Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Interactive Toy giveaway

Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Sensory Toy giveaway

One thing I’ve loved being a parent is rediscovering much loved characters from my childhood to share with Monkey.  There are a number of classic characters who are as loved today as they were 40 plus years ago when I was little.  In fact, the best, are all actually older than me, I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  One such character is the Dick Bruna classic Miffy, who is celebrating her 60th birthday this year.  To celebrate this achievement a new TV series will be launched on Tiny Pop from 2nd October called Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small. The series will be shown at 7pm.

Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Sensory Toy giveaway

Join Miffy and her friends in Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and watch 52 episodes of friendly fun.  There are lessons to be learnt and new experiences to encounter.  I’ve seen a few sneak previews and it really is a lovely series, very much in keeping with the original books.

Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Sensory Toy giveaway

To celebrate the start of the Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small series on Tiny Pop this Friday, I have a lovely giveaway to offer you, that any Miffy fan is going to love.   This lovely Sensory Miffy has 14 sensors which children can press to hear what Miffy has to say.

Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Sensory Toy giveaway

Sensory Miffy is aimed at children aged 6 months and over and is perfect for little ones to learn about their bodies.  For a chance to win this lovely Sensory Miffy, just complete the Gleam form below – good luck! I have 5 to give away!


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The giveaway will close on 26th October 2015 at midnight.

Sensory Miffy Toy


251 thoughts on “Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small and Sensory Toy giveaway

  1. Miffy was and still is of course, lovely. My mum says my favourite was Peter the panther, but it’s funny, I read this to my daughter and she didn’t seem impressed.

  2. Fireman sam because he had the same name as me but also apperently I was amazed how he used to come down the fireman’s pole and get his trousers on or something, I can’t remember it now

  3. I love Mr Ben – I loved the different places he would go to and the interactions he made. It was great!

  4. I loved Paddington with a passion, for so many years I assumed that people kept marmalade sandwiches under their hats!

  5. Hello Kitty was my favourite, she was so cute. I’m so happy it is still popular now so I can buy Hello Kitty things for my daughters

  6. Without a doubt- it has to be PINGU!
    I absolutely adored it (secretly still might?!), cheeky adorable little penguin and his family and friends, getting up to mischief. Awww, getting all nostalgic now!
    I still have the dog-eared ‘Pingu Storytime’ book I had as a very tiny kid, which I love sharing with my tiny son too!

  7. Peppa Pig my daughter loves her shes loved the colours and storyline ever since she was a baby and now 16 months and loves it x

  8. My dad used to tell me that I loved Bagpuss but I don’t remember watching the show, lol. I do remember Watch with Mother and I loved Andy Pandy, he was just lovely 🙂 x

  9. There’s so many I hate to miss them all out but I loved Hartely Hare from Pipkins. He was a little bit annoying as I remember…just like me 😉

  10. Gordon the gopher, I loved watching him with Philip Schofield. I still love watching Philip and I still have my Gordon the gopher, all be it, without his squeak. Getting old now (Gordon, not Philip!)

  11. According to my mum I use to love Postman pat because he had a cat called Jess (my name) and I used to think he was talking to me when he would say the cats name lol!! x

  12. What was your favourite childrens character when you were a child and why? . . . . . . . .
    at the risk of giving my age away – Worzel Gummidge – he was so gormless

  13. Puff the magic dragon. I used to be transfixed and sit there singing along with the theme tune 🙂

  14. My little pony was one of my favourites!Sorry, forgot to include why. I have always loved how they could fly and be free, plus my love of horses!

  15. I used to love Care Bears. Wasn’t so much one in particular…. just them all in general!
    I had Care Bear everything in my bedroom 😀 and then as I grew up if I was ever ill my mum would bring down the Care Bear duvet for me to snuggle up in!!

  16. Maya the bee, I’ve always been fascinated by bees, leading to me doing a spot of bee keeping before I had my kids, unfortunately I don’t have the time now ;-(

  17. As a child I loved “The magic Roundabout” and my favourite character was Ermentrude – an eyelash fluttering, talking cow

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I used to love Thomas the tank engine and tom and jerry. My little boy and girl love Thomas now, I love how it’s naturally followed through

  19. As I’m a bit older (56) there weren’t cartoons when I was young,goodness,we didn’t even have colour TV’s !.The first one I can remember was Sooty from the sooty show and I have a photograph of me on holiday in Blackpool with a massive Sooty and Harry Corbett with his arm round me x

  20. Mine was bagpus, because I used to love sitting down after my lunch and watching it on Tv as a young child.

  21. when i was younger i used to love watching bagpuss it used to make me upset watching it but happy at the same time

  22. I loved Dogtanian, he was so cute and funny. I have the dvds and love that my son enjoys it now 😀

  23. Torchy the Battery Boy was my favourite and I was allowed to go and see it on a neighbour’s tv as we only had BBC at that time. It was the highlight of my week. A special treat.

  24. Barney his songs used to make me happy and I always wanted to be one of the children who got to be on the show!

  25. Paddington Bear. I even had my own, which seemed to be made from some kind of foam rubber, and unfortunately, over time, I ate him.

  26. used to adore Rupert Bear, and still do, have some videos still with his stories, and Rupert Annuals, I was addicted, and my children, and now my grandchildren love him too!

  27. Pooh Bear – he was just so adorable and now Im older i realise some very important life lessiosn were learnt!

  28. I loved Barnaby Bear which was on TV on a Saturday morning many years ago. He was so loveable and had great adventures

  29. I loved Rupert the bear when I was little. I think I must have loved him a lot because my bedroom was decorated with him and I still have the Rupert the bear scarf my mum bought me when I was four. I wore it everywhere and I never wanted to take it off. 🙂

  30. I used to love Mr Benn! I would always wait with anticipation to see the different jobs he would do every day!

  31. Rupart the bear. I had a ‘life sized’ teddy. The pull cord to make him talk had long since broke, but he still came everywhere with me.

  32. I loved Winnie the Pooh, the original books, not the Disney cartoons which weren’t around when I was small. Children’s TV was pretty dire in those days, but I was fond of Hammy Hamster from Tales of the Riverbank.

  33. The Wombles , my mum made me and my sister a life size cuddle toy before she died a year before when I was 7 . Still got him but it’s in the loft.

  34. Worzel Gummidge – strangely enough I sometimes think i’m beginning to look like him when the little ones have been climbing all over me all day! 😀

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