Johnson's Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12

Johnson’s Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12

Today I’m offering you a Johnson’s Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12 with a bundle of toiletries specially formulated for babies aged 0 to 6 months.



Johnson's Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12

The bundle of Johnson’s Top-to-Toe items included in this giveaway include:

Baby Bath, Moisturising Baby Cream, Baby Massage Lotion, Baby Massage Oil and Baby Washcloths, worth a total of £12.00.

When my son was a baby we joined up with our NCT group and had a series of Baby Massage classes.  I can really recommend trying it if you have a little one.  It’s a great way to bond with your baby, relax and unwind.  We used it as part of our bedtime routine for a long time.  I’m sure it also helped one of my friends and her little boy who suffered with colic too.  Family Psychologist, Dr Angharad Rudkin also suggests that a big sister or brother can help you to massage your baby – it makes them feel like they can help you care for baby. The Johnson’s website has some great tips on massaging your baby at different ages and it’s well worth looking at.

Have you tried baby massage with your children?

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The giveaway will close on 1st February 2017 at midnight.

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Johnson’s Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12

151 thoughts on “Johnson’s Top-to-Toe giveaway worth £12

  1. Some colourful plastic jugs. My daughter pours the bubble bath foam over herself and giggles. So sweet!

  2. My twins always loved their stick up letters in the bath and my grandson now is only 6 months so the bubbles alone excite him 🙂

  3. My daughter loves her rubber ducks. She also has some old barbies that like to take a swim while shes in the bath

  4. it was a dora the explorer one you stuck to the bath and it had a slide sticking out which water used to run down when poured through a tunnel at the top, he thought it was hillarous seeing dora on a water slide!!

  5. My little niece has a little duck that lights up when it’s in the water, she loves it and has learned how to give it a kiss!

  6. When we were children we just used to play with plastic bottles in the bath, and try and make as many bubbles as possible!

  7. My daughter loves her brother’s pirate stick on the side of the bath toys – I dont know what they are called!

  8. They’re not techinically bath toys but I put a couple of plastic tea-set style cups in my youngest daughter’s bath and she absolutely loves playing with them and making us ‘cups of tea’ with the bath water! 🙂

  9. At the moment they enjoy playing with rubber ducks in the bath although sometimes they even enjoy playing with a plastic cup to pour the water all over the place!!!

  10. My daughter loves those little foam bath letter things. She loves sticking them to the bath, the titles and even herself.

  11. My kids like anything that squirts water, but they do tend to get a bit mouldy on the inside and have to be replaced every so often.

  12. My granddaughter has a set of sea creatures (whale, shark, tropical fish) that she loves to play with. The shark has a fearsome looking set of teeth but that doesn’t seem to bother her.

  13. It was a submarine that when pushed under water would shoot up into the air that caused much laughter and chuckles 🙂

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