The Frog Who Was Blue

The Frog Who Was Blue – review and giveaway

I’m always on the look out for a new book to read with Monkey, and anything involving animals is always a good place to start.  The Frog Who Was Blue is written by Faiz Kermani and was published through Matador Books not long ago.

The Frog Who Was Blue

In The Frog Who Was Blue we meet Biriwita, who lives with his friends around the shore of Lake Ticklewater in Malawi.  The frogs there are all blue. Biriwita has won a place at the prestigious Croak College, the finest school for frogs in the land.  Everyone is so proud of him, as he’s the first frog from Lake Ticklewater to be offered a place at Croak College.

The Frog Who Was Blue

Biriwita heads off excitedly and is welcomed by his new teacher.  But the other pupils at Croak College take an instant dislike to him.  He’s blue!  Frogs should be green.  So begins a miserable time for Biriwita as he’s excluded from play time, is laughed at and called names.  None of the frogs have taken the time to get to know Biriwita, they’ve just decided to be nasty to him because he’s different.
But luckily for them Biriwira, although he’s sad to be treated so sadly, and is missing his friends, he still looks out for his new classmates.  They are all having fun in the lake and haven’t realised that a crocodile has designs on them for his lunch.  Instead of listening to Biriwira and his warnings, they laugh at him.  But the little blue frog doesn’t give up, and manages to find a way to scare the crocodile away, just as he’s about to eat the frogs.
Suddenly the Croak College frogs realise the error of their ways, and that it’s ok to be different.
The Frog Who Was Blue
It’s a lesson we could all learn at the moment isn’t it, and one that I’m keen for my son to fully understand.  It’s good to be an individual but just as important for others to realise that too.
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