Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery – review and £50 giveaway

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery – review and £50 giveaway

It’s no big secret that I love jewellery, or in fact, that blue topaz is my favourite gemstone.  With Mother’s Day and my birthday fast approaching I’ve been spoilt recently.  I’ve been wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery since I received it last week.  It’s absolutely me and I just adore the three different pieces I’ve received.

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

Pia Jewellery have 16 stores nationwide as well as their online operation, selling jewellery and accessories.  There are pieces available in silver and gold, and really to suit all tastes.  Personally, I love silver and white gold jewellery, and prefer dainty items.  I couldn’t wait to open my boxes when they arrived.

I couldn’t wait to be wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery at the weekend.  The three statement pieces consist of the Three Rounds Bracelet, Three Drop Earrings and the Blue Topaz Gemstone Pendant.

My wrists are apparently quite small, with a 16cm diameter, so bracelets, bangles and watches can all end up being way too large for me.  But I didn’t need to worry with the Three Rounds Bracelet at all, it fits perfectly and there are three fixing options along the silver chain, adjusting up to 19cms. It’s priced at £39.00.

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

The bracelet is set with two rose quartz rounds and a centre blue topaz teardrop. I just love it.

Before my son was born, I wore drop earrings all the time, but that all changed when I had a baby who just loved grabbing at everything.  Over the years I haven’t really got back into the habit of wearing longer earrings, but that’s going to have to change now that I’m wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery.  The Three Drop Earrings offer a 3cm hang, and are made with a sterling silver post, rose quartz rounds and a blue topaz drop. Again, they are really delicate and perfect for me and they are priced at £49.00.

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

My favourite piece from this collection is the Blue Topaz Gemstone Pendant.  The pendant hangs in the middle of a beautifully crafted silver and beaded chain, which I think is really unusual, and well made.  I just love it.  The chain has 4 adjuster rings, with a maximum length of 45cms.  I’ve been wearing it at the 40cm length, which is perfect for the neckline of most of my outfits.

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

Over the coming weeks I hope to be wearing my new jewellery a lot, the collection can be worn as easily for day wear as it can be for an evening event.  Which in my mind makes the pieces an absolute bargain.  I was wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery on Sunday, when I joined my NCT group for afternoon tea at The Orangery in Blenheim Palace, the rose quartz and blue topaz went with my outfit perfectly.

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery

I’m so pleased with my new jewellery collection, and to have discovered the Pia Jewellery brand.  The quality and finish of the pieces is very good. I’ve seen so many pieces I like! With Mother’s Day at the end of the week and my birthday in a few weeks perhaps I should drop a few hints to Daddy P. A few favourites would include the Mother of Pearl Dragonfly pendant, Daisy Chain Bracelet and the Blue Topaz Teardrop Ring.  What would you pick?

Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellerydisclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader a £50 voucher to spend with Pia Jewellery.  Please complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win this lovely prize.

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£50 voucher to spend with Pia Jewellery

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225 thoughts on “Wearing the Gemstone Collection from Pia Jewellery – review and £50 giveaway

  1. I would treat myself to the Rose Quartz bangle because I love the rose gold plating as well as the beautiful stone

  2. I love the faceted rose quartz ring and it would be for myself I am afraid, I would be unable to part with it x

  3. So many beautiful things to choose from, I love Pia!!!! I’d probably choose the Blue Printed Scarf for my friend, because she’d love it, and I’d treat myself to a beautiful Six on One Silver Pendant.

    Thanks for a fabulous giveaway xx

  4. I would get The Prince of Wales Chain to go with a locket my dad gave my mum on her 21st and she has now given me

  5. I think I would get the beautiful Hydrangea Pendant for myself, although that feels a bit greedy. Maybe I should save it for a birthday gift!

  6. I would save it for an upcoming birthday for my mum then gift her the voucher so she could choose herself

  7. I would give this voucher to my best friend who has recently got engaged but they can not afford a ring x

  8. I love the Three Sisters pendant, it’s beautiful. I think I am going to get three if I win or not for my two sisters and myself.

  9. I love Pia jewellery, and would buy the Six On One Silver Pendant necklace…..X 2….one for myself, and one for my amazing mum. We have very similar taste, so I know she would love it.

  10. I’d choose the Silver Tree Pendant and I’m afraid it would be a present to myself!

  11. This jewellery looks lovely on you Mary x
    I would treat myself to some lovely earrings like the Arrowhead stud earrings. The watermelon studs are cute too xx

  12. I would get the Amethyst & Silver Echo Pendant – I love Amethysts and it is a lovely shape, and amethyst stud earrings for my daughter.

  13. I really like the Flower Garden Pendant. I’m not sure whether I’d keep it or give it as a gift; it is beautiful!

  14. I think I would choose the Howlite & Silver Necklace to give to my daughter, as it would look beautiful with her wedding dress.

  15. i’d choose a bracelet for my mum and myself, maybe the Hematite & Agate Bracelet or the Daisy chain bracelet 🙂

  16. Their rings are so beautiful that I’d probably have to treat myself this time as my daughters are too young and my mother doesn’t wear jewellery. Love the Blue Calcite All-Around Ring.

  17. I would gift it to my mum as she is very hard to buy jewellery for so she could choose herself something lovely 🙂

  18. I would spend it on some new earrings – the coconut tree drop earrings for myself for the summer 🙂

  19. I love the Nature collection especially Tree of Life Bracelet. I would have to treat myself.

  20. I think I would spend it on the dragonfly pendant (hard choice though!) for myself, as I never have the spare money to buy any new jewellery 🙂

  21. That teardrop ring is a favourite of mine, but i also love labradorite, so i’m a bit torn as to what i’d choose!

  22. I’m a little lacking in simple jewellery that can be worn every day and they have some lovely pieces. I’d go for the Silver Loop Drop Earrings and Hammered Silver Teardrop Pendant for myself.

  23. I would love to buy something for myself but I always end up buying things for my daughter. She’s at Uni and deserves all the treats she can get. maybe we can share

  24. I would love the violet sparkle bangle! It’s such a beautiful colour and I love pretty eye-catching jewelry as it ofsets my pale skin! I’d definitely treat myself, I deserve it lol!

  25. I would buy myself a necklace, not sure which one at the moment, theres so many nice looking ones, would be a hard choice

  26. I would love to treat myself to some new earrings as I currently wear simple studs but I would love to get something more glamorous x

  27. It would be a present, I was a bit skint for mother’s day so could only get my mum something little, this would make it up to her.

  28. id treat my daughter, i really love the set you have on in the picture i love the clear coliur it would go with anything too!

  29. I love the “Soul Sisters” pendant … I would choose that for my eldest daugher for her birthday from my youngest daughter 🙂 … then i’d have a nosey in the sale section with the change for me! 😉 xx xx

  30. Would buy a piece for my daughter and put it away for Christmas. Love the daisy bracelet.

  31. I’d treat my daughter, she’s just passed her driving test first time! & I think I’d choose the Silver Tassel Pendant

  32. I would give the voucher to my daughter because she has just left college and has managed to secure a job already so I’m very proud and would like to treat her. I think she would choose a necklace.

  33. I would treat my sister to the silver message earrings as that is something she would wear and like

  34. I’d buy the Mother of Pearl Dragonfly pendant for my mum because we were looking at the Pia leaflet and she said how much she liked it

  35. Anything rose quartz would be devine and I’d definitely spoil myself. Why not I’m worth it!

  36. Starfish studs and Champagne Sparkle studs are both lovely. I would choose these two pairs and give one to my beautiful daughter. Great competition thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize. Very happily liked and shared your post and page with pleasure.

  37. i’d give to my girlfriend to pick something for herself – likely a bracelet or earrings!

  38. Probably the Amethyst Paisley Pendant for my bridesmaid to wear on my wedding day

  39. I would treat myself to the Mystic Topaz Ring and then get something for my mum aswell 🙂

  40. I would spend it on the Aqua Crystal Butterfly Brooch as a present for my friend who is butterfly mad 🙂

  41. If I was lucky enough to with i would pick The rose teardrop tassel necklace as it reminds of one my mum had when i was young and i would get us both the matching earrings 🙂

  42. The double loop drop earrings for myself, my kids and grandchildren get enough from me this is me time

  43. I would spend it on my daughter for her birthday. She’s two but she never had a christening or anything so I would like to have something for her to keep for life. 🙂

  44. Such a huge selection but i would love to give myself a treat and buy the beautiful Aqua Chalcedony Faceted Drop Earrings

  45. I’d love a new bracelet as I recently lost mine and feel like I missing something all the time x thx for the chance x

  46. I would be very greedy and spend the money on myself as I would love to buy the Silver Hammered Loop Drop Earrings

  47. Rose Quartz bangle is beautiful and I would treat my mother-in-law she is such a beautiful lady with a heart of gold

  48. I’d put the voucher towards the gorgeous Aqua Chalcedony Teardrop Ring!

    It’s stunning and would be a cheeky gift to myself! 😀

  49. i would have to use this voucher to gift to one of my very good friends. She deserves a special treat.

  50. I would get some earrings for my mother-in-law. Not sure what ones though as they are all lovely.

  51. I’d buy my best friend the Silver & Blue Topaz Teardrop Earrings – she loves this colour. x

  52. I want everything but if i really had to pick it would be the Opalite Dragonfly Pendant it’s beautiful x

  53. I love the “Be True Ring” and I would treat myself, because it’s so gorgeous and I gave fallen in love. Thanks for the chance xxx

  54. I love Pia jewellery, imagine my joy when I found the brand (there isn’t much in my name out there, well unless you count the Pakistani International Airline 😉 ) so I have few bits carrying my name now, especially love my little turquoise purse as it says Pia on it. I’d treat myself and hopefully they still do additional birth stone leaves to their family tree necklace as I have that but I’m lacking a leaf for my 3rd child so it’s not complete x

  55. I would most probably let my mum choose something she likes for her birthday.
    If I were to choose something to treat myself it would be the Watermelon Necklace.

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