Paper Planes DVD

Paper Planes – DVD giveaway

Today I’m giving away a copy of the lovely family film Paper Planes on DVD which tells the story of a young Australian boy and his dreams to take part in the World Plane Championships in Japan.

Paper Planes DVD


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Paper Planes DVD

77 thoughts on “Paper Planes – DVD giveaway

  1. That’s a hard one, I love trains and flying but I think my favourite is boat travel. It’s because I love being near or on the water.

  2. I know it’s not environmentally friendly but I love flying – the whole buzz of the airport – all the exotic destinations on the boards and the excitement of arriving in a new country after just a few hours

  3. Steam train, not modern trains, something about the sound and the movement of the train, memories of childhood.

  4. I love my car, living in a rural area it’s my independence and also a little bubble to escape everyone for a while!

  5. Love trains, the one mode of transport I don’t get travelsick on! Like sitting back, watching the countryside go by and listening to the relaxing sound of the train x

  6. I love going by plane as it means I can go quickly and explore different countries. I love exploring both here in Scotland and all around the world if I can.

  7. My Favourite Mode Of Transports Is A Car As I
    Struggle With My Mental Health I Don’t Go Out And This Is
    The Only Transport That I Take

  8. I love travelling by train because I can move around, have a drink and look at the countryside out of the window!

  9. I’d probably say my car, but when I can afford it I’ve really enjoyed the luxury of first class rail travel. It was fabulous to sit and watch the world go by & have some yummy snacks to enjoy whilst doing so!

  10. train is my favourite type of transport because i love the sound they make, plus they always travel though the most scenic places, i always feel like i can relax and take it easy on a train.

  11. I usually enjoy travelling by train and would much rather have day’s out by train rather than any other mode of transport. Unlike in a car it’s not necessary to concentrate on where you are going (you can safely leave that to the train driver). On airplanes they go too fast and too high so there’s no chance to see the scenery.
    But on the train, the speed is just right for checking out what’s happening outside the window and it’s no problem if I drift off and just dream in my head for a while …

  12. It would have to be a train as it fun and you can get to the little place I have never heard or seen before.

  13. My favourite mode of transport is walking. It’s ideal for getting fresh air and exercise. Also, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams!

  14. Ironically I hate and love taking planes. I’m absolutely terrified of the whole process, including tears and panic attacks. But as soon as i am in the air I totally relax and want to look out of the window the whole time!!!

  15. My favourite mode of transport is the train. It’s expensive, but usually quick and lets you catch up on reading or a quick nap!

  16. I like to use the car. Very convenient and you aren’t restricted to times and routes that other modes of transport have.

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