Little Legends book series

Little Legends book series – review and giveaway

The Little Legends book series was launched in February this year through Pan Macmillan and the first two books have been a big hit here.  Tom Percival brings well-loved fairy tale characters back to life in these clever and witty stories aimed at children aged 5 years and over.

Little Legends book series

The first two books in the series are The Spell Thief and The Great Troll Rescue, both are set in the magical town of Tale Town and as you start to read the books you quickly realise that the characters are all based on well known characters.  In The Spell Thief, the central character is Jack – very much based on the Jack and the Beanstalk character, he has a talking hen called Betsy and friends including Red (Red Riding Hood), Rapunzel and even Hansel and Gretel.

The paperback books are chapter books with large text fonts and some illustrations throughout.  Monkey is a reluctant reader, so I’ve been reading the Little Legends stories to him, and I have to say, we’ve both enjoyed them.

Little Legends book series

In The Spell Thief, Jack and his friends come across Anansi, who has just sailed into port. He’s based on the original Spiderman of West African legend, and a new character for Monkey to enjoy. It’s fair to say that Jack is not impressed with the new boy in town or his tricks.  He’s convinced that Anansi must be a troll, and we follow him as he tries to prove this to his friends.  There are mermaids and, blind mice and farmers wives to meet along the way.  Jacks actions don’t go down well with his friends.  Can he see Anansi for who he really is and make amends with his friends?

In The Great Troll Rescue Jack, Anansi, Rapunzel and Betsy the hen are trying to find Anansi’s mum.  They believe she’s been washed up on Squirrel Nose Island after a ship wreck.  But things don’t go according to plan and the friends end up being captured by a witch and locked in a tower.  Even Rapunzel’s hair won’t save them. It’s up to Red and Cole the Fairy Godbrother to rescue everyone and put pay to the wicked witch and her spells. Will they succeed?

The Little Legends book series are really good fun, well written and we can’t wait for the next book in the series, The Genie’s Curse, to be released.  We can thoroughly recommend them to any young reader.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your reference.

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Little Legends book bundle

104 thoughts on “Little Legends book series – review and giveaway

  1. The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen
    Andersen can be mawkish and morally mean, but this story is as near-perfect a fairytale as can be: the boy Kai, in frozen thrall to a cruel, enchanting mother figure, is saved by the loyalty and courage of Gerda

  2. Little Red Riding Hood. I like her cloak, and she realises that there is someone / something pretending to be her GrandMa. She is observant, something which can assist us to keep ourselves safe, help us recognise and avoid danger.

  3. Goldilocks & the 3 bears, because i like that the children can join in with there teddy’s.

  4. Rapunzel, locked up in a tower and still came out smiling. and in the film she has a chameleon, I love chameleons

  5. Loved The Princess and the Pea, was fascinated by the story and liked the illustration of the princess perched on top of all her mattresses x

  6. I love little red riding hood , she is feisty, clever and can take care of herself everything a girl should be 🙂 and and she looks fabulous in red!

  7. Cinderella; probably the most well known fairy tale. She gets the prince and everything turns out well in the end. Everyone loves a happy ending.

  8. My daughter and I love Red Riding Hood as in all the versions of the book that we have she defeats the wolf and is clever and brave!

    (I filled the form out wrong sorry – I put my answer in the box instead of my name!)

  9. My favourite is The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and the 3 little pigs (wonder if it’s the same Wolf?!….he pops up everywhere and give him his due he tries

  10. The Little Red Hen – I think she is fantastic for teaching children a great lesson on helping each other

  11. My favourite is little red riding hood for standing up to the big bad wolf and save her grandma

  12. Little Red Riding Hood – I always thought she was so sweet and brave goung to visit nanny through the woods every day and to be honest I felt a little sorry for her obviously poor eyesight 😉

  13. My favourite is Rumpelstiltkin becauses he’s one of the under appreciated fairy tale characters and I always liked that story

  14. I like Belle from Beauty and the Beast because she saw the beasts real self and got to live in a lovely castle.

  15. Rapunzel was always my favourite with her lovely long hair and lowering it so her prince could climb up to her in the tower.

  16. i love rapunzel… that hair!! if only i could get to go past my shoulders without splitting and looking like a toilet brush!

  17. The Princess and the pea, as I remember this book from my child hood and read it to my little girl

  18. Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. He swapped his only way to get food for some magic beans! Pretty cool!!

  19. Little Red Riding Hood – hey that girl got ahead of fashion before we caught on that cloaks look good!

  20. I love Cinderella – both the rags to riches and the way that the bad guys get their comeuppance.

  21. Tinker Bell
    Because I love to Tinker and create things. For many many years now my nickname has been Tink.

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