Being Me for a whole afternoon!

I had a wonderful afternoon on Saturday.  I was actually just ME, for a whole afternoon.  It was wonderful.  Daddy P works such long hours that I rarely get the opportunity to have any sort of social life that doesn’t involve my son these days.

His niece recently celebrated her 40th birthday, it’s quite strange to think she’s only 5 years younger than me!  Anyway, she decided that she wanted a girls-only trip out for an Afternoon Champagne Tea at The Old Parsonage in Oxford.  I loved the idea, persuaded Daddy P to rejig his work schedule so he could look after my son for a few hours and said yes – count me in!

The only problem with going out with family is that they have already seen the vast majority of my wardrobe, so what to wear?  on a budget 🙁

I’d had a few pennies land in my bank account unexpectedly so I didn’t feel so bad about treating myself to an absolute bargain in Karen Millen, £45.00 from £160.00 – couldn’t resist, it’s black and white so good for lots of different events.  Also meant I’d got shoes and bags aplenty at home so easy to accessorize. Even Daddy P couldn’t fault my rationale.  I dusted off my favourite heels and was ready to go 🙂

So on a lovely, sunny, Saturday afternoon in July, fourteen ladies went off to Oxford for a wonderful afternoon tea.  We arrived early, so treated ourselves to Gin and Tonic’s (me!) and Pimms on the terrace, before being escorted inside to our private room. Our Champagne arrived, along with a wonderful selection of sandwiches, scones and little cakes.  This was followed by tea or coffee.

We all had a great time, it was so nice not to think children, talk children or be surrounded by children.  Just for a few hours, just to be me.

The only thing I forgot to do was take a photo to record the moment!

2 thoughts on “Being Me for a whole afternoon!

  1. How wonderful! As lovely as it is being a mum, it’s lovely to just be ‘you’ sometimes too. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things in the world. I have a group of friends on an online forum and we have a tradition of meeting for afternoon tea at fortnims and mason in December every year. It’s lovely – the tea, the company and, yes, the chance to eat the food without wondering if I packed enough crayons and toy cars!

    1. I like your idea – that sounds like great fun. Totally relate to the crayons and toy cars (normally diggers and tractors here). Was nice to have a tiny little bag for a change 🙂

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