Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey

Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey – review and giveaway

There’s nothing I like more than story time with Monkey.  He loves me reading to him and with the holidays upon us, we’ve had more time to curl up on the sofa and read a pile of books together.  He loves adventure books and we’ve discovered a little gem recently with Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey.  Published last month through Sterling Books this hardback picture book has been a favourite read here.

Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey

Written by Brian Hastings and illustrated by Tony Mora and Alexis Seabrook, in Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey we meet Merryn and her fisherman father.  Every day he goes out in his boat and she waits patiently for his return in the evenings.  He’s a great story-teller and sends her to sleep with stories of mythical sea creatures and a world beneath the waves.

Then one day her father doesn’t return and after a bad dream Merryn is worried for his safety and thinks he’s trapped in an undersea world.  She sets about building a submarine and decides to find him.  Along the way she discovers creatures her father has mentioned in his stories and realises that they weren’t fictional after all.

Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey

Merryn rescues a baby serpent from the web of a giant sea-spider, and he befriends her. Swish guides her through the undersea world and they search deeper and deeper for signs of her father and his boat.  When they discover her father’s boat and his journal, Merryn realises just how much trouble he must be in.

Song of the Deep - Merryn's Journey

I won’t ruin it by telling you the rest of the story, but Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey, has kept Monkey captivated since we first read it.  Merryn is a fearless character and the undersea world has fired Monkey’s imagination.  The book is actually based on the Song of the Deep video game which brings this undersea world to life.

Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey is available in hardback form for £10.00 and I’ve linked to my Amazon Affiliate link for your reference.

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Song of the Deep – Merryn’s Journey book worth £10.99

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