Star Paws Christmas Sticker book

Star Paws Christmas Sticker Book – giveaway AD

We reviewed the fun new Star Paws Christmas Sticker book from Pan Macmillan earlier this week.  It’s a great book, crammed full of over 250 stickers to dress up your favourite animals all ready for Christmas.

Star Paws Knights Sticker booksMeet Steve Humbug the cat, Chrissie Mouse and Miss L Toe the rabbit and their friends.  Who will kiss under the mistletoe?  Who will have a snowball fight?

Can you get Beth Lee Hemmingway the puppy all dressed up to be Chief Angel in the school play?  The Star Paws Christmas Sticker book is fun for any child aged 3 years and over.  What a great stocking filler this would make!

Star Paws Christmas Sticker Book


Now you can own your own copy of Star Paws Christmas Sticker Book! Just complete the rafflecopter below for your chance to win – good luck!


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131 thoughts on “Star Paws Christmas Sticker Book – giveaway AD

  1. My Stepdaughter Jesse, it’d be vicious – unless her Dad joined in, then we’d both pick on him!

  2. my 4 little boys they love snowball fights my baby girls maybe a little small this year but next year they can join in

  3. Chris Fountain? tehe, Okay, If that is asking to much then I love having snowball fights with my 3 little guys-instant fun and smiles but also life long memories x

  4. A big family snowball fight with the grandchildren and then indoors for hot chocolate and gingerbread men

  5. I had the greatest ever snowball fight once and its a highlight of my life so I’d like to do it again! It happened after closing time at the pub one night and involved about 30 people in varying teams and all with beer jackets on! Superb fun!

  6. Living in Pembrokeshire we rarely have snow ‘sob’ so if we are lucky enough this year I think I would love a snowball fight with all the people in our street adults and children alike!

  7. I’d like a snowball fight with all the Chief Execs of all the top energy companies. I’d make them freeze like everyone else is going to have to! A bit political……

  8. My daughter and my sister- they’re both so competitive, it would be hilarious watching my “grown up” sister battle it out with my determined little one 🙂

  9. My 6 year old daughter and her friends. We’d have a lot of fun and then hot chocolate to warm up

  10. My young great-nephew, as he is only two. I am sure he would find it great fun, then we could build a snow family etc. Maybe even try out making snow angels. Youngsters can have great fun in the snow, as long as well wrapped up. Whilst it seems much easier and safer when they can get the use of the back garden.

  11. My whole family, that way I could hide and they wouldn’t even realize they were down 1 player!! Lol

  12. My husband, my grandsons and my son in law – I’m sure they’d all like to take a pot shot at me 🙂

  13. My dog, though it’s a tame ‘fight’ and she never throws them back. She loves catching snow.

  14. I would love to have a snowball fight with my kids and fiance, my siblings, their partners and my parents because that would be the biggest laugh and so much fun.

  15. My husband and my 2 kids, there’s never a winner we all just bombard each other till we’re mini snowmen 🙂

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