Toot and Pop!

Toot and Pop! – a book giveaway

Toot the Tiny Tugboat


You may remember that we got to watch a preview of the new Toot the Tiny Tugboat show towards to the end of last year.  Well the series has been a big hit on Channel 5’s Milkshake and I’ve got a great book giveaway to share with you today to celebrate.  I’ve got a signed copy of Toot and Pop!

Toot and Pop!

In this Sebastien Braun book we meet up with Toot the Tiny Tugboat.  He’s a hard-working tug who is always ready to lend a hand to those in need.  Pop is a large new ship and he decides that he doesn’t need anyone’s help, including Toot.

What will happen next?  This Harper Collins books retails for £6.99 and sounds like a great read for youngsters to enjoy.  To find out more about Toot and his adventures why not follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

For your chance to win the signed copy of Toot and Pop! just complete the Gleam form below – good luck!


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Toot and Pop! signed book

77 thoughts on “Toot and Pop! – a book giveaway

  1. I would be a submarine, as I tend to hide or bury my head somewhere (underwater in this case) when things don’t look good !

  2. I’d be a rowboat, plodding around with effort sometimes, sitting back and enjoying the view in others.

  3. I would be Carla the Cruise Liner, as I would get to visit various countries. There would be a variety of tourists etc on board, good food and entertainment etc. There would always be something interesting happening and many stories to tell.

  4. I’d love to be a submarine – I love the water and swimming but cannot dive but would be ecstatic to be abe to explore the ocean floor

  5. I’d be a rowboat because I like to sit back and let others do their own carrying and lifting lol!!!

  6. A kayak, I used to love Kayaking when I was younger, I love the freedom and the speed you can move through the water

  7. Paula the Trawler, because my name is Paula & I do find I do most of the food shopping. (not always fish though)

  8. I’d be Marge the barge! Once I start talking I don’t stop, much the same as Marge. And who doesn’t like a good gossip 🙂

  9. I would be Lenny the Lighthouse- hopefully lighting up and leading the the way for my children ! I dont want them to go in the wrong direction and end up on the rocks

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