Horlicks lighten up grey days

Horlicks lighten up grey days – giveaway

Horlicks lighten up grey days

I’ve been a fan of the Malted Milk drink since I was a child, and it this time of year Horlicks lighten up grey days as I cosy up on the sofa with a mug full of this lovely drink.

Today I’d like to share my love of Horlicks with you as I have a rather nice giveaway to offer you.  The Horlicks limited edition gift bundle is worth approx £20 and contains Horlicks memorabilia as well as a 500g jar of Horlicks Light Chocolate.

Horlicks lighten up grey days

Horlicks Light Chocolate has 55% less fat than Horlicks Traditional so we can all enjoy the warming drinking on a cold winter’s day. I can certainly recommend it.

For your chance to win the Horlicks Limited Edition Bundle as shown above, please complete the Gleam Form below.  Good luck! Don’t forget to visit my Giveaway page for more great prizes on offer!


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Horlicks Limited Edition bundle worth approx £20

276 thoughts on “Horlicks lighten up grey days – giveaway

  1. Curling up on the sofa with a good book watching my Dwarf Hamster playing, because I love books & Dwarf Hamsters! 🙂

  2. Sleeping as I am hoping to encourage, through this action (or inaction, if you will) the next step in human evolution….the ability to hibernate.

  3. In the winter months, when it’s too cold or wet to go outside, I love playing board games with the kids.

  4. Snuggled up in bed with a good book and a hot drink is a great way to make it through winter and it keeps you warm.

  5. Television, though I must admit I dread it when they broadcast winter scenes :- makes me feel cold. Read a good book, can then be distracted from wintry weather, feel cosy etc.

  6. Snuggling up on the sofa with my wife and a good boxset with two steaming hot mugs of Horlicks. nothing beats the malty taste of Horlicks.

  7. I like getting out for country walks. The views are great without the leaves on the trees, paths are quieter and it really clears your head and gets a little daylight into your day.

  8. I definately catch up on a lot of reading during the cold winter months but I’m always out and about walking the dog too..somethings never change come rain,wind or snow 😉

  9. I love to do arts and crafts with my little girl on an evening,we also like to try out new recipies to impress daddy when he gets home from work. X

  10. I have spent the winter months catching up with all the telly I love, Basically I have been a netflix addict!!!!

  11. Reading is my favourite past time specially winter time. I enjoy books about personnel development I enjoy learning and working on myself.

  12. I find that comping whiles away the dark days this time of year and also family history, which takes up a lot of time and is fascinating.

  13. I love working out at home, I’ll put on a youtube video and do a workout for 30 mins or so and it passes the time and also warms me up, on my lazy day I get a hot water bottle and watch netflix under the duvet lol!

  14. I’ve been busy researching my family tree. It’s really interesting finding out about my ancestors and quite addictive

  15. reading…no matter what the weather is like you can still take your mind to a hot beach and have a steamy romance 🙂

  16. Going for walks as a family and making the most of any good weather. Getting some exercise always makes me feel better.

  17. No surprise answers from me – in the day, comping, hoping to win things for us, family and friends. I’m easily pleased, I just love that email or screen saying You are a winner! And at night, tucked up in bed under a fluffy quilt with my kindle. Usually crime fiction, but not always.

  18. Knitting is my favourite pastime particularly in the winter and the reason is it keeps me busy and provides warm socks and jumpers for all the family!

  19. Get out and enjoying the countryside, might sound odd but I think it is extra important in the winter.

  20. painting because my sister is a painter and it is something we can enjoy together x

  21. I like reading in bed to get through winter as I am warm and cozy and can be transported away to other places.

  22. I love reading, you can’t beat being curled up in front of a roaring fire with a good book on a cold winters night

  23. I spend quite a lot of time online in winter and end up with hundreds of interesting things bookmarked for future reference.

  24. Lots of arts and crafts activities with my four year old daughter if it’s too cold or wet to go out. And if it’s just me, then a good novel, some chocolate and a hot drink to enjoy.

  25. I love working on my allotment even when the weather is bad there is always plenty to do

  26. Me and the kids bake a lot, and make things (a bit blue peter style) going the park and theme parks etc is out of the question in winter

  27. my favorite past time to get me through the winter months is either curling up with a good book or film with a hot drink and big fluffy socks on

  28. Comping, as it keeps me occupied, I meet new people and it gives our family things we could never have a afforded or dreamt of having!

  29. Its a bit lazy but cuddling up with the Boyf and woofer in bed and watching trash TV on the tablet 🙂

  30. I love knitting and there is nothing nicer than to knit a lovely warm sweater for the colder months

  31. I am a mega crafter so I sit with glitter, glasses, candle wax, jars, ribbons and everything else and just create something 🙂

  32. Walking because we don’t get enough sunlight in winter which can make us feel depressed so an hour walking in the morning helps to keep me going!

  33. Mine is reading 🙂 I love curling up on the settee or in bed with a nice hot drink, bar of chocolate, dogs to cuddle and a good book!

    1. because when it’s cold and wintery outside you can’t beat losing yourself in a good book, especially when you have chocolate, canine hot water bottles and a lovely warming drink 🙂

  34. I love entering competitions and cuddling up to my dogs in the winter, with a nice mug of Horlicks x

  35. Reading and watching DVD’s cuddled up on the settee with the dog (who doesn’t mind what we watch). Also like seeing bands (all my favs seem to come when it’s cold).

  36. Rambling walks to blow the cobwebs off its also important to get plenty of fresh air in the winter months

  37. Curling up with a good book, never fails to relax me. Just need to get the open fire to make it 100% perfect

  38. On a winter’s Sunday afternoon, I like to put a music channel on tv, and browse the internet for a couple of hours 🙂

  39. Lots of hot baths and evening spent curled up on the sofa with the fire on – I hate the cold and only go out in winter when I have to

  40. I love baking to pass the time. I really love the finished result after being in the kitchen baking up some yummy treats for the family. My kids love making flapjacks and cupcakes!

  41. Dressmaking. Creating summer clothes on those cold days is great fun, and I can look forward to wearing them when it gets warmer!

  42. summer or winter my passtimes remain the same…..ferrying my daughter to dance, gymnastics and trampolining

  43. Knitting while watching TV and it’s doing my bit for charity & lessening the chance of me snacking – win, win, win!

  44. Entering competitions!! If it’s too cold to go out, you have to do something to keep yourself occupied

  45. I love getting all wrapped up and going for a hike through our local forest. Really blows the cobwebs away, and walking in winter you see the landscape in all it’s moods.

  46. Sitting in bed reading a good book whilst everyone else is fast asleep .. Its about the only time i get peace and quiet xx

  47. snuggled up on the sofa with a fluffy warm blanket, yummy treats and watching a movie with all the family – perfect!

  48. I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a good book! Winter is perfect for it, and the nights after work seem too short to actually fit anything into! xx

  49. My favourite past time to get me through the winter months is entering competitions as not only can I do them inside in the warm but I sometimes win prizes that cheer me up and help me beat the winter blues x

  50. I love doing competitions. It keeps me occupied and it’s exciting when the postman arrives with a parcel x

  51. I love crafting – this year I made Xmas wreaths for all my family as gifts, and I made all my Xmas cards too! Starting on my Easter cards now!

  52. Family movie nights. Nothing beats sharing some popcorn and having a good cuddle and watching a movie.

  53. snuggling under a throw with a hot chocolate and something good to watch . I do like to hibernate in the winter .

  54. I like to crochet garments and blankets. I’m currently in the process of making a cardigan for my granddaughter. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see my projects being worn or used.

  55. I love knitting in the winter because it relaxes me and makes me forget about the dark cold evenings

  56. By either snuggling down with a good book, cosying up with the kids and watching a nice film, or baking lots of goodies with my littlun.

  57. Buying and making new Christmas decorations as I love Christmas and have something to focus on –
    (Wrote my name as Becci cleart on the gleam form – apologies – autocorrect ruins my life )

  58. Catching up on movies I’ve missed during the year because the rubbish weather stops me feeling guilty about the inactivity

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