Please Be Nice to Sharks

Please Be Nice to Sharks – review and giveaway

Whenever we visit an Aquarium the Sharks are always a big draw for Monkey.  For me, they conjure up images of the film Jaws, from my childhood.  Perhaps it was time for both of us to learn a little more about these creatures and Sterling Books came to our aid. Please Be Nice to Sharks is now available in the UK in hardback and is full of interesting facts about these animals.

Please Be Nice to Sharks

In Please Be Nice to Sharks we learn about 14 different species of Shark, along with a Manta Ray.  Neither of us had heard of a Bamboo Shark before reading this book.  The photography is stunning and Monkey could easily recognise Sharks we’ve seen before, such as the Hammerhead. He was fascinated to learn that a Lemon Shark exists, he is a greengrocers son after all!

Please Be Nice to Sharks

As well as a Shark Fact list for some of the different species, each shark is described in a way that engages with children.  There’s also a strong message throughout from Mark Weiss in Please Be Nice to Sharks about conservation, which I appreciate.

Please Be Nice to Sharks

Who knew there was such a thing as a Wobbegong Shark? He lives on the ocean floor and  is so well camouflaged.  It’s a fascinating book, which has certainly engaged Monkey. Priced at £9.99, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your information.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Please Be Nice to Sharks book worth £9.99

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113 thoughts on “Please Be Nice to Sharks – review and giveaway

  1. Sharks – they get a bad press but are predators the same as big cats or any other meat eating creatures -(as are we) It is such a shame that the great white is now endangered by trophy hunters fishermen and sea pollution

  2. Humpback whales, they are so streamlined and show off their amazing tail fins when they dive

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by ‘Sea Horses’. They are so tiny, delicate and fragile compared to their land mammal equivalent and I just never worked out why they bacame the shape they were…evolution doesn’t explain it – so they must have been to pull the water fairies chariots along after all? 😉

  4. Penguins, who can resists their funny walks, have watched a programme about them and how far they walk to find food for their family, amazing

  5. I love the Octopus! They look magnificent and move in such a mysterious way – they are fascinating!

  6. I love turtles, but whenever I go to a sea life centre it’s always the sharks that I could watch for ever, I love the way they glide through the water.

  7. Orcas but sharks come a very close second! I really want to go Great WHite shark watching in Africa next year

  8. Hector’s dolphin because they are supper cute and very endangered so need all the awareness and help they can get.

  9. I love seahorses as they mate for life and are so sweet! They intertwine their tails and dance together every morning.

  10. Octopus. I think they are fascinating, camouflaged perfectly can squeeze into the smallest of spaces and I love their tentacles!

  11. I love humpback whales as I’ve been lucky enough to see them close up & it’s like seeing an actual dinosaur!

  12. I just love dolphins, but I don’t like to see them in captivity and I hate those ‘swim with the dolphins’ places, I just don’t think its right. Dolphins swim around 100 miles a day, just don’t see how they can do that in captivity.

  13. My favourite is the Dolphin but I hate to see them in captivity I just don’t think it’s right and don’t get me started on those ‘swim with the Dolphin’ places. I love to watch them in the wild, but only seen that on wildlife programmes. Dolphin swim around 100 miles a day, how can they do that in captivity?

  14. Sharks are awesome but penguins are cute beyond words. No-one can watch penguins and still be angry.

  15. Whales – such majestic creatures. Their size freaks me out as well thinking about swimming when they are close by.

  16. I love dolphins because my disabled daughter swam with them when she went to Florida when she was younger, and made her very happy.

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