’m pleased to be able to offer one reader the chance to win a copy of the Dora and the Lost City of Gold DVD for themselves.  Please complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 6th January 2022 at midnight.

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Dora and The Lost City of Gold DVD worth £10.00

146 thoughts on “Dora and the Lost City of Gold DVD giveaway

  1. I’d search for hidden treasure in my back garden, because I could take my time without fear of someone else nipping in and getting it while I sleep, and I’d be home in time for tea and have a comfy bed to sleep in

  2. I’ve been reading a book about mud larking on the banks of the Thames – some of the finds are fascinating – would love to try it

  3. I would love to search for hidden treasure at the Pyramids in Egypt as it looks like a great place to explore

  4. Hello, I would search for treaure in Poland as I imagine it is a very interesting country. Thank you for the chance to win.

  5. I’d love to search for treasure in the Carribean Islands. I’m sure there are plenty of nooks and cranies worth exploring on the islands and in the water in between, and it’s such a beautiful place, that even if I didn’t find anything, I would be somewhere wonderful.

  6. I would like to look for treasure in the Norfolk Broads! Such lovely scenery to enjoy whilst you search

  7. Egypt. I visited there on a school trip when I was 15 & have always wanted to go back. There is still a huge amount still to be discovered there.

  8. I took Daisy to see this when it was released in the cinema and we both really enjoyed it.

    I’d like to search for hidden treasure in Australia. I’ve seen so many of those programmes on TV about the gold hunters and opal hunters that I just know I would come home with a huge chest full of valuable treasure (and a dreadful sunburn….)

  9. I’d love to search for treasure on the Caribbean islands because I might find some pirate treasure (or some rum!)

    1. I’d love to search for treasure near my parent’s house over in Ireland. My family found arrow heads years ago and more recently roundabouts had to be added to local roads to preserve artefacts.

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    As I friends in London, England could possibly visit them following Treasure Hunt, and prior to returning home. Multi – tasking. “ Variety is the Spice of Life “.

  11. Egypt as I have seen so many films about the Pyramids and tombs so I am sure there would be plenty of sites to explore.

  12. I would love to search for buried treasure in my back garden because I am sure there is some hidden there!

  13. This is awful but me and my sister used to swim in goggles under places like the lazy river at water parks and pick up loose change that had fell out of peoples pockets! That was the most treasure hunting we did haha

  14. Hawaii because it’s sunny but not too hot, with nice beaches, nice scenery and maybe I could get me a fancy shirt, rent a red Ferrari and pretend I’m Magnum P.I. in between the treasure hunting.

  15. I would love to go deep sea diving and hunt for treasure. There must be so much under the seas and oceans plus it would be so interesting if i came across any shipwrecks to try trace it back in history x

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  19. I would try Norfolk as it is the county in the uk with the most treasure finds. Maybe there is one more.

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  21. Costa Rica, It is the most eco friendly place on earth and I don’t think anyone would think to look there!

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  26. On the beach probably Brean beach because of the size and a lot of treasure has been found on beaches

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