Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99

Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99

Any Star Wars fans out there?  I’ve teamed up with toy giant TOMY to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a great game today.  Why not join in with my Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99.

Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99

Pop Up Darth Vader is aimed at children aged 4 years and over, and is a perfect family game to enjoy over Christmas. The game includes 4 different sounds effects (1 x AA battery required) including iconic songs from the movies and Darth Vader’s signature breathing sound.

To play, place Darth Vader into the barrel and push down and twist. This classic action game has surprises of its own in store, as you never know when the Dark Lord will pop! Each player takes their turn to slide in the Light Saber style swords! If your Light Saber makes Darth Vader pop up out of his barrel, you’re out! Keep playing in rounds, the last player left is the winner! Play head-to-head or with up to 4 players.

Pop Up Darth Vader is available now from Smyths priced at £17.99.

For your chance to win Pop Up Darth Vader for yourself, complete the Gleam form below. Good luck.

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The giveaway will close on 27th November 2016 at midnight.

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Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99

233 thoughts on “Pop Up Darth Vader giveaway worth £17.99

  1. My favourite character from Star wars is C3-P0 because he accidently saves the day without realising it and provides some comic relief.

  2. R2D2 because even though he is a droid he still manages to show emotion and his little scream is funny.

  3. I love C3PO and his attitude towards R2D2. It’s just a shame it was like that off screen too 🙁
    Would love to win this for my son, he LOVES Darth Vader xx

  4. I love C3P0. Pure bling in a droid. Very funny and I love his attempts to ensure manners are kept no matter what the circumstance. He also speaks more than 6 million languages, which makes him a very cunning linguist!

  5. I love Jar Jar Binks, as he reminds me of a friend. I can’t name her, she’d never speak to me again 🙂

  6. Darth Vader because no movie is complete without a bad guy and he was the quintessential bad guy. He looked badass and more than lived up to the look.

  7. I haven’t really watched star-wars but I’ve always liked the sound of Princess Leia, my partners favorite character is Darth Vader because he’s the ultimate bad-ass. My son’s favorite character is Yoda because hes’s funny.

  8. As a child I had all the figures and my favourite was always c3po not sure why :/ probably because he was so shiny 🙂

  9. Chewbacca for me/ I really feel like Chewy some days and just want to answer all the questions in a squeal/grunt!

  10. My favourite film from star wars has to be darth vader as i find him so interesting in the films and i’m a fan of the scary characters.

  11. My favourite character is Wicket W. Warwich the little Ewok that was played by Warwick Davis in ‘Jedi’ …a feisty little Teddy Bear with a big heart 😉

  12. I like Chewie because he doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone, being giant and furry helps I guess

  13. I’m not a Star Wars fan but my grandson who is says his favourite character is Chewbacca because he is big, hairy and makes him laugh just like his Dad 🙂

  14. Ok I can’t stand Star Wars lol but I’m entering for my son. So his favourite is darth Vader and also kylo ren. He’s a massive fan and I’ve just just up his bedroom in the Star Wars theme so it would be great to win this for him

  15. It is R2D2 for me, in the very first movie he is a naughty and cheeky little robot and it was conveyed beautifully.

  16. Darth Vader as hes flawed, start good, then goes bad and then redeems himself at the end. Plus hes such a cool villian with the breathing thing and music

  17. I don’t like any of them but my kids do, Flynn likes Obi Wan Kenobi ‘with no beard’ and Melly loves Rey. They both love the Ewoks too

  18. Darth Vader as he is so calm and imposing as a baddie,I just love him as a massive Star Wars fan he is my all time favourite character.

  19. Princess Leia because she was such a strong female character when i was growing up in the 70’s and first watched Star Wars at the cinema

  20. Boba Fett as he is the coolest guy in the galaxy, stands up to Vader, catches Han Solo and has a jet pack!

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