Temporary Tattoo Kit

Temporary Tattoo Kit giveaway worth £5.99

Today I’m sharing a Temporary Tattoo Kit giveaway worth £5.99 with you all.  The set includes a sheet of tattoo transfers and three tattoo pens.

Temporary Tattoo Kit

I received the set in my Blog On goodie bag from Paladone and thought it would be something fun to share with you.  The Temporary Tattoo Kit is aimed at children aged eight years of age and over and includes three tattoo pens in black, red and green, as well as a sheet of tattoo transfers.

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The giveaway will close on 13th November 2019 at midnight.

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Temporary Tattoo Kit giveaway worth £5.99

138 thoughts on “Temporary Tattoo Kit giveaway worth £5.99

    1. I would give this to my son his always drawing on himself I’m sure he would enjoy doing something more productive and fun 🙂

  1. I’d gift this to my niece as when I was her age I used to love temporary tattoos! I want to se her have as much fun with her friends using these that I did when I was younger

  2. Hello! If I was lucky enough to win then I would give the temporary tattoo kit to a local charity that helps families in need as I’m sure the little ones there would have fun with them. Thank you.

  3. I would give it to my 7 year old daughter Olivia. She loves drawing “tattoos” on me so she would love this lol

  4. I’d give it to my little girl Isla. She is obsessed with tattoos at the minute and constantly wants them on so she go nuts for this!!

  5. If i was to win i would give this to my niece as an extra gift for her to open at Christmas as i think she would enjoy this tattoo kit.

  6. i would give them to my youngest son he would love them and think he is like his daddy with tattoos

  7. My nephew would absolutely love this – he is a budding artist and loves looking at people’s tattoos xx

  8. My daughters, after seeing my new (real) tattoo they decided thats what they wanted so i recently got them some transfer tattoos which they love, so i know they would love this!

  9. My daughter. She loves temporary tattoos since having a glittery butterfly tattoo at a friend’s birthday party.

  10. id love to win this for my daughter. she cant wait to be able to have a tattoo and has loads of ideas already. she would love this

  11. I would give it to my friend’s son for Christmas as he is absolutely the most difficult child to buy anything for but would love these

  12. I’d give it to my niece she’s fascinated by my tattoos (when she was 3 she tried to scrub my one tattoo off my arm as she thought someone had drawn on me!)

  13. Id give this to my 11yo stepdaughter who is so obsessed she actually decided to spend £20 on random temporary tattoos out of her birthday money in september from the shop

  14. My eldest daughter, she used to colour in my husbands tattoos with felt tips when she was little and she wants to be a tattoo artist when she grows up!

  15. I would give it to my 7 year old daughter. She loves mine and my wife’s tattoos and is desperate to have her own!!

  16. My amazing daughter Laika, she’d LOVE this – she always says she can’t wait to be older to get a tattoo (like her Mummy), this would make her day <3

  17. I’d give this to Piper. At the moment she is super interested in her Dad’s tattoo’s and also super interested in hair and beauty and such like. So I’m sure she would be really keen to have a go with these.

  18. My great-niece Phoenix, who loves her Mum and Dad’s tattoos, but at 8 is far too young. So she would love this. Thanks for the chance.

  19. I would give it to my gf because she love all these and use’s them all the time and likes animals and would be perfected for her and would surprise her give it for Christmas as a added gifted.

  20. I would keep this as want a tattoo but a wimp and dont like pain so this would be give me a chance to have 1 for a while

  21. I’d give this kit to my eldest daughter, she loves temporary tattoos and she’s very arty so right up her street!

  22. I would gift to my grandson as he is a budding little artist & i know he will absolutely love this tattoo kit

  23. I’d give this to my daughter as she always draws on herself with pen to make tattoos! These would look so much prettier

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