New games launched by Cartamundi

New games launched by Cartamundi

You may remember that we reviewed a couple of Shuffle games last year.  They’re great compact family games that you can play at home and away.  With the holiday season fast approaching I’m looking for more ideas to occupy and entertain Monkey and there are a range of new games launched by Cartamundi that might just fit the bill.

New games launched by Cartamundi

In the run up to the new Formula One Grand Prix season Monkey and I had been having lots of racing fun with the Disney Cars Racing and Action Game Box.  This game is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and can be played with 2-4 players.

Cars Racing and Action Game Box

The game comes with 4 fold out 3D cars, double-sided playing cards (one side has cars, the other has track) and instructions. The Disney Cars Racing and Action Game Box is also a 2 in 1 game – Action and Racing, so great value for money at £7.49 too.

Cars Racing and Action Game Box

In the Action Game the idea of the game is get rid of your cards as quickly as possible. You play with the Cars side of the cards.  There are 4 different coloured cards and each card has one of these symbols on it. Ø (the next player has to miss a go), +1 (the next player has to draw one extra card), +2 (the next player has to draw two extra cards), ? (if you draw this card, the direction of play changes) or rainbow (you choice any colour to continue play).

The game play is very similar to Uno, so Monkey picked it up quite quickly.  A card is turned over from the pile to start play.  We started with Monkey as the youngest player, putting a card with the same colour, symbol or number on top of this card.  The number or symbol on his card dictated how play continued .  He certainly loved putting down cards with +2 for Mummy to pick up, or even better Ø – oh dear Mummy you miss a go!

He’d soon thrashed me and got rid of all his cards.

I thought I might fare better with the Racing Game.  We made the 3D cars up, this is easy to do, although we did find that one of the cars just wouldn’t stay together.

Cars Racing and Action Game Box

The idea of the Racing Game is to race your car across the city as the roads change direction and be the first to reach the finish line.  For this game you play with the cards road side upwards.  Take the start and finish cards out, shuffle the remaining 48 cards and make a 5×5 grid with the start card in the left corner at the top, and the finish card at the bottom right corner.  Place the remaining cards face down in a pile.

Cars Racing and Action Game Box

Place your cars on the starting line, Monkey started the game and picked up a card from the pile, he needed to place it road side up on the grid in a way that would help his car move forward.  Once you’ve placed your card on the grid you can move your car as far along the road as it can go but you have to stop when your road runs out, you meet another car (passing is not allowed) or if you come across road works. Your turn is then over and play moves on.  Play continues until one player crosses the finish line.

Monkey loved this game, and it’s great for getting children to think strategically and plan ahead.

Shuffle Twister was the second game we received from Cartamundi.  I was really interested to see how this game translated without the infamous mat.

Shuffle Twister

The Shuffle Twister game is aimed at children aged 6 years and over, and can be played with 2-6 players.  It’s a real family game and for us, I can see this game coming into its own when we’re on holiday, with extended family.

Shuffle Twister

You can play this game with or without the free app and so far we’ve played the game just using the cards provided (but have used the app to help Monkey understand the rules of the game.

I have to be honest, he’s struggled with this game, and I think it’s something we’ll have to revisit in the months ahead. But I can see others loving this game.  I’ve had a look at the app, and it certainly does extend play.  The game is still based on colours, but it’s about who is wearing what colour, placing cards on them (I’m still not sure how you are able to not drop them) and getting in funny positions and you may need to touch players with your hands or feet.  It’s a good twist on a family classic, we just have a slow burner here.

Shuffle Twister is priced at £6.99 and I’ve also included my Amazon Affiliate link below for you.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


I can offer one lucky reader the chance to win both of the games mentioned – Shuffle Twister and Disney Cars Racing and Action Game Box.  Just complete the Gleam form below.

New games launched by Cartamundi

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Shuffle Twister and Disney Cars Racing and Action Game Box

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  1. I would call it PTL boys go
    After my 3 nephews (their initials )
    They are all mad about cars and love learning about different sized cars models and engine sizes they are 8 5 and 4 and would love it

  2. I would call it Jevan racers, it’s a mixture of my 3 kids names, the cars would be blue, green and purple, their favourite colours.

  3. I would call it ABG3, my children’s initials, and the colour of the cars would be a sky blue, which is my favourite colours.

  4. I think I would call it something obvious like The Really Really Fast Race Team (TRRFRT) and go for painted flames down the side.

  5. My daughter says “Lilys Monkeys” and they would be brown cars covered in pictures of Bananas….

  6. mine would be called the burty bassetts after my other half and where we live. Our colours would be blue, black, pink and white stripes

  7. Brilliant question…we would drape our car in the colours of the Union Jack and call our team Rule Britannia 😉

  8. Pink and my team would be called Sweet Temptations because we’re sweet and very tempting.

  9. I would call our team pink in blues – as I am the only female in a house of 4 males! Our colours would be pink and blue!

  10. BillBob racing, Pink and Blue. Representing my two little boys nick names, and their favourite colours. They absolutely love cars, we watch it at least once a day. My eldest gets really shy around lightening mcqueen toys, he gets so star struck! x

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  14. Mine would be called the “Blue Bangers” and they would obviously be blue – chelsea blue! This is because I am an avid Chelsea FC supporter!

  15. the lappers because everyone would lap us, and we would have to have neon yellow so they can see us and avoid us

  16. I would call my team Kitty Cars and they would be pink and grey :-). All the names are always masculine so a bit of feminine in the mix would make a nice change xx

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  18. We would call them the Phiviamosh Racers and they would be a metallic purple and pink with blue stars 🙂

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