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From Dark to Light – review and giveaway

From Dark to Light

I’m taking part in a blog tour today to introduce you to the new picture book From Dark to Light written by young 12-year-old author, Isabella Murphy.  I’m always keen to introduce my 7 year old son to new authors and with Halloween approaching fast, a book involving a little boy pumpkin named Pumpker sounded like a good way to combine the two ideas.

From Dark to Light

We meet Pumpker as a tiny pumpkin seed, sown along with his sisters Plumpalicious and Plumpilina by Mrs Smith, the farmer’s wife.

From Dark to Light

Poor Pumpker feels lonely as he has nothing in common with his sisters and he’s scared of the dark soil cave he finds himself in.  We follow the story of From Dark to Light as the little pumpkin seed grows and finally he reaches the sunlight as a seedling.  Growing ever larger, Pumpkin realises that to be truly happy he wants to find a family who will love him.

From Dark to Light

From Dark to Light is a charming tale, perfect for the pumpkin picking season ahead of Halloween.  Will Pumpker get his wish?  He wants to become a plump pumpkin, picked out by a family who will carve him and display him in their garden on Halloween.

It’s a lovely read that children will enjoy, and my son is already now asking when we will be preparing our pumpkin for the big day!  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below if you fancy reading this book with the kids yourself.

You can follow this blog tour tomorrow over on San Francisco Moms blog.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

We’ve teamed up with Pink Umbrella Books to offer you the chance to win From Light to Dark for yourselves along with a lovely mug.  Complete the Gleam form below – good luck!

From Dark to Light


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From Dark to Light book

106 thoughts on “From Dark to Light – review and giveaway

  1. yes we do… but we choose a different design every year.. last year it was witches shoes and ghostbusters

  2. I’ve never carved a pumpkin but this year I will do! I’m undecided what I will carve yet, probably a scary face!

  3. Yes, we carve pumpkins, although it is done very badly. It is usually a just eyes and a mouth with very sharp teeth.

  4. Yes, we carve pumpkins and it is always a face. We take out the flesh from the bottom first and make soups and veggie dishes.

  5. I help my children to carve pumpkins, we usually just carve a face I’d love to do the character ones I’ve seen online but I’m not very artistic xXx

  6. Yes we carve pumpkins although we have to help the children because they’re all under 5. My husband carved a Stormtrooper face last year which looked really cool!

  7. we carve pumkins with dracula faces however would rather carve a turnip but you cannot buy large ones anymore

  8. Not as often as we used to
    It’s usually whatever is “cool”
    Theory and practice can be poles apart
    Will be attempting scary monsters
    Might end up as soup!

  9. Yes sometimes as my little daughter loves to do so. We keep it simple with smiley faces and as she likes to call the carved pumpkin ‘happy face pumpkin’!

  10. Yes, my daughter’s coming over to carve pumpkins with me – usually scary faces but she did a witches cat last year – she’s 24 but we just love Halloween so try to do something together x

  11. I carve a pumpkin for Halloween but I can only do a very basic design but I really admire some of the fantastically detailed ones that people do!

  12. we always carve pumpkins, last year my daughter did a cat, my one son did a bat and the other did frankinstein. i did a witch and my fiance did a idea what everyone is choosing this year tho x

  13. We use watermelons rather than pumpkins as they are easier to scoop the flesh out of and nobody in the family particularly likes the taste of pumpkin. We usually stick to various scary face designs

  14. I love carving pumpkins! Last year I carved some paw patrol characters and this year I want to do a unicorn for my daughter and s tractor for my son 🙂

  15. Yes every year we carve pumpkins with my 9yr old. We normally do spooky faces but last year she did a puking pumpkin

  16. Yes we do, and this year my son is getting married on the 28th October and all the guests have to carve a pumpkin to represent their relationship to the couple and they will line the path to church and then be put in the reception hall.

  17. I carve pumpkins every year! Last year I tried to do a cat & this year I’m going to make a unicorn pumpkin!

  18. I carve pumpkins every year and put them on the doorstep to encourage kids to knock so my wife and son can give out the sweets – I usually just carve the triditional scary faces

  19. we have only been carving the last 2 years but i let the kids draw there design on the pumpkin and i carv it out for them this year we have one ghost and one vampire

  20. We always carve a pumpkin and every year my partner tries to carve one even better than the previous year x

  21. We carved pumpkins one year but it caused so many arguments, we haven’t done it since! Perhaps we need to try again.

  22. I love carving with the kids so whatever they like they make but I usually get quite a small pumpkin so it’s easier to use and keep that one in the windowsill with a candle inside so it doesn’t get ruined and then I’ll carve one of a face or anything that takes my fancy, like one year i carved a cat which I was really proud of and I’d put that one outside! 🙂 Fingers crossed! 🙂

  23. We carve funny faces, I tried a witch on a broomstick last year but it didn’t turn out so good!

  24. We usually just do the faces, as its something my 3 young boys can do by themselves and they feel so proud no matter what they look like 🙂

  25. We don’t usually carve pumpkins as my two are not really into Halloween, but if we did we would probably go for a smiley face or something to do with star wars!

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