How Hot is Lava?

How Hot is Lava? giveaway

Any Volcano fans out there?  Do you remember that we reviewed How Hot is Lava? a few weeks ago? It’s a great source of information, full of facts, figures and photographs of volcanoes and their causes.

How Hot Is Lava?

Written by Kelly Smith and distributed in the UK by GMC Distribution, this is a must have read for any geography fan.

Today I have 3 copies of How Hot is Lava? to offer you.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!


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How Hot is Lava? book

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95 thoughts on “How Hot is Lava? giveaway

  1. It is actually volcanoes! I have always been fascinated by the, ever since I was a child and climbed to the top of Spain’s highstest volcana/peak on Tenerife, Mount Teide!

  2. Chamarel park – 7 colored earth & Chamarel In Mauritius as unusual and a lovely view

  3. Northern lights – they look amazing in pictures, I would love to see them in real life one day.

  4. Rainbows – they’re beautiful and hopeful and it’s easy to know when they are likely to appear.

  5. I love thunderstorms. There’s something so powerful about them (so long as you don’t have to be out in them and they aren’t followed by tornadoes). Watching the clouds and lightning is awe inspiring.

  6. The Northern Lights – they just look fantastic when I have been in an area to see them

  7. Sunshine…it’s a natural phenomenon that’s rarely seen in this part of the world but when it is – it creates effortless smiles on peoples’ faces..a compulsion to shed clothing and a need for mankind to strike up fire outside and burn food – lovely 🙂

  8. Volcanoes, they captivated me completely with the eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980…now spend my holidays visiting them!

  9. For me it has to be the Northen Lights, I find them fascinating and hope to see them one day 🙂

  10. Rainbows. They are beautiful and fascinating. Would love to get to the end of one! My son adores volcanoes tho so he would love this book.

  11. I love a big thunder storm with lightning because there’s something very special about being warm and dry inside when there is a storm outside. Very pretty too!

  12. I love thunder and lightening and love watching it out to sea from my bedroom window and seeing it light up the sky.Never seizes to amaze me

  13. I’ve never seen one in real life, but I always find Geysers fascinating on TV, I’d love to actually visit a site where they have them!

  14. Tornadoes and twisters look amazing on the tele but would hate to be around when there is one!

  15. The Northern Lights! I was very lucky to see them once and it was a breathtaking experience!

  16. Volcanoes – I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a kid and remember watching Simon Groom visit Mount Etna on Blue Peter. My son loves them too.

  17. Volcanoes are very interesting! I recently went to lanzarote and went on a tour up the volcano! It was brilliant and we learnt so much!

  18. I love Waterfalls – I am lucky to live not far from several stunning ones which have walkways behind them and most days have a rainbow shining through them. I’ve also been lucky enough to go to Niagara Falls and do the glass walkway out onto them, the boat trip around them and the walk through the caverns behind them.

  19. Definitely the northern lights, so beautiful and mysterious. I’ve always been fascinated by them and hope to see them one day!

  20. the giants causeway, just the thought of it being down to lava freezing, and a beautiful sight

  21. I would love to go to newzealand to see the guysers, I thinks its fascinating how boiling water comes out of the earth

  22. Volcanos. I had wanted to visit mount Vesuvius and Pompeii since I was a kid and went a few years ago. I wasn’t disappointed

  23. The Aurora Borealis – simply stunning, and as a photographer its right on the top of my list of things id love to photograph

  24. Oh definitely the Aurora Borealis! I’ve had a lifelong (and yet unfulfilled!) dream to see them since I was a small child! One day ….. one day …..

  25. Rainbows they remind me of my childhood when I used to think that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  26. I do love volcanoes as well. It amazes me how they can erupt and eject lava. Cool!

  27. I love rainbows, think its the girly side of me and my father always insisted there would be gold at the end of it

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