The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon

The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon – giveaway

I don’t know about your kids, but Monkey loves watching The Koala Brothers on CBeebies. Well I’ve got a treat to share with you today as The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon with the release of We’re Here to Help this week. Featuring 12 episodes of The Koala Brothers, any fan is going to love this, and further volumes are going to be released in the weeks ahead!

The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon

If you’ve not discovered The Koala Brothers yet on CBeebies, let me introduce you to Frank and Buster.  These caring Koala’s fly across Australia, patrolling the skies looking to help those in need. They have lots of adventures and there’s a lovely message behind each episode, friendship and being helpful and caring always wins the day.

To celebrate The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon I have a special prize bundle to offer one lucky winner:

A Buster costume (in size 3-4 years), a Frank beanie, a Koala Brothers ‘ready to read’ book and a writing wipe-board.

The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon

For your chance to win this prize bundle, just complete the Gleam form below – good luck.



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The giveaway will close on 26th June 2016 at midnight.

The Koala Brothers gift bundle

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121 thoughts on “The Koala Brothers launches on iTunes and Amazon – giveaway

  1. Kangaroo as they look cuddly and cute but I know in reality they are nothing like that
    Reminds me of Skippy the bush kangaroo from when I was young

  2. I love the Koala , my Aunt in Australia said she would send me one, I really believed I would get a real live Koala. I waited and waited and then an airmail letter arrived advising that a gift had been posted to me but that it was coming by ship so would take a while. I checked the post every day for 14 long weeks until it arrived…………….it was a geometry set, I can still feel the terrible disappointment!

  3. Koalas, always loved them they just look cute and so sweet when they carry thier babies on thier back x

  4. the kangaroo…their babies, joeys, are soooooooooooooo tiny, it amazes me how they stay in the pouch without getting crushed

  5. For me it has to be the Duck Billed Platypus ,because its so weird and unique even for Australia

  6. The Koala Bear is my fave as I used to have a cuddly Koala called ‘Ollie’ when I was a girl and they are such loveable, huggable characters.

  7. Kangaroo because I think it’s amazing how they can carry their young for so long in their pouch

  8. Koalas because my mums friend who is from australia bought me a toy one as a kid

  9. Koala Bears – my nan and grandad visited Australia when I was young and bought me back a toy one that you wound up and it played Waltzing Matilda 🙂 I loved it

  10. The wombat. They rrere amazing creatures, so good at burrowing their scull is like armour. They’re pretty cute too.

  11. The koala, I used to have a couple of cuddly toys which were sent from an aunt who lived in Australia. They have such cute faces

  12. Kangaroo, probably the first Australian animal that I became aware of. Unusual and fascinating to see them with young in their pouch.

  13. I love the kookaburra bird because it has such a feisty character and a very loud call!

  14. Has to be the wombat. We have ‘The Diary of a Wombat’ book and it’s hilarious! They are my kind of animal because they like to sleep and are quite chubby!!

  15. I love kangaroos the bond they have for their new born is so precious and breath taking <3

  16. Mine is the Kookaburra, because I think they’re pretty and I love their laugh 🙂

  17. love kangaroos because they keep their little ones close to them(in their pouches), just like me and my little boy

  18. My favourite Australian animals are koalas. They are my overall favourite animal as well, not just for my favourite Australian one. They are so cute and I would love to cuddle one!

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