A nature walk around Stowe Gardens #CountryKids

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens #CountryKids

You may remember that Monkey and I visited Stowe Gardens earlier in the year.  We decided to return with Daddy P awhile ago to walk around the Eleven Acre Lake.  It was time for a nature walk around Stowe Gardens.

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens

Spookily, I’d recently commented on my lack of memory when identifying trees.  I keep meaning to buy a book to refresh the old brain cells.  Well someone at the National Trust was listening to me, when we arrived at Stow Gardens we were given a Summer Leaf Spotter Sheet!

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens

So rather than just going for a nice stroll in the sunshine, we decided to go for a nature walk.  We would identify trees from the leaves and take some samples home to press and put in Monkey’s memory book.  We found Sycamore and Hawthorn, Tulip Tree and Ash and many more.

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens

Look Daddy I found a feather!  I just love the look on Monkey’s face in this photo.  He loved the nature walk, he had a real purpose.  Of course, for us, a nature walk has to include some mini beasts.

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe GardensThe we looked at the various flowers and wildlife that we saw as we walked around the lake.  We thought Monkey would have had enough after walking around one lake, but no, he wanted to show Daddy P where we’d been on our previous walk.  He was off around the Octagon Lake before we knew it.  He really is a good walker.  He doesn’t really complain and he loves looking, really looking at the world around him.

Before we finished a nature walk around Stowe Gardens, Monkey just had time to sit on his ‘throne’.  Look I’m King of the Gardens Mummy!

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens

Then it was back home to sort through the results of a nature walk, time to press our leaves.

A nature walk around Stowe Gardens A nature walk around Stowe Gardens

If you get the chance to visit Stowe Gardens, I can really recommend it, lots to see and somewhere you can visit again and again and do different walks.  We’ll be back again soon so Monkey can explore the walk around the Gothic Temple and the Grotto.

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14 thoughts on “A nature walk around Stowe Gardens #CountryKids

  1. That looks a lovely place for a walk. Great that NT are now providing things like the ID chart for the leaves – it makes such a difference for kids. Some great photos of bugs and beasties! #countrykids

  2. Fabulous photos! I love walks like this which turn kids into young naturalists as they learn (and me too) while having fun.

  3. What a beautiful place to explore and teaming with wildlife to inspect. Lovely family photos and you can see Monkey is so very happy. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Love those photos. How did you manage to get one of the dragon flies? I was trying to get one the other day but they were too quick!

  5. Looks like you got further around Stowe than we managed on Friday. So much to see and do – I love it.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful day out and really got in touch with nature. Your photos are amazing!!! And Monkeys shoes look just like Mister B’s – do they have a yellow digger on the side?

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