A day out in the ..... SUNSHINE - Millets Farm Centre

A day out in the sunshine – Millets Farm Centre

Hasn’t the weather been lovely today?  Sunshine all the way, just makes you feel so much better about everything. We’d made plans to meet friends for the day while both Daddy’s were hard at work, so I was expecting rain, clouds and freezing wind – what a surprise to have the complete opposite.

Exploring Millets Farm Centre

About half hour drive from us is Millets Farm Centre, we arrived just after 10am this morning as the sun was starting to come out.  There’s lots to see and as the weather was ok my son and I decided to head to the Farm Animal Zoo, it’s all free, including the parking.

There was lots for my son to see as we passed the Trout Lake,

and on we went,

and for a walk around Phoebe Trafalgar Wood ….

before heading to the Play Area where we played on the Ride on Tractors (£1.00 a go) before doing some digging (also £1.00 per go) and finished off at the swings ……

Play area Millets Farm Centre

As it’s holiday time there was a chargeable Carousel, Bouncy Castle and Trampolines – my son is not the greatest explorer so wasn’t interested on these – great for my pocket, but none of them were expensive.  There was also a Thomas the Tank Engine for the children to stand on but he didn’t fancy that either.

So instead we walked through the main Garden Centre and found the Rabbits and Chickens.  We were all rather excited to see some chicks too.

All this running around had left us rather peckish so we stopped in the Garden Centre for lunch.  There is also a larger restaurant which we’ve visited on previous trips.  Both offer children’s meal box/bag deals.  Today we paid £4.35 and got a ham sandwich, a choice of 4 other items (we picked, raisins, a jelly, cheese and some crisps) along with a drink.  My son ate the lot and was raring to go again.

After lots more fun in the sun we decided to visit the Farm Shop – there is a vast array of lovely things to eat and drink but today we just bought homemade treacle tarts and some cakes to share with Daddy later.

There’s always lots going on at Millets Farm during the year, and we are really excited as they are opening a Falconry Centre on 4th May – we are going to love that!  In the summer holidays I’m sure my son is going to love trying to get me lost in the famous Millets Maize Maze.

We had a lovely day, as we always do at Millets Farm, and the weather was a wonderful bonus.

12 thoughts on “A day out in the sunshine – Millets Farm Centre

  1. yes it has been lovely and sunny, sounds like you made the most of the warm weather! you must all be knackered!! the farm sounds like a great place to visit i can see why you would want to keep on returning x

  2. Sounds great, and you’ve reminded me to try and get a date in the diary to do this later in the year. I really want to do the maize but only ever remember out of season!

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