Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway #MumMoments

As a child I remember Mothers Day as being a time to get my Mum some flowers or to make her sometime to keep. I don’t think I ever really grasped how special being a Mum actually is. I’m sure we’re all a little guilty of taking our parents for granted at times.  But with Mum’s recent health scare, I appreciate how lucky I am to have her, more than ever.  As you all know, I have a really lovely relationship with my own son.  He’s only 7, so we haven’t reached the teenage angst years yet, he’s full of affection and never fails to let a day pass without telling me how much he loves me. Words to treasure.  I’ve received some lovely chocolates ahead of Mothers Day, to encourage me to share some Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

Nothing really prepares you for the moment you become a Mum, does it? Monkey’s arrival wasn’t the dream delivery we’d hoped for, and I remember being scared, tired and very emotional when he was whisked away pretty much as soon as he was born.  My first Mum moment was to come the next day, when I got to hold him in my arms properly for the first time.  Even then, holding this tiny little bundle, I had no real idea what motherhood would mean.  But the overwhelming love was there, the lioness was awoken inside of me, and I knew I’d do my utmost to protect my son, nurture and care for him for the rest of my life.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

There have been so many Mum moments in the last 7 years as I’ve come to know my son, his little ways and watch him grow from that tiny baby in to the young lad he is today.  From the first steps, and first words, to first friendships, there have been moments to cherish, as well as a few tears along the way.  It’s hard to remember the baby he once was, when I look at the boy he now is.

As you all know, my parents live in Spain, and through the wonders of modern technology Monkey’s been able to see them on Skype every week, even he’s not been able to see them personally as often as he’d like.  Monkey adores his grandparents, and playing peek a boo with Gramps when he was little will always stay as a treasured Mum moment for me.  There were so many giggles as this game was being played.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

Whenever we’re at my parents house now, we all look at this door and how tall Monkey is, the days of him just being able to peer over that bottom pane of glass are long gone!

We roll on to this morning and something rather wonderful, my son has been totally inspired by the topic at school this term.  They are learning about the author Cressida Cowell and dragons.  Not only did Monkey ask me to buy the books, but we have nearly finished reading book one – How to Train Your Dragon.  It may be me doing the reading, but Monkey is riveted, totally transfixed.  That has been wonderful to see, but something else has been happening too.  My reluctant writer has been writing, he’s been writing How to Train a T-Rex, complete with drawings.  You have no idea what a wonderful Mum moment this has been.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

I’m sitting here thinking about how wonderful it is that a book has inspired my son so much, that he’s finally beginning to see why I love books so much. He’s always loved me reading to him, but predominantly from picture books.  It’s only recently that he’s really started to understand the joy that chapter books can provide.  He can explore, and imagine and have his own adventures.  I can see exciting times ahead and more wonderful moments to treasure.

I’m deciding which delight I will treat myself to from the Mother’s Day Sleekster selection, enjoying some Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat.  I do love their Raspberry Smoothie and Fudge Sundae.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing my chocolates with Monkey and his chocoholic Dad.  Monkey, I’m almost certain will go for the Peanut Butter – what’s not to love about peanut butter and chocolate!  Daddy P will absolutely go for the Going Nuts with hazelnut crunch and praline which has been double sealed with milk chocolate.

Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat

Which would you choose?  This selection box is available for £22.50 and I can confirm that they are delicious.  Well worth sharing this Mother’s Day.
disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for this post.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer you the chance to share a box of the Mother’s Day Sleekster selection for yourself this Mother’s Day.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The Mother’s Day Sleekster selection from Hotel Chocolat worth £22.50

200 thoughts on “Mum moments with Hotel Chocolat – review and giveaway #MumMoments

  1. I would love to win this great competition. I love my chocolates and Hotel Chocolat are my favourite.

  2. Becoming a mam for the first time! I gave birth to my first and eldest son naturally and held him in my arms within seconds of his birth – it was magical!

  3. I don’t have a favourite Mum Moment because my Mum has made so amny over the years & hopefully we will be blessed with many more 🙂 x

  4. Seeing/hearing my son read is my favourite mum moment so far, couldn’t be more proud of him 🙂 x

  5. my mums fab impressions when the power used to go out alot and we played give us a clue by candle light

  6. My favourite mum moment is my first moment. I’d come round from my c-section and my son was put on me to feed. He heard the sound of my voice and opened his eyes to look up at me. It’s my favourite moment because it’s the moment I fell in love with him and my life changed forever.

  7. seeing my Daughter being an awesome Mum to our little Grandson, so very proud of her.

  8. I hope my favourite mum moment is still to come because my favourite moments are when she is happiest and I hope she has even happier times to come.

  9. When I brought home my second child my main hope was that my first child wouldn’t hate her (and me). I also hoped he wouldn’t smother her if I left the room and wouldn’t throw matchbox cars at her head. Never did I imagine that they’d actually like each other! If there is one thing more adorable than the uncontrollable giggle of a small child it is the uncontrollable giggles of two. Especially when they are laughing at each other.

  10. my favourite more recent proud mum moment was watching my daughter’s hard work pay off when she managed to pass her kung fu black belt grading

  11. It was taking my mum on holiday to lanzarote for the first time in her life- after 9 kids and so many sacrifices she was the perfect party animal-she absolutely adored it xxx
    Priceless memory-i can see her vividly nowx

  12. The first time I took my daughter to the fair. She just lit up, I fell in love with her all over again 🙂 xxx

  13. My favourite mum moment is when im having a stressful day, and the kids are playing up so I shout but then feel really gulity, and give them all hugs and they say its ok mum we forgive you and we cuddle

  14. I remember my mum trying to make my favourite ice cream, pistacho nut flavour because they stopped selling it in the shops.

  15. My favourite Mum moment was, as little children, my Mum was trying to keep all 4 of us entertained in difficult circumstances, and she taught us all of the rude versions of the nursery rhymes, it certainly worked, the time flew by!

  16. IT was the first time my daughter went away with school to seahouses Northumberland for a week I was more nervous than her. She bought me back a little toadstool ornament I still have it 30 years later

  17. The day my son actually started sleeping properly instead of yelling incessently, unable to be pacified. It’s many years ago now but that day remains in my memory.

  18. One of my mum’s favourite moments, would be when I treated her to a shredder, I know that sounds daft, but it was one thing she really wanted, as it is really useful for getting rid of important documents she no longer needed.

  19. It has to be watching the children laugh and play together nicely, no arguments etc. It melts my heart. Simple things like them walking to school together and they hold hands the whole way.
    Without having children I couldn’t celebrate Mothers Day! There’s not many days in the year just dedicated to mum time, so I make the most of it. No cooking, no cleaning, just having fun with the boys.
    I can’t wait!

  20. Last year me and my daughter went to Cardiff Castle, we stopped in a fancy hotel and had a spa weekend too, this was a lovely weekend we had a lot of laughs, and hugs – I love my daughter so much and I am proud of the young lady she is becoming x

  21. we have so many that could be favourite BUT that mega hug and an I love you makes my day x

  22. Whenever my feeling were hurt or I got into an accident and was crying, my mom would always give me a little kiss and tell me everything would be alright. It really was like a balm and things always felt better right away x 🙂

  23. My favourite mummy moments are in the mornings when the kids wake up and I get lots of cuddles.

  24. My favourite moment was after the birth of my 4th child… I was lucky to have two boys and then two girls…. what I have always wanted and looking at them all together for the first time I realised that I made those beautiful little people… AND that my family was now complete.

  25. My favourite mum moment has to be the first time I locked eyes with my son. After a difficult pregnancy and being 2 weeks overdue, then 3 days of slow labour and finally 15 hours of active labour I was pretty miserable. Holding him in my arms after all that and gazing into his gorgeous blue eyes made it all worth it and I’d do it all again.

  26. Those first toddler steps are amazing gives you such a buzz but also I’m old so when I was single my daughter brought home a mother’s day card from school so that made me cry. Lol

  27. After i’d given birth to my eldest daughter i was so tearful in hospital. When my mum came to visit it made me feel so much better in myself. It was wonderful!!

  28. When it is bedtime we read a story under the covers with a torch. It is our favourite time of day.

  29. Every moment I spent with my Mum was my favourite moment, but that’s because she’s passed away.

  30. There are so many, seeing how my kids have handled some very difficult times recently has made me proud.

  31. my favourite #MumMoment is when I go for coffee every friday with my Mum, we both really love spending time together

  32. I adopted my son when I was 40. My favourite mum moment is the first time I saw him. I said hello to him and he ran and jumped on his foster mothers knee. He then started giggling ran over to me and gave me a big kiss and cuddle. He has been loving and affectionate ever since.

  33. My favourite mum moment was when I was little my mum created so many happy memories to last a life time! We loved to go out on our bikes and stop for little picnics along the way! I just have too many moments to share 🙂

  34. One of my favourite moments is when I come home from work and my daughter tells me about her day

  35. My son giving me cuddles. My son is non-verbal so a lovely cuddle from him speaks a thousand words – its absolutely priceless!

  36. my most recent favourite mummy moment was my eldest son taking his driving test! they grow up so fast 🙂

  37. My mum always says funny things and gets the wrong word for things that makes me laugh all the time.

  38. When my mum walked through a drive-thru in Florida because the servers couldn’t understand her accent asking for chicken nuggets! We were all cringing in embaressment!

  39. my fav mum moment is reading to my kids at bedtime and then snuggling them down into the covers,knowing they are safe and warm x

  40. My favourite mum moment has not arrived yet but will – I am to be at the birth of my first grandchild with my beautiful daughter – to witness the day she becomes a mum too! EXCITED

  41. For me it was when she decided to change her life around – moving out, changing from being full time employed to a contractor – all in her 50s. Proved to me that you don’t need to just stick with what you know – you can make a difference to your happiness whatever your age!

  42. my mum moment is every time they make me smile or laugh and I realise how proud I am of them!

  43. Watching my children at school on the stage telling the school that they were adopted yesterday , there wasnt a dry eye in the house

  44. When someone tells me how well mannered and polite they are and that they are a credit to me

  45. My favourite Mum moment was her telling me how proud she was of me when I did well in my school exams

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  47. my aunt who is like a mum to me is always doing sweet things, last week she left a note on my car saying she loved me and she does random things like posting tea bags thrugh the letterbox!

  48. My favourite mum moment is sitting on the sofa with a child either side on a cold winters day while watching a family film

  49. When we phone each other daily but don’t really have any new news. There would be something wrong if we didn’t speak

  50. The moment when my wife gave birth and became a mum, and my own mum was there with us. Was feeling the love that day!

  51. I have a many favourite mum moments with my mum and my daughters, holding my girls for the first time and finding out it’s twins with my second pregnancy were magical moments

  52. It was really special to have my mum there when I had my son. She was really supportive and got cuddles with her first grandchild.

  53. My most recent has been my twins, one off to Uni and the other in full time work at the local hospital. Makes my heart swell 🙂

  54. When she once served chocolate custard instead of gravy with the Sunday dinner! Only my mother could possibly do this, and this is why she is so special!

  55. My mum gave me away at my wedding….after an emotional time with losing my dad to a heart attack a few months before….it was an emotional day, in more ways than one, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I love that I had my mum give me away.

  56. Hard to choose just one but holding my first born was so very special because I knew that at last I was a mum 🙂

  57. Holding my daughter after I had given birth, I was 39 and had almost given up hope of ever having a baby

  58. Hugging my sons when I towered over them and now being hugged by them when they tower over me. Once you are a mum you are always a mum even when they are bigger than you.

  59. When me and my little girl finally got the hang of breast-feeding. She was allergic to formula so we had to keep going. It took almost 6 months!!

  60. My favourite mum moments are being so proud watching my little boy go over to comfort his little friends at nursery when they are upset…they say children ape what they see – so I must be doing something right hey? x

  61. So many! But if I had to choose then it would be when I brought my Son home from Neo Nat, a very special day for anybody in that situation but even more special as it was on Christmas eve. I got to put my girls to bed then have snuggles with my boy while waiting for santa. Truly magical Christmas that was

  62. My favourite Mum moment is always when we are out and about and people comment on any of my Daughters behaviour, they might drive me mad at home but at least they know how to behave outside, how to be polite, helpful and kind!

  63. My mum moment was seeing my mum get emotional when I asked her to make my wedding cake. It meant so much to her – will never forget seeing her reaction.

  64. You never stop being a Mum, mine are all grown up but just this evening my son asked if he could borrow a small amount from The Bank of Mum, it gave me a warm glow. Silly or what?

  65. My most memorable mum moment actually was holding my precious daughter in my arms for the first time. After having many recurrent miscarriages and lots of fertility treatment to finally be able to hold my daughter in my arm was a truly memorable mum moment.

  66. I love it when I see my little ones face when I pick her up from pre school, as soon as she w sees me her eyes light up, I love it x

  67. My boys are all 18+ now but love it they still share secrets with me and now they tell me what to wear what car to get etc…reversed roles but I love it …it’s good being a mum but better being their best friend !!!

  68. I remember my kids telling me how they feel safe when they are with me , that made me feel a good mum

  69. After being at work all day and not being Mum I love to come home and be Mum by reading the bedtime story.

  70. There are so many and I’m so proud of them all, it’s difficult to say. It was my birthday recently and clubbed together to buy me a really unusual present. It was something they knew I would love and it showed how much thought they had put into it.

    Being allowed to hold my twins for the the first time after spending days just watching them in their incubators was the most amazing feeling in the world though.

  71. When my Mum photo bombed Jordan Knight at an NKOTB concert! The picture is hilarious and makes me lol everytime!

  72. impossible to choose just one…so many amazing Mum moments with my own Mum and with my kids as well

  73. I loved the bond I shared with my mum when I was pregnant our relationship was strengthened and I enjoyed hearing all about her experiences of when she was pregnant with me.

  74. MY mum said her fave moment was when i paid for her to go to USA and visit New York- She had always wanted to go but could never afford to pay for it

    So for her 60th i took her with me and my partner, we all had such a good time

  75. Not sure you can beat that moment you see them for the first time 🙂 I think that’d be my favourite mum moment

    1. oops, hit enter too soon. because it’s the moment at which you are filled with awe and amazement at what has just happened, and full of so many emotions and thoughts as to what the future holds – and the reality that no matter what the one thing that is certain is that life will never be the same again!

  76. my daughter turns 1 on friday so everyday is a proud moment but think her first laugh has been my fave mum moment so far

  77. I love the fact that my Mum got so exited that she had a voucher for a free Krispy Kreme donut that she almost cried lol!

  78. I’m not a mum but my favourite moment with my mum is going on bike rides with her as a kid and stopping off for a picnic. I love spending time with my mum where ever we are.

  79. My favourite Mum moment was seeing my Mum hold my daughter for the first time, the look of love and pride in her eyes is something I’ll never forget.

  80. There are so many. One that happened last night was when I was working on a puzzle with her. It was bigger than she’d ever done, and we worked really well together. It was great to have that camaraderie, which isn’t something we’d ever had (she’s only 4).

  81. My heart-melting favourite mum moment is when my children (daughter, 2 and and son, 7) show their absolute love for each other. I get comments on how they dote on each other all the time and I love how they both treat each other.

  82. There’s so many but My favourite mum moment was on holiday in Mexico sunbathing and swimming to the hut eating salsa and drinking cocktails having a lovely natter and splashing around

  83. I lost my mum when i was quite young but i do have fond memories of her teaching me to knit and she must have had so much patience! Knitting is something that i love doing now and am always making something thanks to her.

  84. IT is hard to choose one mum moment, but when my youngest who is 4 comes out of school with a big smile on her face because she has seen me, it melts my heart! I feel so lucky!

  85. One of my favourite mum moments is going into my little girls p1 class to show them how to make scones . My little girl was so pleased she was telling her friends that’s my mummy she a fantastic cooker .

  86. My children being born there’s nothing better than that rush of love you feel and knowing they are the newest person on the whole planet x

  87. One of my favourite mom moments was when my son was 6, half way through his Christmas assembly, he stopped the performances, waving at me with a big smile on his face. My heart just melted. He looked so proud of himself.

  88. I just love when my kids are having fun together and they look really happy – it makes me very proud

  89. My favourite mum moment has to be when my son spoke for the first time, he has autism and was non verbal for a long time, it was by far the best feeling in the world!

  90. My favourite Mum moment was just after I got home with my daughter and I sat feeding her with my husband and 2 year old son beside me. I couldn’t believe just how lucky I was.

  91. My favourite mum moment happens pretty much every night when I get a huge hug from my youngest son

  92. I love the unexpected moments, where you just look at your childs face and feel the overwhelming rush of love for them

  93. My favourite mum moment is every night when I put my little boy to bed he grabs my face, smiles and says I like you mum

  94. Mine is when i stop and look at my sons and see how much they have grown up and how proud i am of them

  95. My fave mummy moment is when my 10month old cheeky monkey comes up to me and give me a cheeky smile and pull my face to kiss me. It’s funny as it’s like he’s trying to eat my face. Haha

  96. When I was 11, my mum called the police as I still hadn’t come home from school 5 minutes after I was usually due back. I was literally next door at a friend’s house, but forgot to tell her! Bless. Shows how much she cared (and worried!). x

  97. When both my boys were born, amazing experience and could not believe how lucky I was and how much love I felt

  98. My favourite mum moment is not one but three. Each time I gave birth and waited 9 months for my gift to grow and meet my daughters was a favourite for me. The end when the pain stops and the bonding begins.

  99. Cuddles before bedtime, helps to forget all the arguments and naughtiness we had throughout the day 🙂

  100. I love being a mum very moment, but one of my proudest moments was finding out my daughter had passed all her GCSEs with fantastic grades.

  101. My most precious Mummy moment was finally holding my baby for the first time, after 6 long years of trying to conceive he was finally with us. Tragically he was stillborn but he was so perfect at 41+3 weeks. It was happiest and saddest moment of my life.

  102. There are so many, but a recent one was hearing my baby daughter laughing for the first time. Thank you so much for offering this yummy prize. Good luck everyone 🙂

  103. My best mother moment was becoming a mother for the first time, we lost my nan a month before and this was my mums first grandchild ‘Faith’, such a precious time in special care Unit after some complications and a tiny 4lb baby, nothing beats that feeling!

  104. Those moments when you want to cry with happiness and burst with pride when your child does something incredible….first steps, riding a bike, first school assembly!

  105. My special time was always story time,once they’d had their bath and pj’s on, it was snuggle up for stories and I’m so lucky as now I’m a grandma and my daughters live close to me so I often have my grandchildren for sleepovers so I’m able to have that special time all over again.,It’s just such a special time x

  106. When my daughter said ‘Love you’. She has only ever said it once, I say it to her all the time. Made my eyes leak a little xx

  107. I had 4 sons and all I wanted was my own little princess , nearly lost her when I was carrying but went to full term. When she arrived by c section I just couldn’t stop crying and then hubby started to cry we was so over the moon and from that day on she has brought me nothing but joy , she is so kind and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She hardly gets angry and last week when I went to parents evening ( she is 14 on the 26th March ) the teacher said ” I need to shake your hand ” my eyes swell up cause they said she was the perfect child to have in school and that she has the right attitude. She made me proud and all my boys do too they have all learnt to respect and do well in life x

  108. My baby daughter falling asleep silently while struggling to keep her eyes open to look at me so lovingly.

  109. When my boys spontaneously appear with cards and pictures declaring how much they love me! My heart melts

  110. My favourite Mum Moment is when I see my son playing happily at playgroup and getting involved and engaged in what he’s playing with x

  111. Lots but especially recently my 12yr autistic son got through to final 10 on his schools takent show, was worried he would be sad if he didn’t win, on the day his best friend (a lovely girl year above who just adores him) sang a lovely song and won, he just gave her a high 5 and smiled! I was so proud , he didn’t care he hadn’t won he was just happy one of his best friends had!

  112. I think whenever my daughter has overcome difficulties and built her confidence up, has been special for me.

  113. I love our Christmas shopping trips, when we have a lovely lunch and spend quality time together

  114. I love comforting my daughter when she wakes up in the middle of the night,those are teh best cuddles, really make me feel like I’ve got superpowers.

  115. My favourite Mum Moment was becoming a mum for the first time, the most exciting and scarey time, luckily I had my own mum, who helped out a great deal, it was special for both of us really, she became a Nan as well for the first time x

  116. My mum had MS but my favourite Mum Moment is the way we had a fantastic relationship and could find even the most terrible of situations funny and have a good laugh at them.W

  117. Currently 6 months pregnant and when my daughter kisses or talks to my tummy it just melts my heart 🙂

  118. My favourite mummy monent is when i go for parent evening to my son school to hear how smart and well mannered my boy is. I burst with pride

  119. I couldn’t really pick just one, but (in retrospect) I would say the Mother’s Days I spent with both my Mum and Gran (her mother) – I now realise how special those moments were.

  120. My little lad didn’t walk until he was 3 and a half so when he took his first step it was such a mammoth thing, I don’t think I have ever been so happy.

  121. Mine is when I first held each of my 3 children in my arms. Nothing prepares you for that moment and the feeling of overwhelming love.

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