Me to You giveaway with Characterwise

Me to You giveaway with Characterwise

Today I have a lovely Me to You giveaway with Characterwise, who are offering one lucky winner the chance to win this rather cute 12″ Tatty Teddy holding a square cushion with “Happy Birthday” wording.

Me to You giveaway with Characterwise

This lovely bear retails for £25.00 and is just one of a whole host stocked by Characterwise, along with cards, stationery and homeware.  Well worth popping over to their website if you are looking for a character gift.

For a chance to win this Me to You Teddy, please complete the Gleam form below – good luck!


Terms and conditions:

(Please note that all entries will be checked against comments for validation).

Only the first step of this form is mandatory, all other steps are optional. Only one entry per person is allowed.

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 24th June 2015 at midnight.

12″ Tatty Teddy with Happy Birthday cushion worth £25

176 thoughts on “Me to You giveaway with Characterwise

  1. Tatty teddy is cute but my favourite bear is Snowy who I’ve had since I was a baby. He is rather threadbare now

  2. I still have my Paddington Bear that I was given at the age of 5! He still looks good and sits on my dressing table – I feel he is my friend – seen me grow up!

  3. We have a little Binky bear which is so cute and adorable and small enough to take everywhere

  4. I have a brown old fashioned type ted called Edward, i’ve had him since being a baby x

  5. I didn’t have a favourite teddy bear growing up but I did have a yellow Busby that used to be in the BT adverts years ago showing my age now!

  6. a bear my daughter bought me many years ago which has I love you mum on it. for sentimental reasons but my 2 sons have bought me teddies too as well as my husband, I like to collect teddies

  7. the teddy i was given when i was born at the time he was a lot bigger than me but 38 years later not so much but he’s looking a bit worse for wear

  8. I havent got a favourite but my daughter has a cute little light brown bear called little ted that she adores 🙂

  9. Rupert the Bear has always been my favourite since I was a child. Reminds me of much happier times to grow up in.

  10. a black and white panda teddy bear that my uncle bought me when i was born over 40 years ago.

  11. My favourite teddy is actually my eldest daughter’s…an extremely worn looking sheep that once played music to soothe her off to sleep (doesn’t anymore!). She’s had it since she was a baby and still won’t sleep without it (she’s nearly 8). It’s my favourite because I associate it with so many of those precious baby and young child memories of my daughter 🙂

  12. I have a Winnie the Pooh bear i got as a baby. He is looking a bit threadbare now but i couldn’t part with him.

  13. a bear at home called ‘happy bear’ because he has a sweet smile on his face and he’s very cuddly

  14. I had a panda teddy bear when I was little, I loved it that much its eyes fell out and stuffing, my mum spent many times fixing it for me

  15. My favourite bear was the one I had when I was a little girl. He was just called Teddy and wasn’t anything special, but he was mine!

  16. My fave teddy is my brown charlie bear which my mum and dad bought me for my birthday one year x

  17. I don’t have one single favourite. I have a big eeyore and a pink donkey and a very very old yellowish sort of bear called Custard which my dad gave me when I was little. I sleep with all three in my bed. 🙂

  18. My favourite is a lovely Winnie the Pooh bear that I have had since a child. Why? He’s special because he’s always been there! Plus Pooh is fabulous 😀

  19. My favourite was an old teddy I called Pollyanna, we had to leave Ireland due to the troubles in a hurry when I was 7 and this was the only toy I could take with me. It stayed my bed partner until I got married even though he had lost and eye and an arm and all his fur, he was literally loved to death

  20. I have a small Celtic Beanie Bear with the name Larsson and the number 7 on the back, he’s my fave by miles a dear fiend got it for me years ago, my friends since passed but this reminds me of my football days x

  21. A charlie bear my mum bought me called Mystery. It’s just perfect for me, and something I can pass on to my little one.

  22. I have a teddy called Oswald,he’s been with me for over 40 years,he has a Union Jack stitched onto his back from when I was going through a mod phase!

  23. Winnie the Pooh is my favourite – we have a giant one my son had when he was born.

  24. A teddy bare i have had since i was young.its in a very bad way but i cant part with it

  25. A baby bear called Gregory I’ve had since I was a child. He now belongs to my daughter.

  26. My favourite bear is a Me to You Tattie Teddy called ‘Heather’ that I got for my 30th Birthday!

  27. I had a pink teddy from when i was born i have no idea where it is though am hoping it in the loft

  28. Has to be Paddington! People still buy Paddington stuff for me now. Met my hubby for first time at Paddington station so took on something new then between us!

  29. My bear called Buddy – he has been with me since birth and still takes pride of place next to my bed!

  30. my teddy i was given when a baby his called mickey with a dickey bow , he is now currently my little girls teddy 🙂

  31. My Winnie the Pooh bear my nan got my when I was a kid . I so wanted it and she surprised me with it that I’ve treasured him ever since.

  32. A threadbare orange teddy that I have had since I was a baby,it’s for sentimental reasons I could never get rid of him.

  33. mine is a Lion that I got for my 9th birthday, it’s called Daisy even though he’s a boy

  34. I still have my fav childhood bear, its called sparkle bear and ive had it for as long as I can remember

  35. I had a big blue elephant teddy bear when I was little, he still lives at my mum and dads now!

  36. its a bear i was iven when i was a baby it has moveable arms and legs and is a bit scruffy now

  37. An old-fashioned style teddy we bought from the Imperial War Museum gift shop many moons ago, he’s falling to bits now but he’s a lovely thing.

  38. I have a very old teddy that is balding in places due to excess love and cuddles. I couldn’t bear(;-)) to part with him.

  39. I have an old teddy called puddy that i have had for 30 years, he is now passede down to my children xx

  40. I still have my very first soft toy (I am now 49) it is a pale brown dog and I called it Kipper….I have a few childhood teddies on a trunk in my room…Toy Story freaked me out so I am frightened of hurting their feeling if I send to a charity shop tatty teddies and it’s my Grandsons 2nd birthday soon.

  41. I love Winnie the Pooh – Hes a firm favourite of mine from when I was small and my 3 children love him too !! 🙂

  42. My stuffed chihuahua, because it was given to me by my mum’s best friend who has now past away

  43. My favourite teddy bear, is the bear I have had since I was a baby given to me by my GodFather

  44. My favorite bear is the first one I bought my son, when he was a baby, he’s now 25, its a musical one, which plays lullaby’s, it sits at the bottom of my bed now and I’ll never part with him x

  45. A mum teddy bear that my partner got me from our son on my first mothers day as a new mummy . One of the teddies legs has been sewn on upside down lol but to me it makes my teddy more unique x

  46. I have this Paddington which my mum had as a little girl – he’s definitely my favourite

  47. It’s the dog with the big sad eyes (I know it’s not a bear but I like it) I think they called him sad Sam back in the day

  48. I have a popples teddy from when I was a child.
    I loved those and Wuzzles! (showing my age here!)

  49. I have a rainbow care bear from my grandad – He gave it to me the day I was born – I then passed it onto my brother.

  50. when i was younger my mum collected coop tokens she got enough to my 2 sisters and i a medium brown teddy each with a red bow, till got it today!

  51. Bambi teddy I got when I was little as it was also the first film I watched at the cinema with my mum.

  52. I used to have a teddy called “Chucky” who we used to play rugby with. He actually pretty much survived all the games too.

  53. My son’s small teddy Lincoln, he still goes to bed with it every night he is with me and it is very well travelled.

  54. I have a teddy which I called talk back teddy. It hasn’t been able to talk for about 25 years now but still have him.

  55. Teddy, who has been with me throuh all the ups and downs of my 67 years. He’s rather hairless as I decided age 4 to give him a haircut, Grandma darned his paws years ago and his tummy has had to be stitched as he has been cuddled so much by me, my children and now grandchildren. An irreplaceable member of the family! 🙂

  56. i have a dolphin ive had for 25 years, original it was for my baby brother whos a few years younger than me but I loved it so took it from him and i still have it.

  57. Packwood is my favourite Teddy.He was a present from my husband when we first got together 21 years ago

  58. I made my daughter a teddy bear and she named it Daddy Bear after me and her Dad got divorced.

    It still makes me and her cry thinking about it now.

  59. My sister’s teddy, which she generously shared with me as I didn’t have one of my own.

  60. I still have my teddy bear from my childhood who is filled with straw and called honey bear and I really couldn’t part with him now as he has been a constant in my life

  61. I have a Rupert the bear one from a long time ago that i adore, hes abit worn but still so special to me 🙂

  62. Not exactly a Teddy bear, but I love a Bagpuss toy which my Hubby bought me for my birthday a few years ago as I mentioned I’d always loved Bagpuss.

  63. Not a bear, but a large cuddly yellow furry mouse that looked more like a teddy with huge round ears. My dad bought Marmaduke for me when I was about 11

  64. I have a 43year old jointed bear who is incredibly threadbare. He was bought for me by my parents when I was born. He sits on top of my wardrobe

  65. I LOVE winnie the pooh! The bear in your picture is quite cute too though – good luck all!

  66. Mt fave Teddy bear is Bumble Lion from the wuzzles i got it for Christmas when I was 5

  67. a very very old winnie the pooh…It belonged to my gran and it has been lost many times and nearly binned a couple of times..but I keep rescuing it as even though it’s really tatty it has huge sentimental value…good luck everyone!

  68. PADDINGTON..Takes me back to the 70s. At that time I also had a tatty old bear I had passed down to me from Gran.Found him in attic the other year..ah memories! !

  69. Pooh Bear is my favourite bear as he is cute and tubby and he lives in Hundred Acre Woods, which always sounds rather good to me.

  70. My favourite teddy bear is a TY beanie baby called Fuzz, which I’ve had since being a little girl. For some reason, I’ve always classed it as my lucky charm so it’s always been my favourite.

  71. My hedgehog teddy my dad bought me when I was in hospital and was eight it still has pride of place on my bed

  72. Ive got a collection of teddies. and my favorite is a Harrods Bear who i have called Arthur after my Dad who had passed away.

  73. My favourite bear is my little teddy bear I’ve had for years, he’s called Ted and is only a few inches tall. I used to carry him everywhere with me as a child and he now sits on my bedside table looking very well loved! 🙂

  74. My favourite teddy is one that was given to my son in hospital, by my childhood best friend, 16 years ago. He was named George, and still sits on my lad’s shelf.

  75. My favourite teddy was given to me when I was christened – Big Ted is very precious and kept in tissue paper. He’s really quite small but obviously when I was a child I saw him very differently.

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