Project 366 2016 Week 8

A Saturday stroll

After a busy week at school, Monkey was really tired last weekend and I could tell that some quiet time at home was required. We got his homework out-of-the-way and had some play time before lunch. But we needed to clear away the cobwebs and decided to go on a Saturday stroll through the estate and around the local nature reserve.

A Saturday Stroll

The sun was trying to shine but it was bitterly cold when the wind decided to blow. We wrapped up warm and headed out, mother and son on a mission. Fresh air was needed. Could we spot any signs of Spring?

I’m so lucky that Monkey is a good walker and always eager to explore. A big bonus for him with a Saturday stroll including the nature reserve is that we are bound to see a couple of trains passing by on the way to and from London.

We headed off and started bird spotting. I can’t imagine living anywhere without trees, and therefore a plentiful bird population. Even walking through a housing estate there are opportunities or nature hunting. We spotted sparrows, blackbirds, a robin and some blue tits on our walk.  Of course Monkey does make rather a lot of noise at the best of times and could be relied upon to start dinosaur roaring when I was trying to get a shot of one of the robins – love that boy!

A Saturday Stroll

We are lucky to have lots of cycle paths here leading through one estate to another, so it somehow feels different from just walking along roads.  You can find quiet places and just enjoy time chatting together without worrying about traffic.

A Saturday Stroll

A quick go on the swings and our walk continued to the nature reserve itself. It’s surrounded on 3 sides by an estate, and the Railway banking on the other.

A Saturday Stroll

But there’s a brook running through it with a couple of bridges along the way. The water was flowing well enough for some pooh sticks fun.

We ventured into the deep dark wood (ok a little imagination was required at that point) but we did spot some Snowdrops and miniature Daffodils in the undergrowth.

No walk is complete without a stick or two. Although Monkey was on a mission to find some Woolly Mammoth tusks – more of a tall order, but he had fun looking.

A Saturday Stroll

We’d got the Gruffalo Spring Activity book with us and ticked off a few Spring finds – catkins and buds on plants. Warmer days are hopefully on the horizon.

A Saturday Stroll

I love going for a Saturday Stroll with Monkey. He chats away, we have deep and meaningful discussions and a lot of imagination comes into his observations. I need to treasure these moments, before he turns into a teenager and his talking turns into grunting! Before he no longer wants to just spend an hour or two going for a walk in a circle.

We chatted away but you could really start to feel the temperature dropping and the wind chill hitting us full on.  It was time to end our walk, time to head home.  Hot chocolate, blueberry muffins and a cuddle on the sofa watching Paddington was in order after a Saturday Stroll with my lovely son.

It’s nice to enjoy some outdoors fun without having to even get in the car some times isn’t it.

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12 thoughts on “A Saturday stroll

  1. It looks like you and Monkey had a great Saturday Stroll together, it’s lovely to see him enjoying the fresh air and nature. The point you made about him being noisy when you’re trying to get a nature shot sounds a lot like my lot, I usualy end up behind them in the hopes that the animals will come back once they’ve moved on a little. It’s great that you’ve got such a lovely walk so close to your house enabling you to enjoy some outdoor time even when you’re not going out anywhere. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. Perfect walk. I’m sure he’ll carry on wanting to take walks like this one. They’ll just get more challenging. Take my word for it. Hot choc, blueberry muffin and Paddington. Those are my very favourite post walk treats. #CountryKids

  3. This is what we have been doing a lot of lately, going out for short walks on weekends. Really nice as my son is also doing so much in school and he is so tired after.

    Monkey looks so refreshed in the photos and looks like he had so much fun!


  4. It is Lovely that you can go and explore so close to home, and sometimes all that’s needed is a short walk to blow away the cobwebs. I also love that you & Monkey use your outdoor time to talk to each other, I find they’re so chatty when out and about and you can really get a lot out of them!
    And I notice he has a stick in his hand – no good walk is complete without a stick!

  5. Aww that sounds like such a lovely afternoon, I would love to get the one to one time with my eldest, he is 6, don’t get me wrong we have lovely times all together but I can imagine it being a different scene all together if just me and Harry went out.

  6. That’s great he’s so happy to go out just for a walk. N’s really fussy and a walk won’t cut it for him. He needs to take bike or trike with him which is a pain

  7. I love going for a walk with my lot, and sometimes I manage to get one of them on their own and that’s lovely 🙂 My guys all like to chat, so just wandering is perfect. Great way to spend some time. Looks like you had a wonderful walk x

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