Puffin Rock limited edition print

Puffin Rock limited edition print – giveaway

Have you been watching Puffin Rock over on Nick Jr at 6.30pm on weekdays?  Monkey has been glued to it, since it launched last Monkey.  The adventures of Oona the Puffling and her little brother have become must see television in this household.  To celebrate the launch of this charming new series I have a Puffin Rock limited edition print to offer one lucky reader.

Puffin Rock limited edition print

This wonderful Puffin Rock limited edition print has been signed by Lily Bernard, the illustrator on Puffin Rock and will be accompanied by a certificate of authentication.  So it’s definitely something to treasure.

To be in with a chance of winning this artwork, please complete the Gleam form below.  In case you’ve missed the first week of Puffin Rock, this video gives you a taste of what the show has to offer.

Good luck!


Terms and conditions:

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Only the first step of this form is mandatory, all other steps are optional. Only one entry per person is allowed.

This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 29th June 2015 at midnight.

Puffin Rock limited edition print

93 thoughts on “Puffin Rock limited edition print – giveaway

  1. I love robins as I always think of Christmas and snow when I see one. Love their little redbreasts!

  2. It has to be the Osprey for me. They fly thousands of miles each year in migration mostly to Africa and back again. That in itself makes it an absolute hero! They also have huge characters, I love watching them on the Springwatch webcam!

  3. I love all garden birds but favorite is the 2 blackbirds with their chick which feed in my back garden every day.

  4. I love budgies because my grandparents used to have one when I was younger and whenever I see one they instantly bring back lots of lovely memories of them

  5. Owls. I love how they look and the noises when they hunt as the male/female make different noises, plus there’s so many different kinds! 🙂

  6. I love robins because they were my Granny’s favourite bird, and every time I see one I think of her and smile (I actually saw 2 yesterday whilst walking the dog!).

  7. i love Emus – my little sister thought Emos (music fans) were called emus and tried to call me it as an insult, and it stuck! i have birthday cards and letters addressed to Emu instead of Josie <3

  8. Robin … I love to see them bobbing about in the snow in the winter. They make me think about Christmas.

  9. I love to see a Robin. You don,t seem to see a lot now but I think they are lovely with that lovely Red Breast

  10. Woodpeckers, they are so great to see in their various different colours and, of course, you can hear when they are about!

  11. A Crow I have called Jet, he is very timid but comes into my garden every teatime.

  12. I love all birds especially puffins. In fact, I went out on a Puffin Patrol yesterday to see our breeding Puffins, around Herm & Jethou, the most southerly breeding population.

  13. I like Penguins, because used to be interested them as a Kid and they are cute because they can’t fly

  14. the Robin we recently watched a baby one hatch after its mother laid an egg in the barn at my mothers house

  15. I like starlings. There are lots of young visiting my birdtable this week for the first time with their parents. I love to watch them squabbling amongst themselves.

  16. I love birds but my favourite is the Chaffinch because they are small and pretty.

  17. magpie i think they are very interesting and cheeky one always sits on my fence and torments the dog

  18. Penguins – there are so many different kinds but they all walk like Charlie Chaplin so they are the clowns of the bird world…you’ve got to love’em! x

  19. The tiny kakapo parrot, it is a bird that has whiskers, I think that is pretty cool!

  20. My favourite birds are pigeons. I love them all – wood pigeons, racing pigeons, show pigeons and, yes, even feral pigeons. The much maligned little creatures are clever, gentle and beautiful.

  21. I like penguins, they always look so silly waddling around or sliding around on their tummys 🙂

  22. I have a bit of a thing about crows as their very clever, can recognise people who are horrible or nice to them&care just kinda interesting Dxx

  23. Blackbirds as my granda always used to feed the ones that came into his garden, when i see one now it always makes me smile x

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