Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books

Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books

We love the natural world as you all know, and Monkey has certainly got Guru Gramps’ bug hunting genes.  Our outdoor adventures are going to be assisted by the Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books in the months ahead.  Perfectly sized to fit in our backpack, there are 6 books in the series, which any nature fan will love.

Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books

I’m sure Monkey isn’t alone in being obsessed with Poo!  He was instantly drawn to the Poos and Clue Swatch Book as you can imagine.  All the books are double sides with shiny surfaces.  With this book, one side shows the animal and the other shows its droppings, clues to look for when tracking the animal, its footprint and likely home.  All great for young nature detectives on the loose.  We have resident Hedgehogs so Monkey is looking forward to finding their poo, now he has his swatch book for guidance.  Looking but not touching, is key!

We love going on nature hunts, and collecting leaves for collages has always been a family favourite.  We will be making use of the Leaf Identification Swatch Book a lot this summer. The weather has been so awful recently we haven’t got out as much as we’d have liked, but that hasn’t stopped Monkey, he’s been busy identifying leaves on our collage from the autumn!

As we love going on mini beast adventures the Minibeast Swatch Book is also going to be well-loved here, especially as there are a number of creatures featured that Monkey hasn’t seen before.  As well as providing photo identification and general information on each animal, the swatch book also has a key telling us at what point during the year we are likely to find each minibeast.

The Fungi Identification Swatch Book is going to be as interesting for me as it is for Monkey, as neither of us know anything about them. The swatch book tells us all about a variety of fungi, when and where they can be found, and which ones are poisonous.

We’ve been looking back through photographs from our walk through Stoke Wood and have used the Wild Flower Swatch Book to help Monkey identify the bluebells and wood anemones.

Having grown up with an entomologist father, I’ve spent years admiring butterflies, and Monkey loves them too.  From catching them with Gramps to rearing them at home from caterpillars, they are a firm favourite. The Butterfly Swatch Book has information on a whole host of butterflies, some we know well such as the Orange Tip, and some less so, like the Pearl-bordered Fritillary. The swatch book gives us information on where and when all the species are likely to be spotted as well as their wingspan.

The Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books are a great addition to our backpack and I can thoroughly recommend them.  You can buy them directly from the Woodland Trust for £4.99 each or buy two for £4.00 each.  You can also find out information about your nearest local Woodland Trust woods too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve teamed up with Woodland Trust to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win all six Swatch Books featured in this review.  Just complete the Gleam form to enter.  Good luck!

Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books

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Set of 6 Woodland Trust Wildlife Swatch Books worth £29.94

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  1. My girls would love these, we would take them to the local park and butterfly house

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  5. My grandchildren to two contrasting habitats – Snipedales and Gibraltar Point, both in Lincolnshire 🙂

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  20. My granddaughter. They have recently moved house and have a gorgeous big garden and are surrounded by woods, parkland and two large ponds, these swatch books would help satisfy her growing curiosity (she’s currently fascinated with ants!)

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  24. I would actually like to win these books for me and I will take them with me when walking the dog so that I can identify the trees and the butterflies that I come in to contact with. I live in the countryside so these little books would be invaluable to me and would help me learn so much about the beautiful area that I am fortunate enough to live in.

  25. Would love The Fungi Identification Swatch Book, to take out with us on our local walk to the woods

  26. I would use them at my local vets open day to educate people and then give them to my nephew to take to school and teach everyone. I am a big hedgehog lover and do my very best to help our spiky friends who are in decline.

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    such a great prize educational and fun

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  45. Our grandsons would love these. Baggeridge park here we come – with or without these books.

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