Fairy Garden giveaway

Fairy Garden – giveaway

You might have spotted our review for the Fairy Garden from the My Fairy Garden range from Interplay UK earlier this week.  It’s a lovely set aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and my 6 year Monkey loves it.

Fairy Garden from Interplay UK

You can see this set in action, along with others from the My Fairy Garden range in this video.

To be in with a chance of winning the Fairy Garden set worth £14.99 for yourself, just complete the Rafflecopter below – good luck! and don’t forget to visit my Giveaway page for more great prizes on offer!

Fairy Garden


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The giveaway will close on 10th April 2016 at midnight.

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173 thoughts on “Fairy Garden – giveaway

  1. Pebbles from the beach which we would paint and varnish – they would be stools for the fairies to sit on. We would also add a pond (a jam jar lid with water) to encourage wildlide to visit!

  2. I think I’d add some natural crystals, as I think the colors would look beautiful. And i hear fairy’s love them 🙂

  3. I would add some pretty shells, pebbles and fairy dust (glitter) to make it even more magical x

  4. A little toadstool we got from Pixie Land in Dartmoor, give it a visit, it’s great. Even take photos on full size toadstools with a green or red hat!

  5. My favourite flowers are primulas always colourful and make fantastic displays regardless of our great British weather

  6. A little birdbath because Amelia loves the one in my garden so he would expect a fairy garden to have one

  7. When I think of fairys I always imagine them sitting on toadstools 🙂 so I’d add some of them xxx

  8. I have a lovely set of 20 led solar lights which would be great for making it come alive in the dark. x

  9. Some jingly wind chimes so the fairys can talk to one another, we have jingly wind chimes and i tell the kids its the fairies talking x

  10. my little girl loves coins at the moment so would probably decorate with them and bury treasure

  11. I’d love to add a tiny tea set because it would be so lovely to have afternoon tea in the garden with the fairies!

  12. A tiny table and chairs for a Fairy Tea party – so the fairy’s can eat, drink and be merry

  13. i Would add some shells, my daughter collects one shell whenever we visit a beach in the UK , she has 4 now, they would make a lovely addititon

  14. I would add some glitter to give it even more magic and because my daughter loves sparkly things.

  15. I’d add see pretty pebbles, toadstools. And outdoor twinkly lights to make it just a bit more special. My two girls would just love this xxx

  16. Some of those little battery operated fairy lights so my daughter could have it lit up at night when she goes to sleep.

  17. Hopefully grow some Parsley in the corner so it becomes the mystical forest where things might happen if you dare to enter.

  18. I would add some seashells from my local beach.They are tiny yellow cowrie shells so would be perfect for tiny fairies to decorate their garden.

  19. I’ve got a collection of small rocks that my daughter picks up whenever we visit a beach that would go lovely in the fairy garden.

  20. I asked my 8yr old daughter who loves this and she said she would add some pretty little fairy lights. Her name is Summer, fab competition.

  21. some ‘don’t feed the unicorn’ signs – no unicorn to see, but to add to the mystique and magic.

  22. I would add some daisies, because for me they go with fairies and they’d be pretty too 🙂

  23. I have some tiny battery operated lights that would be about the right scale. I would string those up so my daughter could use this as a nightlight.

  24. i would let my special needs son add his wee fairy and my other 2 kids could add one too. it would be our family as fairies. my special needs son would love this

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