Getting creative with Nutty Putty

Getting creative with Nutty Putty – review and giveaway

I first came across Nutty Putty on the run up to Toy Fair earlier this year.  I was then able to see the product in action whist I was at the exhibition in January. I loved the idea of making bright and colourful things with Monkey that he could keep.  We’ve been getting creative with Nutty Putty recently, and had lots of fun in the process.

Getting creative with Nutty Putty

So what is Nutty Putty?  It’s a range of coloured non-toxic silicone that can be moulded into all sorts of creations, and then baked in the oven to provide a keepsake with a rubber texture.

We received the 8 colour Nutty Putty set, which is aimed at children aged 4 years and over.

Getting creative with Nutty Putty

Along with the 8 different silicone colours (which all come in zip lock bags), the set contains 6 shape cutters, 2 tools, rolling-pin, baking sheet and an instruction leaflet/playmat.

Getting creative with Nutty Putty is lots of fun.  The sky’s the limit really.  You do need to either use the instruction leaflet as a playmat to roll out and mould the Nutty Putty, or use a glass workspace like we did to ensure the silicone doesn’t stick to surfaces.

Getting creative with Nutty Putty

It’s also worth noting that the product can stain if rubbed into clothing, so I just made sure Monkey wasn’t wearing his school uniform when he’s been getting creative with Nutty Putty recently.

The instruction leaflet has lots of ideas to help get children started on their Nutty Putty adventures, the cutters are also great that too. But Monkey is more of a free spirit and tends to do everything his own way.  He left me to follow instructions whilst he just got straight down to the fun.

It’s very easy to place different colours on top of each other and they stick well.  Tools can be used to cut and shape objects and the cutters are great, just make sure they are pressed down firmly into the material and slightly twisted to get the shape you desire.  Once you’ve made your design, pop it onto the baking sheet provided on top of a normal baking tray and put it in a preheated oven at 200 deg C for 10 minutes.  Remove after this time to cool and then your creation is ready to be admired.  It really is that easy.

Getting creative with Nutty Putty

The Nutty Putty helps children work on their fine motor skills and Monkey’s really had to think about what’s he’s trying to achieve with his designs, moulding and sculpting as he goes along.

I was surprised by how many creations we could actually fit on the special baking sheet.  I did have to ask Monkey what the Red and Glow in the Dark ensemble was, it’s a football Mummy! Obviously …..

We’ve both enjoyed getting creative with Nutty Putty, and trying something new.  I’m not sure why the Black is provided as a ‘bonus’ rather than standard sized pack, to my mind it would make sense for the same quantity, if not more of this to be provided.  But that’s a minor quibble, from a Mum of a son who wants to make diggers and tractors next!

I can see lots of birthday presents being made with Nutty Putty, and maybe he’ll even make his teacher something for the end of term.  It’s a great craft style set in my opinion and we’ve still got lots of material left for future projects.

You can see the different set options available on the Nutty Putty website, and refill packs of the different colours are also available.  I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link below for your information in case you fancy trying Nutty Putty for yourselves!

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Nutty Putty to offer one lucky ready the chance to win the Nutty Putty 8 colour set worth £19.99.  Complete the Gleam form below, good luck!

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Nutty Putty 8 colour set worth £19.99

145 thoughts on “Getting creative with Nutty Putty – review and giveaway

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  7. My three nephews
    They’d make spiders and creepy crawlers to try and scare me

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