World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited

World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited #WSW17

I’ve got something new to offer you all this evening with my World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited.  For the last few years my son has been fascinated by anything space related.  Two things that are as much a hit today as they were when he first received them, are the Brainstorm Limited Cosmic Glow, glow in the dark stars and moon and their wonderful Space Torch.

World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm LimitedFor my World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited I think these two sets will go down an ‘astrostorm’ with any budding space fan.  They are also great stocking fillers.

The Cosmic Glow set contains one crescent moon, 4 large stars and 15 small stars and is a great addition to any bedroom.  Whether they are stuck to ceilings, bedframes, walls or in our case a wardrobe and bedside table, they work really well to offer a light glow to the room.  We fix them with a tiny amount of sticky tack, so my son can re-position them whenever he feels like it.  They are also great for making copies of real constellations.

The Space Torch has been well used here, over the last couple of years.  Not only is it a torch, it doubles up as a projector with 24 colour NASA and Hubble Telescope photographs, on three changeable slide disks. It’s very easy to use and my son still loves it as much today as when he first tried it out.

We are big fans of Brainstorm Limited toys and have reviewed and bought different items independently, and have never been disappointed. I’ll be sharing our thoughts on the Aqua Dragons in Space and My Very Own Solar System in the weeks to come, but for now enjoy this World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win!  Good luck.

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Cosmic Glow and Space Torch bundle from Brainstorm Limited worth £10.00

212 thoughts on “World Space Week giveaway with Brainstorm Limited #WSW17

  1. I would love to visit Saturn, the rings around it always fascinated me when I was a child xXx

  2. I would want to go to Mars, because they say men come from Mars, I might learn to understand them

  3. Saturn if it was possible because it seems extra special with the rings around it which makes it stand out from the other planets to me

  4. Definitely Saturn as I have always found it fascinating since childhood because of the rings it always stood out for me and funnily enough it’s my daughter favourite too.

  5. I would love to visit the moon because I could still see Earth from its surface and because looking at it through a telescope sparked an interest in planets as a child.

  6. it would have to be mars seeing as my little boy askes every day when can we go there. He’s obsessed with everything space x

  7. saturn, I would love to see its rings in detail and visit Titan to see if it really has an atmosphere

  8. If you could visit any planet in the solar system which would it be and why? . . . . Pluto even though technically it is no longer a planet it is the furthest away from us

  9. I would love to visit Saturn. It’s got the lot: interesting moons and then of course the famous rings. It would be amazing to see the rings up close. They are made up of billions of pieces of rock.

  10. With current technology, the moon as i know I could come back and I feel it’s familiar. Ask me in a 1000 years!

  11. pluto as its the farest one away and i might actually get a minute to myself away from the kids and hubby!!!

  12. I want to visit Uranus…Oh so many gags. But the most awesome reason is simply that its moons are named after Shakespeare characters.

  13. I’d like to see Jupiter because my daughter has told me so many interesting facts about it! She loves finding out about the solar system.

  14. pluto. i think it’s the one we know the least about as it’s the furthest away. i’d like to do experiments and learn about it.

  15. As I won’t get on a plane to explore our own world I can’t imagine ever wanting to go into outer space:)

  16. It would be Mercury as I feel as though it’s underrated so it would be cool to explore it. Also, it’s closest to the sun so I want to see how that feels! 🙂

  17. I would love to go to Planet Nine, the new planet that is similar in size to earth that they have found.

  18. Mars because it wouldn’t take as long to get there and you can you imagine having the kid’s in the back seat of your rocket if you were going any further? 😉

  19. Venus – I want to know what it’s like underneath those thick clouds. I think it’s the closest thing to hell we have in this life.

  20. Uranus, because it would be hilarious to tell everyone that I’ve been to Uranus!!!! Who named that planet? Haha. Saturn’s rings could be fun too though.

  21. I would love to visit Jupiter as it has many moons of variety. and being the biggest planet must be an awesome sight

  22. Uranus …. because my 9 year olds sense of humour when i say “ive seen Uranus” would make it worth while !

  23. Mars, Martians don’t exist so there’s no threat from that and it looks nicer than the moon. Don’t think the others will ever be possible.

  24. Venus, as sometimes referred to as Earth’s Sister, and named after Venus the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.

  25. Mars – to see if there really is life, if not i would take my tribe (hubby and 7 kids) and be the first to start new life there!

  26. I’d go to Pluto, as its my 6 year olds favourite ‘planet’. Be good to report back to her. 🙂

  27. Saturn. Loved it as a child (and still do as an adult!). I was also house captain of Saturn in primary school!

  28. Kepler-186f because they believe we could live there too, plus I feel we would be a bit ignorant to believe we are the only planet with life

  29. I would love to visit Venus, Earth’s closest neighbour. She is the brightest planet in the solar system, and is even visible in the daylight sky she is that bright. She was regarded as the Morning Star in classical mythology, Venus was also the planet that helped shape and calculate the size of the solar system and helped to prove the heliocentric orbit of the planets.

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