Glow Stars and Dinosaurs

Glow Stars and Dinosaurs – giveaway

Did you catch all the roar-some fun we had last week promoting the dinosaur range available from Brainstorm Limited?  Well I’ve decided that I want to share that fun with you and I’m offering one lucky reader the chance to win a set of their Glow Stars and Dinosaurs.

Glow Stars and Dinosaurs

The Glow Stars and Dinosaurs set comes with eight glow in the dark dinosaurs which have their names on the back for easy identification, as well as thirty-five glow in the dark stars.  The set also comes with some self adhesive pads.

Aimed at children aged 3 years and over, this is going to be a must have set for any dinosaur fan.  Complete the Gleam form below and the Glow Stars and Dinosaurs set could be yours!  Good luck.

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 22nd July 2018 at midnight.

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Glow Stars and Dinosaurs

102 thoughts on “Glow Stars and Dinosaurs – giveaway

  1. I like the really, really ugly dinosaurs like the Balaurs as they are largely ignored but are fascinating to look at.

  2. Pachycephalosaurus ewww he is not pretty to look at !!! and it means thick headed Lizard because they used head butting to fight. they reckon they are the dinosaur equivalent of sheep or goats.

  3. The Diplodocus has always been my favourite dinosaur, when we first learnt about dinosaurs at Primary School I just gravitated towards them, I don’t know why!

  4. My favourite dinosaur has to be the velociraptor. Scared stiff of them too thanks to Jurassic Park, but love them!

  5. I really like pterodactyls. I’m not really sure why; perhaps because I think of them as being a bit like prehistoric seagulls.

  6. for as long as l can remember l’ve loved the diplodocus, probably because of his strange sounding name

  7. I really like Allosaurus dinosaurs because they are big and scary looking! They are super fascinating

  8. We’re big fans of the veloceraptor, especially after the kids watched the Jurrassic Park films!

  9. I love dinosaurs! Paleontology is a field I’d love to get into. My favourites are a toss up between the Diplodocus as they’ve always resonated with me, and the Spinosaurus as they’re fascinated. I also adore the Stegosaurus.

  10. My favourite dinosaur has to be the Pterodactyl as i think it’s cool that it can fly

  11. Brachiosaurus because its a herbivore and even though large I would have a better chance of not being eaten

  12. Yutyrannus is mine and my daughters favourite because it looks like giant dinosaur chicken that stuck its beak in an electric point.

  13. Definitely the T-Rex as my little niece says they are the coolest of all kind of dinosaurs

  14. I love pterodactyls as they have it made – they get to fly and can escape danger really easily!

  15. Apatosaurus as they looked quite cute, were rather placid and didn’t eat meat, albeit my boys would at this stage be screaming why didn’t I choose a t-Rex or a raptor as apatosaurus is so lame *lol*

  16. I love Triceratops, it was always my favourite when I was younger, I think because it seemed quite calm and gentle (I know – a dinosaur!!).

  17. I love the pachycephalosaurus because of their different head shape and the way they headbutt things, my son was born with a skull condition and it always makes me think of him

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