Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99 giveaway

Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99 giveaway

In the fifth instalment of Christmas stocking filler offerings, I have for you today this Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99 giveaway.  A must for any squishies fan, this series one seven-piece set comes with 3 Mochi Squishies with stickers.

Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99 giveaway


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Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99

155 thoughts on “Peel 2 Reveal Mochi Squishies Surprise Playset worth £9.99 giveaway

  1. I love being with family especially now i have little grandchildren who get so excited and seeing their faces is priceless

  2. Decorating the main tree as a family. The kids & grandkids get to choose a new decoration for the tree each year & then choose where it is placed. Just love it as they get so excited.

  3. I love midnight mass, for me, after all the rushing around it’s when Christmas starts – unfortunately this year I don’t think it will be possible so will have to make do with a radio or tv alternative

  4. I do enjoy the shopping and finding things that will put a smile on people’s faces and also just love the atmosphere on Christmas day

  5. My favourite thing about christmas is spending time with family and seeing my children open their christmas presents and seeing the excitement and joy on their face.

    1. My favourite thing about Christmas is been around my family relaxing eating drinking it is just such a nice feeling

  6. For me it’s the time spent enjoying the season with my’s all the festive moments with them and the lasting memories that it creates.I look back over the years and have such great moments that have had a real impact.Like sitting in the living room surrounded by the pretty lights and tree,watching christmas movies and enjoying great food and games with the people that i love the most.

  7. My favourite thing is the excitement and build up to the big day. I also love the excuse to indulge without guilt and be lazy without worrying about all the things that need doing.

  8. My favourite thing about Christmas is having all the family together; opening presents and filling myself until full with yummy food!

  9. It’s quite cliche but I love seeing the excitement and joy on my daughters face. She’s 4 so she’s such a good age for Christmas and she’s already buzzing about it.

  10. I love watching my kids faces when they open their Christmas presents. It makes me happy if they are happy.

  11. I love the build up to Christmas more than the day itself tbh. I love shopping, wrapping gifts, decorating the tree and watching Xmas films x

  12. I love the spirit of goodwill that Christmas time brings to our world because people go out of their way to show kindness.

  13. The magical feeling on Christmas Eve, reminds me of the excitement when I was a child and it’s so lovely to see my kids so happy!

  14. I love the food. Having things like Christmas Pudding that you only ever eat once a year makes them really special.

  15. My favourite part about Christmas is seeing the joy that my kids have for it, h and all the sparkles and twinkling lights of course.

  16. I just love seeing my daughter opening her presents and seeing how excited she is, it makes Christmas more magical

  17. Seeing all the family (hopefully this year) as they live a long way away. Love seeing the kids faces on xmas morning.

  18. J Matcham
    I love christmas markets and fates I love the idea that its a magical time full of love. and i love that I get to spend time with my family

  19. My favourite thing about Christmas is getting spend time with my wonderful family playing games and having fun!

  20. My fave thing about christmas is seeing the happiness in my daughters eyes as she enjoys the magic of christmas

  21. I love choosing to spend time with my patients in hospital, who otherwise may have nobody to spend Christmas with. I come from a family of nurses and Christmas has never been on one set day, it’s a season, and choosing to work is something I look forward to each year.

  22. My favourite thing is seeing the kids faces on christmas morning! – because its just magical while they believe

  23. I like spending time with all the family as we don’t often get the chance to meet as a whole family throughout the year

  24. I love the atmosphere at Christmas! It’s lovely getting to see close family and all being happy and feeling Christmassy

  25. I love the whole build up to it.. seeing the kids so excited and doing our xmas eve traditions by putting out reindeer food and treats for santa. Rhe best thing overall though is the excitement i see on the kids faces when they come downstairs and see “hes” been!

  26. This year I am not looking forward to it following too many loses in my family this year, it will be very hard. previously it was the build up with my family

  27. Love it all , decorating the tree , films , spending time together and this year appreciating it all a bit more

  28. I have always loved Christmas, but there is something special about having children and seeing them get so exited for it. I cant wait! They are 3,4 and 8. My 8 year old has autism. They are all just at the age where they understand it more now

  29. I love Christmas for the peace and serenity it brings – it’s really nice to relax and know that the present buying and stressful pressure is all over! xx

    1. I love Christmas because we’re all at home together. No alarms set and the manic mornings it’s heaven

  30. A fun advent calendar! We try and buy a specialty one each year! This year we have the Degustabox one!

  31. I love the excitement of our kids seeing their presents on Christmas morning because that’s what Christmas is all about for me them getting all super excited.

  32. I love that time seems to slow down, that it doesn’t matter if you eat chocolate at 9am or drink a Baileys by 10am. There’s no worrying about work and you get to chill out with your family

  33. I love seeing my kids faces I love seeing how excited they are and thinking of the magic of santa. Its the best thing ever

  34. I love when the kids wake me early in the morning as it makes the day longer as I love having a fun filled day watching them open & play with their toys x

  35. My favourite thing about Christmas is having the whole family around the table for Christmas dinner. It is possibly the only meal in the year where we all actually talk to each other after we’ve eaten rather than just rushing off to other things.

  36. Hello, I love seein all the lights and decorations that come with Christmas, I think they make everything look so pretty and festive.

  37. Seeing all my family – we’re so spread out around the UK (inc Northern Ireland!) that we’re rarely in the same place at the same time!

  38. I love spending time with my family. We lived in different countries for a few years and Christmas just wasn’t the same without everyone together. So glad we all living in the same country again.

  39. I love the family all being together. It doesn’t happen very often so it’s very special when it does. And to see the little one’s excited faces is something to treasure

  40. I love the build up as it is just so exciting. But the main thing I love is spending time with all my family.

  41. Probably the best thing about Christmas is catching up and cementing links with family and friends I don’t often speak to, or message, during the year.

  42. spending time with my grandchildren, I havent seen them as much as I would have liked to this year, so hopefully we can spend a happy Christmas together this year

  43. I know I should probably say seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning but really my favourite thing is the food lol. Oh and the drink!!

  44. I love spending Christmas Day with my family. I love the anticipation of the coming days and long winter walks in the evenings, watching the world hustling and bustling and getting ready for the big day. Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

  45. I love spending quality time with the family and seeing my kids faces on christmas day it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

  46. Spending Quality Time with family / loved ones. As life can be so busy. Work life can take up much time :- Working, Commuting, Pressure /s, Targets, Unsocial Hours, Etc.

    Christmas Time :- Season of Goodwill. Peace. Etc.

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