Earth to Luna!

Earth To Luna! – giveaway

Have your kids discovered Earth to Luna! on Tiny Pop yet?  The series is aimed at children aged 2-6 years of age and shows youngsters just how wonderful science can be.

Earth To Luna!

Earth to Luna! is a great programme that we’ve started watching after school as Monkey’s starting to learn about science at school now.  You can find the show on Tiny Pop six times a day during the week (09.30, 09.45, 10.00, 10.15, 15.30, 15.45) and twice daily at the weekend (09.30, 09.45) and we can recommend the 12 minute shows.

You can keep in touch with Earth to Luna on Instagram and Facebook.

I thought it would be great to share a lovely prize with you all today – one lucky reader can win this set of 3 Earth to Luna! toys which aren’t currently available in the UK!  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!

Earth to Luna!


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Earth to Luna! toy set worth £45


171 thoughts on “Earth To Luna! – giveaway

  1. I love the balloon kebab. Blow up a balloon, bit of vaseline on the top and a sharp kebab skewer all the way through it without it popping. Kids are always fascinated!!!

  2. Making crystals, its amazing to find a colourful crystal in your beaker once the solution evaporated

  3. I love putting white carnations into water with added food colouring! To see them change colour is lovely!

  4. As a scientist, I love them all! But I like pretty too, and the prettiest is making a crystal garden.

  5. white carnation in food colouring (or celery – because that’s more likely to be in the house than a carnation)

  6. On the 2 equinox days of the year (start of spring and autumn), you can stand an egg straight up without it falling over (if you are willing to be patient). We did it one year, and the eggs stayed up for a few days. I really want to give it a try again, maybe in the spring.

  7. I remember going to a lecture thingy when I was younger and the bloke had a massive tube that had cotton wool or something in it and he set fire to it and it made this really loud screechy noise. That was fun!

  8. I love making Non-Newtonian Fluid – just cornflour and water and entertaining for young and old.

  9. Plant seeds and watch them grow. Love when you see your work grow in something beautiful and how fast it does.

  10. I love making vinegar volcanos with the kids. The best bit is the explosive chemical reaction…the clean up required afterwards is not so fun though.

  11. What’s your favourite science experiment and why? . . . . . . the only one l remember is growing crystals – and that’s why it’s my favourite

  12. Coffee filters and food colouring but my daughter (3) is desperate to do the volcano experiment – one for better weather 🙂

  13. A few weeks ago my friend put some jelly/sweetie worms in baking soda over night and in the morning put them in water and they wriggled. It was really cool & our kids loved it 🙂 x I’m sure it was more complex than how I’ve explained it x

  14. We like making volcanoes – vinegar and bicarb and red food colouring – spectacular.also you can’t be a mento in coke – safe to say we love making a mess 😉

  15. I love to do the ‘what floats and what sinks?’ experiment with the kids – they end up racing around the house and garden looking for stuff to test

  16. My old science teacher used to do an experiment where he swung a ball from under his chin and told us it wouldn’t hit him on the way back. Every time we thought it would, but it never did. I hope this makes sense, I’m not good at explaining it!!

  17. Coloured water to show osmosis using celery and white carnations to show osmosis – the celery shows the xylem so clearly and the colour change in the flowers proves that the flower sucks up the water. You can’t tell a child anywhere nearly as well as you can show them x

  18. Turning cream into butter just by shaking it. It’s fun, a bit of exercise and you have some lovely butter to eat at the end!

  19. Lighting magnesium because it makes such a bright light. I also like volatile metals but wouldn’t try that myself

  20. Litmus paper test was the extent of my science projects! The smell in the lab used to make me feel sick every time I went in there!

  21. Iron filings, paper and a magnet underneath the paper. So when you sprinkle the iron over the paper you can see the magnetic field. I love it because it just seems like magic, but its not its real science.

  22. I haven’t really done many but I clean with vinegar and bicarb and when they mix it’s pretty scientific and fizzy!!

  23. I love making a baked bean volcano – the kids and I had SO much fun with this – though it was messy!!

  24. My dad was a physics teacher, and so always had access to fun science equipment. Particularly the Van de Graaf generator for making our hair stand on end and giving big electric shocks!

  25. Adding all the ingredients of a cake…heating it, watching it rise… and Eating it when best experiment ever lol

  26. We had a lot of fun with my nieces this summer, by doing the experiment which demonstrates how much our sense of smell affects our sense of taste. We all held some onion under our noses for a while, then ate a piece of chocolate – the kids couldn’t believe that it made the chocolate taste of onion!

    We followed that up by rubbing some garlic on our feet, and half an hour later we could taste it in our mouths!

  27. Charging a battery using a potato, this seems so imposable but it works…..captures the imagination and lust for science.

  28. we are having to constantly buy coke and mentoes as the kids are fascinated by the exploding coke

  29. I have fun with my grandchildren making magic ink from lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small plate with a few drops of water and mix with a spoon.
    Dip the toothpick into the lemon juice mix and write a message on the white sheet of paper.
    When it dries the writing will be invisible.
    Heat the paper by holding it over a lamp with the writing side down.
    The invisible ink writing will slowly turn brown and appear on the page!
    My grandchildren love pretending to be spies and passing secret messages.

  30. We had a lot of fun watching vegetables sprout new growth in different mediums both on the windowsill at home and in the lab at school.

  31. Corn flower being both a liquid and a solid at the same time depending on how ur handling it at that moment

  32. Static electricity and getting a balloon to stick to a wall because you can have a competition to see who’s balloon stays on the longest.

  33. bought my little daughter a Solar system for her 3rd birthday, she is obsessed with planets and stars. so ive started learning them so I can teach her

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