Learning with Amazing! magazine

Learning with Amazing! magazine – review and giveaway

I am always on the look out for new ways to encourage Monkey to read and I’ve been having some success recently.  Not only has he been reading, but he’s also been learning with Amazing! magazine.  Double points to me! The magazine was launched in 2014 and is aimed at children aged 6-12 years.  Perfect for a 7 and half year old Monkey to enjoy.

Learning with Amazing! Magazine

Each month learning with Amazing! magazine changes as the themes change.  One month your child can be learning all about the Stone Age, the next month they can be having fun with Victorian Britain.  The magazine works to the core Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum subjects, including maths, English, history, geography and PSHE.  Our first experience learning with Amazing! magazine was perfectly timed to coincide with this term’s Through the Porthole topic in Year Two.

Learning with Amazing! magazine

The great thing about learning with Amazing! magazine is that it’s fun.  Monkey has been learning, and working on his maths, spellings and observation skills without even realising it.  There are sums to be completed as well as crosswords and his new favourite thing ever, word searches (Granny will be so pleased).

Learning with Amazing! magazine

The whole magazine is full of really bright and engaging graphics and Monkey has loved looking through his first issue of Amazing! magazine.

Learning with Amazing! magazine

He does love his facts, and since reading Amazing! Monkey has been telling me all about Christmas Tree Worms as well as increasing his knowledge on Anglerfish.  There’s even a chance to practice his language skills with the How Do I Say? page, ahead of our trip to Spain. We were looking at the Amazing Places pages and he was rather impressed that his Mummy had actually seen deadly sea snakes in the wild.  I always like it when we can relate information to our own experiences, to make it all that much more real for him.

Since we discovered Horrible Histories, Monkey loves learning about history and figures from the past, so the facts about Christopher Columbus have also gone down well.

Learning with Amazing! magazine

I can certainly recommend Amazing!  It’s got a good mix of information, stories, competitions, games and challenges. Apparently we will be making a Blue Whale, as featured in the magazine, over the summer holidays.  I’m certainly taking the magazine away with us to help keep Monkey entertained on our journey to Spain.

If you take out an annual subscription to Amazing! magazine costing £49 for twelve issues, you save 40%. You can find more information on the Amazing! magazine website.

disclosure:  we have been given a one year subscription to Amazing! in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve teamed up with the Amazing! magazine team to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to receive a one year subscription to the magazine worth £49.  Enter via the Gleam form below.  Good luck.

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One year subscription to the Amazing! magazine worth £49

158 thoughts on “Learning with Amazing! magazine – review and giveaway

  1. My favourite subject was History, I found it so exciting learning about historical events

  2. My favourite was all the sciences but in particular Biology I loved learning about the human and animal bodies and plants, it went on to form part of my chosen career

  3. My favourite was Drama! I was terrible at school, and the chance to be anybody but me for a short while was nothing more than pure Heaven! I would daydream about the day I would be on Broadway! Instead I became a Pub singer and a teaching Assistant lol! x

  4. maths was my favourite because it came easily to me and it was straight forward in as much as the answer is either right or wrong and its very clear!

  5. Geography was my favourite because I found it really interesting and we seemed to watch a lot of videos in class!

  6. Religious education, although not particularly religious myself I find it interesting to learn about others

  7. I always enjoyed science, it was the understanding how things worked and the experiments that appealed to me most

  8. Spanish – i used it to chat up spanish boys on holiday with excellent results!

  9. History was my favourite subject at school, i love learning about the past i find it fascinating.

  10. Loved English and still do. Started with a love of reading and as a fairly shy child, I found writing was a way to express myself.

  11. my favourite subject was history, I loved it that much I’m starting a history degree in October 😀

  12. French and German – I eventually went on to study them at uni and then became a languages teacher myself!

  13. I loved physics as it gave you the opportunity to understand how things work, my teacher was also very passionate about the subject which was infectious!

  14. What was your favourite subject at school and why? . . . . . French because it showed me l had a flair for languages, and l had a French penpal (ah those were the days) and l went on to become a French teacher

  15. I loved history as I’ve always been fascinated by famous historical figures and what they got up to.

  16. My favourite subject was music because I didn’t have to try hard to get really good marks!

  17. History – I loved finding out stories that were stranger than fiction that really happened xxx

  18. I really liked Geography, how the world is made up with earthquakes and volcanos, I find nature amazing

  19. History really enjoyed it, loved to imagine how things were for historic figures. My grandson is very into it too which is great we share lots of trips together. We both love reading too I know he would love these so

  20. I enjoyed Geography because we learnt about different countries and landscapes and what it is like to live there 🙂

  21. Music – I found I could “do” this subject without it being hard – loved it all of my life!

  22. My favourite subject was art as you were free to experiment with lots of different ideas – and I was quite good at it which helped.

  23. My favourite subject was art, I love how there’s no right or wrong way to do art, you can get inspiration from so many places and express yourself as you see best

  24. My favourite was English as I had a love for writing, I was able to loose myself in a fantasy world.

  25. My favourite subject at school was Art. I could get on with my work and enjoy a chat with my friends.

  26. My favourite subjects at secondary school were Maths, Chemistry and History. I was lucky enough to have the same three inspirational teachers for five years until O levels were over and a further 2 years with the history teacher as I took that at A Level. 60 years on I can picture them as if it was yesterday 🙂

  27. My fave subject at school was maths because I loved to work out the sums I used to spend hours just working out sums

  28. I loved science but particularly biology. The facts just stayed with me I found it interesting. Also loved languages.

  29. My favourite subject at school was English Literature. I absolutely loved reading. Something that I get little time to do now.

  30. I loved Maths, I was great with numbers, my son has taken after me now and is also good at the subject

  31. My favourite subject at school was English. I had a wonderful teacher who inspired me to love books and poetry. This has led to a lifelong love of the written word which eventually led to me studying English Literature at university.

  32. Art was always my favourite subject but I’m afraid I didn’t get to do it much. I love the freedom of it.

  33. My favourite subject was chemistry, I always dreamed of lecturing it at degree level. Ill get there one day !

  34. English was my favourite, I’ve always enjoyed reading and creative writing, especially when I was younger (and had the time!)

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