Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion

Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion – review and giveaway

My son turns 8 in a couple of months and he’s using computers more and more at school, he even uses the laptop to do most of his maths homework now.  The world is a very different place from that of my own childhood, and we’ve been trying out Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion which takes playtime to a whole new level.

Lightseekers from PlayFusion

We recently received the Lightseekers Awakening Mari Starter Pack and Storm Starter Deck so we could experience the action and adventure of the role-playing game, which mixes video games, AR, TOMY smart figures and accessories as well as trading cards.

Lightseekers from PlayFusion

Lightseekers from PlayFusion

The Lightseekers Awakening Mari Starter Pack comes with the Mari smart action figure, weapon, Fusioncore, charger, 5 AR (augmented reality) trading cards and 1 tribute card.  You can start having fun straight away.

There’s so much to take in with Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion that we’ve only really scratched the surface so far.  You can trade and build up your collection of cards, play games with the cards and also use them within the game itself.  The AR is also really fun, and this element has really caught my son’s attention.  With the game itself you can play using your finger to swipe across the screen or use the Hero Toy smart action figure as your controller.  There are numerous levels, challenges, different game options and AR treats to discover.  Download the free Lightseekers app, for both Apple and Android and hours of play awaits.

Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion

The Mari Hero smart action figure is manufactured by TOMY and uses a chargeable Fusioncore to provide 2 way interaction between the Hero and the game. To charge the figure you unclip their backpack, attach the Fusioncore and charge with the supplied USB charging cable.  The Fusioncore works with all of the Lightseekers smart action figures and also will update the figures remotely as changes become available.

Mari talks, vibrates and lights up in different colours as you move through the game.  The charge lasts really well and we haven’t need to recharge the toy at all yet.  The Mari figure also comes with an Aquadart Crab weapon that fits in either hand, and also lights up through game play.

The Lightseekers Awakening game has all sorts of features including weapons that you can customise as you progress through the levels, you can release magical lightstones to give you even more power as well as deciding on different attacking styles.

At the moment my soon to be 8 year old son, prefers to play Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion using his finger as a controller, but I can see him getting to grips with using the Mari figure as his controller in the months ahead.  The game plays just as well either way (yes I might just have tried it out too).

As I mentioned before, you can integrate the cards into the app, and make use of AR technology, add lightstones and heroes, combos and the like, just collect the cards and build up a collection or play a game with them.  This is where the Starter Decks come into play (excuse the pun).  There are six different packs available, and we received the Storm Starter Deck.  Each deck comes with a playing mat, 45 AR trading cards, 1 starter deck of 36 cards, game rules, card storage box, trading shield and a booster pack of 9 cards.

At the moment my son isn’t really interested in the games he can play with the cards, but I think when he’s got a few friends who also start collecting the cards, that will change.  It gives another level of game play and longevity. I can see my son growing into this game over the next couple of years as he starts to understand the different levels of game play and elements involved.

For more information on Lightseekers Awakening from PlayFusion visit the Lightseekers website which also provides stockist information.  The Lightseekers Awakening Mari Starter Pack retails for £74.99 and the Storm Starter Deck for £19.99 – I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links for both below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Lightseekers Awakening Mari Starter Pack and Storm Starter Deck worth £94.98!  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win. Good luck.

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Lightseekers Awakening Mari Starter Pack and Storm Starter Deck worth £94.98

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  1. I’m not very imaginative at all !!! I would design a hero called Wind who is so fast and agile it could outrun or avoid any threats

  2. I would invent one named LilMissB who would flutter like a butterfly to stun her opponents then sting like a bee, sorry I have baby brain so not very imaginative I know xXx

  3. Flashvine who can shoot vines and use plants as weapons, such as a seedling attack which sprouts deadly tomato monster plants 🙂

  4. my son has told me it would be called The Ice destroyer and it would shoot laser beams from its eyes to destroy frozen objects

  5. i would be a hero called “Mumazing” and my Power would be when my energy levels were almost at zero I would instantly rejuvenate and return to full power!

  6. I would call her: Solaris; she would have heat of the sun on her side and be able to burn her way out of every problem.

  7. I’d create a hero called Chamelion! A super intelligent & powerful lion that can change colour & camouflage itself like a chameleon..

  8. It would be called Uturn and have the ability to undo actions just taken, if someone has just been killed it can bring them back to life or a buliding has blown up it can rebuild it

  9. After much debate on the matter, we have decided on cleantitus – Cleantitus would have hoovers as feet, sponges as arms, airfreshener dispensers as ears and a polishing bum 😉 Moving at the speed of light to clean the house!

  10. I would call my Lightseeker Luna Stargazer, and her power would be the ability to control nocturnal animals.

  11. Mine would be called Doc and have the power to cure all illnesses in good people (not the baddies though)

  12. I’d invent a female character called Vespa, and she has the super power of speed and can dash in and out so quickly that you can’t see it with your human eyes!

  13. They would be called Hunter and their special power would be stealth and the ability to attack with surprise by sneaking up under an invisibility cloak.

  14. Id call it flamelock and it would have the power of the elements, he would be able to build a dam out of earth to keep a flood at bay, thaw out a frozen friend or create a massive storm to water crops.

  15. I’m not very adventurous like this but I would say
    Spartacus with the power of strength but kindness tool

  16. I’d call him Dirty Dave and he have the power of invisibility. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner

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