Fishtales DVD

Fishtales DVD – review and giveaway

Monkey is fascinated by the marine life whenever we visit an Aquarium and having recently enjoyed learning more about Sharks, I thought he’d find the new Fishtales DVD interesting.

Fishtales DVD

Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK released the Fishtales DVD on 18th July and Monkey and I have just caught up with the undersea action. This film is a bit different from the norm as it mixes real underwater footage with animation.

I found the animation a bit basic, but Monkey was glued to the Fishtales DVD yesterday afternoon.  We join Cleo the Angler Fish and Puffer the Pufferfish as they try to find their friend Ollie the Octopus who has been chased across the ocean by some rather savage-looking sharks.

The friends are helped by Crash the Manta Ray, and as they search high and low for Ollie, the real underwater filming introduces children to all sorts of marine life.  Cleo has a vast knowledge of all the creatures featured and Fishtales is actually very educational.

From Stone Fish to Moray Eels, Clown Fish to Seals the details in this DVD rather impressed us both.  At one point the Magic Lobsters even help the three friends to be able to breathe in rivers as they try to find Ollie, thus introducing us to more animals and facts.  The DVD runs for 95 minutes and Monkey gives it a big thumbs up. For £5.00 Fishtales has lots of educational value, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Fishtales DVD

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130 thoughts on “Fishtales DVD – review and giveaway

  1. Dolphins as they are so beautiful and friendly seen them on my holidays this year

  2. Dolphins, they move around gracefully and seem to be very friendly, they are beautiful creatures

  3. seahorses…. I dont know why really!?… they are beautiful … them being Asexual always fascinated me when I was younger too! 🙂

  4. I love Dolphins because they are very intelligent animals and I think they are very cute! 😀

  5. The humble delicate ‘Sea Horse’…just because I look at them and always ask quizically ‘Why?’ 😉

  6. Octopus, my daughter’s favourite too, they just look so funny with all their tentacles!

  7. I adore the manatee! It’s such a beautiful and overlooked marine animal that has beauty and grace!

  8. I love Dolphins I think they are so integilient and graceful, its a shame that some are kept in captivity.

  9. Dolphins they are love friendly and clever animals and I love how they glide through the waves

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  11. I love dolphins as you can communicate with them in an intelligent way. They are so gentle and friendly as well.

  12. I love dolphins, they’re so intelligent and beautiful, I’ve always wanted to swim with them 🙂

  13. I like manatees and rays – I have swum with manatees in florida they are beautiful gentle creatures who have been sadly hurt by boats and things in the water. I love rays – I have fed them at seaworld and i love the way they move

  14. Sea turtles. We got to release baby sea turtles into the sea in mexico – it was an amazing experience.

  15. I love turtles because I think they’re fascinating – especially the way they come on shore and lay their eggs!

  16. I love seahorses. They are so quirky and unusual looking but are highly intelligent little creatures.

  17. My favourite is Dolphins, because they are super intelligent – they have a brain larger than most humans and have been known to protect humans from drowning and sharks. They are also used to help autistic children with development/bonding etc. Such clever and beautiful animals.

  18. I like Clownfish, because they are small but cute (and Finding Nemo is my favourite film)!

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