Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag

Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag – a giveaway

Postman Pat the Movie Goodie bagYou may remember that Monkey and I got to meet Postman Pat earlier in the year, and we got a sneak preview of his first film while we were there.  Well we’re now on the final countdown until Postman Pat the Movie is released across the country on 23rd May!  I’m planning on taking Monkey for his first cinema experience when the film comes to or local multiplex. Have you seen the trailer yet?  No?  Well you can get a sneak preview here, it looks fab!

Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan) enters a TV talent show being hosted in Greendale.  He is going to sing!  Luckily he has a helping hand or should I say helping voice from Ronan Keating.  Will our favourite Postie leave his friends and family behind him and seek fame and fortune?  We love the character of Simon Cowbells – it really a must see film for any Postman Pat fan.

Now I’ve wetted your appetite I’ve got some good news!  We’ve got a Special Delivery for you to celebrate the release of Postman Pat the Movie on 23rd May.   I can offer 4 lucky readers their own Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag full of Postman Pat: The Movie merchandise!

Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag
© 2014 Lions Gate UK Ltd. All Rights Reserved. ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ © 2014 RGH Entertainment, LLC and Woodland Animation Ltd, a division of Classic Media UK Ltd.

The Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag consists of 1 x Pat Doll, 1 x Jess Doll, 1 x Soundtrack (which is released on 19th May), 1 x Set of figurines and 1 x poster.  For your chance to win, just complete the rafflecopter below, good luck!


Terms and conditions:

(Please note that all entries will be checked against comments for validation).

Only the first step of the Rafflecopter is mandatory, all other steps are optional.  Only one entry per person is allowed (however, you can tweet with the bonus click entry daily as well to increase your chances).

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once the Rafflecopter picks the winners, I will check if the winners have done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.  Winners will receive their prizes within 4 weeks of the competition closure.

The giveaway will close on 23rd May 2014 at midnight.

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289 thoughts on “Postman Pat the Movie Goodie Bag – a giveaway

  1. My 3 yo loves postman pat- I think the movie will be his first cinema experience too! We’d love to win this!

  2. Defineatly Pat himself, He has been a favourite in our house for years, my son had a toy one he cuddled and now my grandson cuddles him

  3. Jess the Cat – my daughter is called Jessie! She loved thinking she was Jess the cat when she was little!

  4. Our fav character is Jess the cat, funny and always getting into mischief, we also like ted too

  5. For me it has to be Pat. As, despite watching this show, amongst others, religiously as a child, he is the only one I can really remember (As a character in mean, I can remember the faces of many other characters).

  6. Ted Glen – he’s the best at fixing things, has the best accent and even has a particularly catchy song of his very own in SDS.

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  8. Pumpkin the horse, she can be soooo naughty, makes me giggle. Then she can be helpful, and clever, and still that little bit mischevious!! 🙂

  9. Postman Pat is my nieces favourite. She is only 7 months, but loves the tv show and as soon as I say his name she looks at her toy Pat figure. It’s so cute 🙂

  10. Jess the Cat – he is still memorable from my childhood – so must have made an impression on me 🙂

  11. postman pat – hes funny and cool, and unlike mine he always get the post delievered on time 😀

  12. Granny Dryden was always my favourite becuase she reminded me of my dear old nan. Though I don’t think I’ve seen her in the new one.

  13. Eddie said it is Postman Pat himself, and Julian. We’re big fans, I plan to take him to the cinema as well for the first time.

  14. has to be pat himself,he is always cheerful,up for a natter and ready to help,unlike some of the real life posties now !!

  15. Jess The cat 🙂

    I forgot to say why – oooops!

    Cats are just my favourite animal, I owned 7 at one point and I think I’m probably most likely out of all my friends to end up as a crazy cat lady 🙂

  16. We love Jess .. because my little boy thinks she is very funny – cant wait to go and watch the film x

  17. I’ve always liked Jess the Cat since I was little,think it’s cos we’ve always had cats in our house,and she is cute

  18. Has to be Jess just because she is always there to help Pat out and is a very clever cat

  19. Jess the Cat, timeless… my son is 33 he loved PP and even had the wallpaper in his bedroom, Ellie is 2 and she is just as excited when PP comes on TV.

  20. I actually love postman pat because I love the postman in general when he brings me lovely stuff and not bills

  21. we love jess the cat, because we have a cat, although hes definitely not as friendly as Jess!!

  22. We love jess!! …. We’re cat people hehe …. Jess is always in some kind of mischievous just like our eldest cat! 🙂

  23. Jess as i love cats and reminds of a cat I had as a teenager, 6 year old son now has my love of cats too

  24. Postman Pat. he’s always breaking or losing something but always ends up the hero…..

  25. I’ve never seen Postman Pat before but I’m taking my 2.5 year old daughter to see the movie at the cinema on Sunday. It’ll be her first time at the movies and I’m really excited!

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