Nine Lives

Nine Lives – review and Blu-Ray giveaway

Today sees the release of Nine Lives on DVD and Blu-ray and Monkey and I enjoyed a sneaky preview recently.  Being a family of cat lovers I thought we’d enjoy watching what happens when My Fuzzypants arrives in the Brand household.

Nine Lives

Released through Lionsgate Home Entertainment, Nine Lives runs for just under 90 minutes and stars Kevin Spacey as a workaholic businessman, who takes his family for granted. It’s already cost him one marriage. Whilst running his company Firebrand, he’s totally forgotten about what really matters in life.

His daughter Rebecca is about to turn 11, and all she wants is for her father to remember her birthday and be there for her party. As usual he’s forgotten to get her a present and sets off in panic to buy her a cat, something she’s wanted for ages.  Then the fun begins.

Enter Mr Fuzzypants, the cat Brand buys from Mr Perkins.  A freak accident sees Brand left in a coma and when he wakes up he finds himself trapped inside Mr Fuzzypants body. Whilst Brand’s body is left in hospital on life support, as My Fuzzypants he learns about how his actions have effected his family and what they now think of him.

It’s time to make amends as Mr Fuzzypants is all the things Tom Brand should have been to his family.  Can his son also save the company from being stolen in his absence?

I won’t ruin the end of the story for you, there are tears along the way. Mr Fuzzypants is certainly more of a man than Tom Brand has ever been.  Nine Lives also has some extra features:

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: The Making of Nine Lives
Cat Bloopers
Herding Cats

Priced at £10 for the DVD and £13 for the Blu-ray, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links before for your reference.

disclosure: we received this DVD in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Lionsgate Home Entertainment to offer one lucky reader Nine Lives on Blu-Ray.  Complete the Gleam for below for your chance to win.  Good luck.

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Nine Lives on Blu-Ray

143 thoughts on “Nine Lives – review and Blu-Ray giveaway

  1. home alone 2 because i always used to watch it as a kid and always knew christmas was near when this came on tv and now im watching it with my own kids now!! x

  2. I like the Wizard of Oz, as I like Judy Garland, musicals, films with a happy ending etc. Mum likes White Christmas, though over last couple of years she has been “sickened” with Christmas films :- Film 24 (Television channel) I believe becomes Christmas 24 in November. As she has had episodes of being housebound due to ill health. Has seen so many repeats of Christmas (Snow etc ) films, she is actually now keen to avoid them.We both now would like to see Sunny Summer films in Winter – Time.

    The children seem to enjoy Frozen, Jack Frost etc.

  3. Elf is my favourite christmas movie ever <3 it doesn't feel like christmas properly unless we're all snuggled up together watching elf with the fire warming the room and the christmas lights twinkling x

  4. We love watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We watch it every year and it still makes us laugh.

  5. I love watching Love Actually – my kids wont sit through anything for long enough – but I live in hope…

  6. My favourite family film to watch at christmas over and over again is the muppets christmas carol as i find it such a funny film and we are all huge muppets fans here.

  7. We love to watch The Grinch as it’s a super fun family film with the fantastic Jim Carey to keep us entertained!

  8. I love Elf! It makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it, the scene where they all sing to make santas sleigh fly melts my heart!

  9. The Muppets Christmas Carol is wonderful and we all love watching that. We watched Going on a bear hunt this Christmas too- how sad was that!! I cant believe children enjoy watching something so sad ! tissue time

  10. The Micky mouse Christmas Carole! My fiance used to watch it when he was younger, now we watch it with our little boy.

  11. We love watching Elf, it’s so funny and Christmassy. And also White Christmas really gets us in the mood

  12. Oliver Twist its on every Christmas and I love it for the songs my grandchildren know them all now it’s a great singalong movie

  13. Home Alone, it’s my favourite to watch at the start of the festive spirit as it’s funny and light hearted to get us in the Christmas spirit 🙂

  14. Miracle On 34th Street (the Mara Wilson version) because it’s a great film that we all enjoy and gets us in the festive mood 🙂

  15. We love to watch “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation” as it’s so funny and you can imagine this actually happening to a family! This film just makes the christmas holiday for us.

  16. Scrooge as it is such a fantastic film and a reminder of how only a few years ago people lived in abject poverty and makes you realise how lucky we are now

  17. We always watch Polar Express around Christmas … but before that came out our firm favourite was Miracle on 34th Street (1990s version) xx

  18. It’s A Wonderful Life – I love this film. Enjoyed watching it as a child and still do. A great film to watch if you’re feeling down, just sit down with a nice cup of tea and biccies and you’ll feel better by the end of the film. A meaningful film with a happy ending for a change. Reminds me of how things used to be and also how things have changed (not always for the better either!)

  19. ‘Gremlins’ – the kids love it when things go wrong and they do – big time – in this movie. You’ve got little cutey ‘Gizmo,’ Xmas, lots of snow, a gentle boy falls for the girl next door love story, lots of action…all round great fun – plus it was probably the ONLY old movie they never showed this year!!

  20. We love Elf, its something we all have a giggle at (although this year we watched a lot of Deck the Halls!)

  21. Love Actually because it’s such a feel good film. I watched it 4 times over Christmas this year.

  22. We love watching The Polar Express at Christmas. It always makes us feel the magic of Christmas is alive and well!

  23. I love a Muppet Christmas Carol because the story is a classic and it’s a musical, who could ask for more!

  24. Over Christmas it just has to be Elf! This is definitely the greatest modern Christmas film ever made!! It has jokes and sketches in there for the adults and the kids, and of course the really happy feel good ending!!

  25. Home alone as its a absolute classic and hilarious, my 8yr old watched it for the first time this Xmas and loved it.

  26. We like to watch Groundhog Day when the family is together at Christmas or other special occasions. The children are getting old enough to understand hidden meanings and life lessons and this film has several of those embedded in the script as well as being very funny.

  27. the muppets christmas carol , i’ve been watching it since i was a little kid i love the singing gets you in the mood for christmas

  28. I was going to say Die Hard but then realised you said family film 🙂 It has to be Home Alone, so funny although a little dated now.

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