Blenheim Palace

A Trip to the Palace …… Blenheim Palace

We are so lucky to have Blenheim Palace on our doorstep. Saying that I’d only visited once before my son arrived, but have certainly made up for it since! Our NCT group made it our weekly Monday meet up, and we had a picnic there pretty much every week from March-October in 2010.

Blenheim Palace

Since then, we have met there regularly and as the children have grown up, we’ve gone from Mummy picnics to family picnics, trips to the Pleasure Gardens, joined the Easter Egg hunts and visited the Jousting Tournaments.

All have been made affordable trips with the excellent deal that Blenheim Palace has – buy a Park, Palace and Gardens One Day ticket (2013 price £21.00 per adult) and exchange it for an Annual free pass!  Children under 5 are free anyway, so we have certainly got a good deal.

A Trip to the Palace ...... Blenheim Palace

My son and I decided to spend this morning having a short walk around part of the Queen Pool, we stopped for a snack along the way.

A Trip to the Palace ...... Blenheim Palace

We had a quick drink in the Oxfordshire Pantry and then decided to visit the Pleasure Gardens – there is a great, free train ride that takes you from the front of the Palace down to these gardens, where you can find lots of exciting things for the kids to do and see – as you can see below!  Today we went to the Butterfly House and the ‘Blenheim Bygones’ Exhibition before going into the Pleasure Gardens themselves.  We looked at the model village and played with the giant board and maze games, and then it was time to catch the train and make our way home for lunch.

A Trip to the Palace ...... Blenheim Palace

We just didn’t have time to go on the various climbing frames or try to find our way around the Marlborough Maze, let alone visit the main gardens and the various walks through the grounds and around the Main Lake.  Something to look forward to on another visit 🙂

21 thoughts on “A Trip to the Palace …… Blenheim Palace

  1. Looks like there is loads to do! will definitely have to check it out if we are up that way sometime

    1. It’s a wonderful place, if you’re ever in the area it’s worth a visit, haven’t even mentioned the Palace itself (too scared to take Monkey anywhere near priceless china!!)

  2. My kids love the maze and the sandpit best. The annual pass is a great deal. Also you can exchange Tesco vouchers for the day pass and then upgrade that to the annual pass. Bargain.

  3. I really hope to get to Blenheim Palace at some point when we’re in that neck of the woods. I’ve wanted to visit for ages but it’s too far for a day trip. Great post.

    1. We’re looking forward to the Easter Egg hunt – last year it was Three Little Pig themed and we had to really to do most of the hunting, this year the kids will be able to do much more themselves – and Mike the Knight is going to be there too! I love the fact that as Monkey is growing up, he and I are getting different things out of a visit. A special place for us, that’s for sure 🙂

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