All about me

Welcome to my family lifestyle and travel blog – enjoying life and having fun with my son.

I’m Mary, I turned 50 in April 2018 and am Mum to my son, born December 2009.

I had a busy life in Export Sales before my son (originally called ‘Monkey’ on the blog right at the start) came along, but decided to become a stay at home Mum once he arrived.  I now have a part-time job away from home but the blog is still an important part of our family life.

Over 40 and a Mum to OneWe’ve had a busy 11 years so far; full of adventures.  My son is now in his last year of Primary School in Year Six, I have some time to devote to the blog, whilst also holding down two part-time administrations roles.

We have a cat called Brewster who makes appearances on the blog from time to time…

Sadly our younger cat Paddington was Killed in November 2020 and is very much missed.

Kitten with ball

But his niece and nephew, Pippi and Fudge, joined us in July 2021.

Tabby Kittens

I’m a mad Ferrari F1 fan so you’ll find mention of my passion, especially around the British Grand Prix.


We love reviewing toys, games and books and would love the opportunity to look at anything that fits in with our family lifestyle.

Letter to a 7 year old

We are always out and about and offering an insight into the places we visit.  Whether we are going on a snail hunt, exploring nature in Spain with my family, or having fun at The Natural History Museum – we love nature in all its forms.

Butterfly World from My Living World

We love exploring new places both at home and abroad; whether it be Warwick Castle, the Bournemouth Wheels Festival, Legoland Windsor here in the UK …..

Getting in the Christmas spirit at Warwick Castle

and abroad – for example, Marchena or Mijas in Spain or exploring the Algarve region of Portugal.

Beach time at Praia dos Três Castelos

If you like what you read please leave me a comment, I love to hear from people and always try to reply.  Enjoy the read.  If you’d like to contact me directly please visit my Public Relations page for contact details.

Mummy and Me - April 2021

24 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Hello

    My name is Jessica and I understand you have been tweeting with our MD the lovely Katie.

    I am emailing you to find out what you require from TCC in order to write a product review.

    I can send you a sample personalised with the words of your choice if that helps.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  2. I came across your blog by chance – I confess that I don’t generally ‘do’ blogs but the title of it struck me, mainly because it sums up my story as well. I am also a first time 40+ mother. I had my ‘little pudding’ aged 44, a surprise natural pregnancy after 5 years of unsuccessful fertility treatment. He will be 3 early next year and I am now a SAHM. I return to work next year when he starts reception. My goal for the next year is to lose some much needed weight and turn myself into a yummy mummy, so that he doesn’t have an old, aged, frumpy mother at the school gates :-).
    I will look forward to following your posts with interest.

  3. hi there, stumbled across your blog from the Olivers madhouse, I am 42 & SAHM mum to 4 daughters age 11-2 and I live in Oxfordshire too! So lovely to find a local mummy blogger at last! I will have done 20+ years of school runs by the time I’m finished so will be well known in the playground by then!

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  5. I’m press rep for the Peppa Pig tour and have just read your review for the show. Delighted that your son had such an enjoyable time.

    If you wish to receive information on future Peppa tours and other children’s theatres tours that I look after, please do let me know.

    Kind regards


  6. Hi I’m really looking forward to reading your blog. I’m also a first time mum age 43 to our 6 month boy Alfie. Although many people keep telling me I don’t look anywhere near 43 it’s been interesting meeting other mothers Mainly younger than me at various groups and sometimes I’ve found it difficult (they want to meet and drink wine in a bar with the babies and discuss baby number 2 plans , ive waited so long for Alfie I just want to be out in the fresh air with him or cuddled up at home reading a book to him and savouring every second with him)!!! Have you experienced difficulties relating to younger mothers?

    1. Oh congratulations! I was really lucky when Monkey was a baby etc with the whole age gap thing. My NCT group have been my rock for over 6 years now and there’s 15 years age gap between me and the youngest in our group, but we all get on extremely well, no wine bars with babies for us! We saw each other every Monday until the children all started pre-school and I still see the Mum’s at least once a month, and the kids get together at Easter, Summer Hols and in December to celebrate their birthdays. They’ve all had second children, bar one who had twins first time round and it’s lovely seeing them all grow up. I have found it a bit tougher since he’s started school, but it’s more that other Mum’s have more children and already have a ‘click’. Also my OH isn’t around a lot, so socialising after school hours has ,never been great for me. But honestly, my age has never been the issue, I’ve never been made to feel like a ‘granny’ although I could be now – eek. Children are a great leveller, maybe look at different groups – are there any forest school type groups for babies and toddlers in your area? I know Netmums normally have local meet ups but I met loads of people through play groups, that I still bump into now. Good luck, shout, if you ever have any questions, and treasure every moment. Before you know it you’ll be agonising over trying to get your 6 year old to complete their dreaded homework xx

  7. How nice to come across your blog. I am around the same age and my daughter was born in 2010. I have just started getting used to being the oldest mum at the school gates. Love your blog, keep up the good work!

  8. I saw your blog link on Instagram after you liked one of my photos.. Figured I’d check it out. I’m the ‘actual’ Grandma at the school gate. lol. I was awarded custody of my 4 year old granddaughter, so I’m a single parent all over again at age 45. 🙂

  9. Hello

    Just found your blog, and love it. I am more or less the same age as you (also turned 50 in 2018) and have a daughter born in November 2009 (as well as a younger son, but that is another story). Sadly for me I am nothing like as youthful looking or energetic as you are but I will follow your blog with interest!


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