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Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle Day

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I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, I can clearly remember lots of wooden jigsaw puzzles of nursery rhymes.  The obsession has stayed with me and I’m now sharing my love of puzzles with Monkey.  I only need to look at my Mum to know where the interest springs from – she is a total puzzle addict.  I think half the container when they emigrated, was full of puzzles!!  So today, thanks to Jumbo Games, I have a Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle Day.

According to a survey commissioned by Jumbo, the manufacturer of Wasgij the No. 1  adult jigsaw puzzle range*, the top most unusual places to complete a puzzle include the
garage, the bedroom, the attic, outside and even the shed!
The study of over 1,000 adults also showed that 71% of puzzlers with children enjoy a puzzle with their kids and 31% puzzle weekly.

I must confess to being rather boring on that score – I use our large dining table for jigsaws when I get some spare time.  I used to have a fold out board, I think that got lost when I got divorced – note to self:  really need to buy a new one!

So today it National Puzzle Day – celebrating 300 years of puzzling.  Did you realise they were that old?  The jigsaw was the brain wave of a British engraver and map maker who designed one first in 1760.

To celebrate National Puzzle Day Jumbo Games are offering a 25% discount
on the Wasgij and Falcon brands of puzzles – check your retailers now! If that’s not enough to get you puzzling then here’s a bit more information on our Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle Day.  Why not pop over to the  Jumbo Games Facebook page and Like it, so you can keep up to date with offers and new puzzles as they are launched!

Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle DayWasgij Destiny 14: How Times Have Changed! is a Time Travelling puzzle concept which requires imagination. Clues need to be solved to forecast how the scene will look in the future; fashions will have changed so hairstyles and hem lines will differ to the guide image shown on the box.

Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle DayI know someone who loves the Wasgij range and I’m sure she’ll be really interested to see this one. With a RRP of £12.99 (2014 price) this puzzle will keep you amused for ages as you figure out how times have changed.  It really is a puzzle with a difference.

For your chance to win a copy of Wasgij Destiny 14 just complete the rafflecopter below – good luck!


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255 thoughts on “Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle Day

  1. That is a hard one. Maybe a picture of my garden when all the birds are on the feeder. I love a puzzles, the loft is full of them !

  2. I think I’d have a picture of a bowl of soup (just the soup!) to give to my mother-in-law, whenever we get her a jigsaw puzzle, they’re always ‘too easy’. We’ve bought her Wasgij puzzles before too!

  3. I love jigsaw puzzles of all sorts and find them addictive. I think i I created a puzzle it would be on the theme of then and now – a puzzle split in two with pictures of how it was then and a modern picture of the up to date picture!x

  4. A funny one of the upcoming commonwealth games in Glasgow, my niece is volunteering for the squash events and she can’t wait to go.

  5. Of my Grandma and Grandad, as I’d give the puzzle to my Grandma, she loves these puzzles now that she’s housebound and I know that she misses Grandad.

  6. Seeing as I am a big sci-fi fan I would make one of the planets and space and maybe even the TARDIS lol 🙂

  7. A wild flower meadow … always nice to have a pretty picture at the end and I think it would be quite complicated 🙂

  8. In the Wasgij What if?…….. series –
    In an England versus New Zealand rugby match what if the England team answer the New Zealand hakka greeting with a Morris dance?

  9. A lovely scenic picture of Sheffield so I could see my city coming alive as I get put the pieces together

  10. Ooh good question! I think I’d make one of those mystery puzzles where you don’t know the picture until you actually create it! Otherwise, it would be a view of my hometown.

  11. A jigsaw of my family. We had one made when I was little and I found it a couple of months ago hidden away and it was lovely doing it again

  12. An electronic circuit board could perhaps be fun to do – would be a little like a map, only without place names, etc.

  13. I’d have one of my whole family, including my late Mum and eldest son, with my younger son and his family in Canada, we don’t have a pic of all of us, so it would have to be photo shopped

  14. I would love to be able to create a photo montage puzzle of someones life. From birth pictures, through weddings, births and happy family and friend pics and pets.

  15. Don’t know if it counts as a puzzle – but when I was younger there were books where you picked what challenge/action to take to progress the storyline and turn to a certain page for whatever action you took.

    I was actually quite addicted to them and did try unsuccessfully to make my own

    Would love to see them make a bit of a comeback – i’d def have a go at writing one

  16. I think I’d like a sort of montage/collage, maybe a walk down memory lane, or images of people and things that make me happy: my better half, the cat, wildlife and nature, sport, reading and puzzling. If I had to stick to one theme I’d make the puzzle of one of my large bookcases as it should be an interesting puzzle to do if nothing else! Fingers crossed here hoping for a little bit of luck to come my way.

  17. Scene from the night club, dancefloor, bar, disco flashing balls everywhere, etc, obviously age appropriate so nothing 18+ what`s happening in night clubs, just mild fun 🙂

  18. I think a puzzle of all of Scotland with all the major towns and places of interest. Im a bit of a travel buff!!

  19. A hard question, but the best puzzles would be the ones you can frame afterwards. A nice underwater fishy scene with bright fish and lots of different blue shades

  20. I have a picture of both my kids sat in buckets last summer when it was really hot splashing each other, would love that as a puzzle 🙂

  21. we have a lovely picture of our family at my older nephew’s 18th birthday which would be nice to have as a jigsaw – we actually have all of us in it as we used the timer on the camera, which was hilarious – the first picture missed so we are all laughing so much in the second

  22. I would like to have a personalised one of my 2 daughters Dance school. We could sell at fundraising meetings to swell our funds enabling us to do more. We just visited Pineapple studios yesterday for a workshop yesterday! Great Fun.

  23. I would like a puzzle with a picture of the field in front of my house before houses were built on it. I can look out of the window and see the ‘now’ view.

  24. I’d love a cityscape of say Manchester or Leeds, so I could enjoy seeing details of the city that I had never appreciated before 🙂

  25. Hard one – I’d love to create a collage of all my friends and family or a family tree. Something quite family orientated, as jigsaw’s remind me of family time.

  26. I’d like a puzzle of Blackpool Promenade- the tower, the piers, the beach, the trams and the Pleasure Beach 🙂

  27. I’d have a before and after shot of our house on Christmas morning – one side with the room tidy & presents wrapped , the other side of the chaos afterwards with wrapping paper everywhere.

  28. I would love a jigsaw puzzle of our galaxy – the Milky Way! I love stargazing and jigsaws so this would be a perfect blend of the two! I also think it would be a major challenge and educational too!

  29. A picture of my daughter and myself. Then after we’d completed it together, I would frame it and hang it on my wall to remind us of the mother and daughter time we had.

  30. A collage of all the dogs I’ve had, they have helped me through different tough periods in my life and got me to still being here today and not in a wheelchair. They have also kept me company with living on my own, so mean a lot to me.

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