Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat

Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway

No Easter is complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Monkey is still at a point where he kind of believes that it’s the Easter Bunny who magics the chocolates that appear all over the garden for him to hunt down.  He still sort of believes, that Mummy is just the helper, the one who keeps secrets to make sure the fun happens.  I always try to make sure that a little reminder of our furry friend hangs around to enjoy the fun and this year it’s part of our Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat.

Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat

I, as the Easter Bunny’s assistant, recently took delivery of the Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny and The Bunnies Basket.  Now my mission is to hide them from an unsuspecting Monkey, until the big day itself.  But they are just too cute not to share a glimpse with you today!

The 150g Big City Bunny is available in Milk or Dark Chocolate, and is very good at keeping the Easter Bunny’s secrets.  Not a word passes his lips.

Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat

All the little details, make the Big City Bunny almost to good to eat, but he is made of luscious Hotel Chocolat chocolate, so I don’t think he’ll last long, once the Easter Egg Hunt is completed here.  Although the fact he’s even got a name might way Monkey for a few moments longer.

Easter treats from Hotel ChocolatPriced at £7.50, he’s going to be visiting a lot of homes this Easter I would imagine.

Now we do love our animal friends here, and The Bunnies Basket is going to be well received I’m sure. Perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt, there are 20 individually wrapped milk chocolate Chicks and Bunnies to discover.

Easter treats from Hotel ChocolatThey are bite sized, and perfect for younger ones to enjoy.  I think our Easter Bunny is going to squirrel these away around Monkey’s farm set and see how quickly he can spot the new arrivals!  Priced at £8.00, this collection is a great way of providing Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat.

You can find a whole array of Easter delights both online and in store with Hotel Chocolat.  Gift boxing is also available, they’ll even make you a hamper up based on your selections.  There’s just too much choice.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

It’s not only Easter next weekend, but it’s also my birthday next week.  So to celebrate I thought it was only fair to share some Easter treats with you all.  One lucky winner will receive the Hotel Chocolat Easter Pen Pals set worth £10.00.  Aren’t they just the cutest!

Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat

Complete the Gleam form to enter to win these Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat – good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 8th April 2017 at midnight.  Winner will need to confirm their details by midday on 11th April for an Easter delivery.

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Hotel Chocolat Easter Pen Pals set worth £10

312 thoughts on “Easter treats from Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway

  1. We are all going to my sister’s house on Easter Sunday for a family lunch and a big Easter egg hunt in the garden for the children

  2. I’ll be spending Easter at home with my kids trying to entertain them over the school holidays.

  3. My hubby is working 3 night shifts over easter weekend so I will be entertaining the kids as much as possible and trying to keep them quiet so hubby can sleep in the day. We will be celebrating easter on easter Monday, by enjoying an easter egg hunt and family meal.

  4. I’m due baby boy number 3 on good Friday so will be at home with my other half & boys hopefully!

  5. I love Easter 🙂 I will be spending it with my partner and our daughter Heidi we are off for an easter egg hunt then my partner has said he will take us out for dinner! What a treat 🙂

  6. I will be with my husband and 3 daughters at home, where hopefully the Easter bunny will visit!

  7. I’ll be having a week down at our caravan in Woolacombe with my husband, mum and children. We made an easter bucket list a couple of weeks ago for all the things we’d like to do in our week away <3

  8. At home with the family – we will be having another Christmas dinner with all the trimmings on Easter Sunday.

  9. I’ll be spending Easter with my husband and little boy. We’re planning to go to one of our local national trust properties for an Easter egg hunt and then home for a big roast.

  10. we are going to the mother in laws for lunch… but with being nearly 9 months pregnant i could well be in labour!

  11. I’m spending it at home with my family and we’ll be having a big Easter hunt. Wishing you a very happy Easter.

  12. We are spending easter together – me and my little family consisting of daddy bear, Odin the 17 month old and Milo the Maine Coon cat – we will have a little easter egg hunt around the garden (Daddy will eat all the chocolate, Odin will be happy with a fluffy chick toy and Milo may get a real egg – he’s obsessed with eggs!)

  13. With my husband and 3 girls , there all under 4 so it’s busy busy busy! lol hopefully some fun outdoor activities like egg hunts !

  14. We are spending Easter in Cornwall on our first family holiday in 4 years …. I am so excited and I am just going to relax and eat Easter eggs on the beach with the kids! #BestTimeEver

  15. I actually don’t know either at this point. I’ll be trying to have a good day, though!

  16. With my grandchildren daughter her husband and my husband I’m cooking a roast not decided if we are having lamb or beef

  17. at home, but my grandaughter comes round and we do an easter egg hunt for her around the house and garden x

  18. I will be partly at home home with my husband and daughters, and we’re also going for a carvery with the extended family at a place in our local area 🙂 Can’t wait!

  19. A meal out and visiting family on Easter Saturday and a quiet day at home Easter Sunday

  20. I’m on my own so won’t be doing anything special, will just be out in the garden if the weather is good enough

  21. I don’t have any plans yet but hopefully if the weather is good we will go out for a nice long walk.

  22. I will actually be spending Easter Sunday alone 🙁 My husband will be fetching our 3 kids home from Grandmas after a week of holiday fun but then we have a 2nd week of fun planned together 🙂

  23. My birthday is Easter this year so it will be double fun. We will prob have a family day out somewhere local

  24. I’ll be spending Easter at home with my family. Also, mum’s making the trip overseas to spend it with us so that will be nice.

  25. I will be staying at home spending some quality time with my family doing our usual egg hunt

  26. Mainly at home but we will be going to my mums for lunch on Easter Sunday as it’s also my sisters birthday

  27. At my house with my hubby son and his girlfriend daughter and granddaughter son in law sister nephew brother in law my mum and my Nana brother and his girlfriend

  28. I’ll be spending the day at home with my husband and children. We’ll be doing easter crafts such as painting boiled eggs and we’ll be doing an easter egg hunt.

  29. Its my husbands birthday on Easter Sunday so we will be spending the day with family. Ive booked a meal for my , my hubby and our little girl for once everyone has gone. On Good friday we always go for a walk up Holcombe Hill ( a local hill) then go for a drink outside the pub at the bottom xx

  30. I’ll be spending easter at home with my family. We’ll do an easter egg hunt in the garden and have a nice easter dinner followed by lots of chocolate!

  31. I will be spending it with my partner and son. We will be going to a local easter egg hunt and then round to some friends for dinner.

  32. I will be spending Easter at home with my husband and son, although my son will probably be working.

  33. im spending it with my hubby and our munchkins . we are deciding when we see the weather

  34. Just close family this year, my wife And I are taking our 2 kids to a farm to see some Spring animals 🙂

  35. I will be spending Easter at my sister’s house with the whole family for a sit down meal

  36. Just at home with the family, we don’t ever tend to go anywhere as we have a business!

  37. We are planning to be at home most of the time with children and grandchildren and hopefully if the weather is good we will be able to enjoy the garden!

  38. we go to my Mums . She does an amazing Easter egg hunt and puts on games for the family-adults and children making us wear silly costumes.

  39. Me, my husband and 2 children will be going to my friends for an Easter party on the Friday then we will be doing an Easter egg hunt at home on the Sunday

  40. In work most of the time, but during the rest of the time I will be with my husband and daughters

  41. I will be with my hubby and possibly adult twin children, we are planning to overhaul our jungle of a back garden!

  42. I will be spending it with my best friends. We are off to a local beach for picnic!

  43. My family and my brothers family will go to my parents for a beach walk (with 6 dogs between us) and a roast dinner

  44. I will be spending it at home with my husband and kids where we will take part in an Easter egg hunt x

  45. I still have to work over Easter sadly but will be spending some time with my lovely children,hopefully indulging in some tasty treats!

  46. I will be spending my summer in Glasgow with my family having an easter egg hunt then eating what we find

  47. We are taking our son to Birmingham, to visit family and booked an overnight to Drayton manor, cant wait x

  48. I’ll be spending a quiet time at home with my other half. We’ll go to church in the morning then probably do a bit of gardening and perhaps a nice meal to follow 🙂 x

  49. We will be spending easter with all my in-laws, at their house, having a family lunch and doing easter egg hunts for the kids

  50. at home, my daughter goes back to uni on Easter Tuesday, and my son is home from London for just 24 hours. Roast dinner, and lots and lots of chocolate planned

  51. Going to stay at my dad’s for the weekend, he spends a lot of time alone so will be nice for him to have some company (and a whole lot of chocolate!)

  52. Spending Easter at the football with my family and friends, going to watch matches on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday

  53. We’ll be at home but will be meeting up with lots of family & friends (10 adults, 5 kids) at the Cotswold Wildlife Park!

  54. I will be travelling back to the family home in Essex to spend it with my parents 🙂

  55. I’ll be spending it at home with the hubby and kids. Its the first year in 5 years that the hubby won’t be working so we’ll cook a lovely roast turkey dinner followed by lots of yummy chocolate eggs 🙂

  56. Easter sunday round mums, a great dinner and lots of chocs. You are never too old for easter eggs

  57. I will be spending Easter at home with my family, we will be playing games and enjoying the weather if possible!

  58. with my 1 year old grand daughter. cannot wait to see her face when she sees her easter eggs and gifts xxx

  59. I will be spending Easter at home and enjoying it with friends and family. I’m hoping for a Bluebell walk in the woods and a picnic in the woods.

  60. On Easter Sunday my mom is meeting my partners parents for the first time and I am sure some chocolate will be eaten too:-)

  61. At home with my partner, 2 year old and 5 month old hopefully doing our 1st ever easter egg hunt!

  62. I will be spending it at my Mum’s house – she is arranging an easter egg hunt for my son. She is taking it very seriously – clues, a map and compass!

  63. I’m having a night away with my hubby on Easter sunday, really looking forward to some together time!

  64. I normally spend Easter with my nephew, but he’s having the time of his life in Florida. This year I’ll spend it with my parents.

  65. My husband and sons will be doing an Easter egg hunt in the morning and then off to my mums in the afternoon for a family get together.

  66. We are staying at home , colouring our eggs and finding the biggest hill to roll them down

  67. I will be spending it at home in the morning with my partner and our son. Then my partner has to go to work so me and my son will then be going to my mum and dads house! No doubt my dad will take my son out somewhere too!

  68. I will be spending Easter at home with my large family. We love the excitement of Easter and go the full hog or I should say hop and do the Easter Egg hunt with clues. Great fun.

  69. I am spending easter at home with my family. Our eldest daughter is coming home too as it is her birthday on easter Monday. Other than that I am working..

  70. My hubby and children 😀 but the day before visiting my brother who lives in Barry in Wales who’s 145 miles away from us .

  71. Will be working Friday & Monday – joys of retail! Relaxing with family at home on the Saturday & Sunday

  72. I will be finishing work at 6pm thursday evening then I have a 2.5 hour drive to my parents and i’m spending the whole easter weekend with them – as they live at the seaside i’m hoping its as nice weather as we are having this weekend.

  73. Sadly I will be spending Easter weekend working … but plan on having a few days away at Granny’s during the week to make up for it

  74. I will be spending Easter with my son and partner in our house and at our local park for an egg hunt x

  75. I am hoping to spend it in Budapest. I am currently working abroad so I am hoping to spend it with my boyfriend and have a few days together before we have to part again for work. 🙂

  76. I am hoping to spend it in Budapest. I am currently working abroad away from home so I am hoping to spend it with my boyfriend and have a few days together before we have to part again for work

  77. We will be at home as a family, and are looking forward to it – lots of plans are being made.

  78. at home with my baby girl and fiance decorating hard boiled eggs and eating chocolate lol

  79. Easter at home with the family but will be travelling north to visit my daughter on the Saturday as she is on call over the Easter weekend.

  80. With my teenagers probably just relaxing at home as my husband is working all over the weekend

  81. I will be spending Easter with my children. My partner is working away so if will just be us.

  82. I will be looking after my jewellery stall at a couple of Easter Fayres , so will be chatting with my fellow stall holders and spending the evenings with my feet up with my lovely husband , chocolate will be included at some point of course

  83. We will be spending it at my parents house having an Easter egg hunt with the kids and grandkids! Then our east roast dinner! Yumm!

  84. Working on Saturday so we are going to the coast on Sunday and car booting/easter egg hunt on Monday. Don’t often get Saturdays off so we always plan to do stuff on the other days.

  85. Il be spending Easter with my son. We ll be out on the Saturday for a meal with family and friends as its my birthday on Easter Sunday . My first birthday since I had my son x

  86. When I’m not at work over easter weekend I’ll be spending time with my other half at home eating good food!

  87. I’m not sure if my daughter is working or not this year, but my son will be here and am hoping that our friends will also come over and visit.

  88. I will be spending Easter with my partner and our son, enjoying a lovely Easter egg hunt at our local woods then enjoying a lovely home cooked lamb roast 🙂

  89. We’re off to the Lake District for a spot of hiking. There are some new trails we’d like to try out – if the weather is good enough!

  90. I will be spending Easter at home with my husband and son, but we are travelling to Disneyland on Easter Monday! 🙂

  91. It’s my son’s 6th birthday as well this easter so we’ll be doing his choice of activity!

  92. Quiet Easter at home as our eldest is travelling around Europe on his own and I can’t really relax ( yes, he was in Stockholm yesterday) so well just do eggs on the day and save the rest until he gets back

  93. I’ll be spending it with my sister and her kids and our mum – big family dinner and a nice walk with the dogs nothing too exciting but will do us fine

  94. We are staying at home and doing an egg hunt and having chocolate with breakfast all followed by a yummy lamb roast x