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Gross Magic – a giveaway of the Magic Set from Drumond Park

Gross MagicMy eldest nephew will be 20 this September, when he was a lot younger he loved putting on magic shows for the family.  I have a feeling he would have loved Gross Magic, the number one best-selling Magic Set from Drumond Park!  He might even still like to spook out his Uni friends with it actually.

Gross MagicGross Magic is suitable from 8 years upwards and has a RRP of £19.99.  It’s an action packed set, but not for the faint hearted.Gross MagicGross Magic is guaranteed to produce a hugely satisfying chorus of disgust and horror from your audience (victims?) with its truly gut-wrenching collection of props and tricks.  Think snot, slime, dandruff, toenail clippings, cockroaches and creepy crawlies, squashed eyeballs, and even… wait for it… a toilet full of poo.  Ewww… horrible!  But it’s not all quite as dreadful as it seems…

I know how much my nephew enjoyed thrilled us with his magic displays, it’s a great way to build confidence and concentration skills.  Forget little white rabbits coming out of hats, Gross Magic is rather more disgusting – so yes, kids are going to love it!
Gross MagicWhether your family magician can make a cockroach appear from an empty dustbin, or torment you with an envelope full of ‘live’ cockroach eggs, there are bound to be some shrieks on magic night.

Maybe you fancy some Scientific Magic – you can try liquidising an eyeball.  I did warn you that this magic set is not for the fainthearted!  But don’t worry, no one actually gets harmed during the magic performances.  There’s a rather gory vein stripping trick for you too.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Gross Magic has to offer, it’s a great set for the price.  The set is available from most major toy shop chains and independents, plus many department stores, grocery chains, catalogue and online traders.  For a list of stockists and to play games online, visit Drumond Park.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win their own Gross Magic set!  Complete the rafflecopter below to enter – good luck!


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162 thoughts on “Gross Magic – a giveaway of the Magic Set from Drumond Park

  1. Dynamo, he is unbelievable, the trick where the butterflies on the restaurant wallpaper became alive and flew around the restaurant was mind blowing

  2. I’m not really a magic fan but my son loves it. We have been watching a lot of Dynamo’s programmes together and I must admit, I am impressed! I have no idea how he does some of the things he does!

      1. its not an age thing more a state of mind
        Penn & Teller are eccentric magicians with a psychotic twist

  3. People often think my husband is Dynamo, apparently he looks a lot like him I guess that has to be my answer I also really like Troy

    1. Sorry, because he does tricks that I haven’t seen before and is amazing to watch, really talented x

  4. i am a david blaine fan i like how he does his magic then dissapears leaving them to wonder what happened thats brilliant

  5. I don’t really know any TV magicians but I loved a guy who entertained at a wedding I attended by doing magic tricks at the table, he was brilliant, he could be on TV in years to come!

  6. dynamo he is amazing everything he does leaves you open mouthed and asking “how did he do that!? “

  7. criss angel – chopping someone in half and watching them run about on their hands was like nothing ive ever seen before!

  8. I like the American magician Mark Wilson because he has written some good books on learning magic tricks.

  9. I love Penn and Teller, although they seem to have calmed down a lot, I loved them in the days of Jonathon Ross’s ‘The Last Resort’ and they used to do a few gory illusions!

  10. I’m going to give my age away by admitting to loving The Great Soprendo as a child! He was great fun and his catchphrase always made me laugh (PifPafPuff!)

  11. Dynamo, I would just love to see him in action in front of me to see if the tv lies, as Its too amazing. I swear hes an alien but he cant be human!!>??

  12. Tommy Cooper – mebbe not the best, but he could still do “magic” and make people laugh at the same time – “Jus like that”

  13. I love Dynamo he takes things to the next level but seems like such a lovely guy. Penn and Teller a close second as they are so funny and entertaining!

  14. I would say Troy,I saw a clip of him,and he did this trick with a £10 note,where Philip Schofields head appeared on the back of it,was fab

  15. Paul Daniels – as a child i met both paul and his wife debbie while they were at silverstone watching the race. They are both lovely people and for me at the time he was my idol so i was in awe that they took time to even speak to me.

  16. Paul Daniels, I saw him live when I was 7 and he got me up on stage to help with the 5 interlinking rings trick. I really wish I knew how that was done!

  17. Houdini – he was the first amazing magician and he has taught all that have followed how it was done! 🙂

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