A trip to Stoke Wood

A trip to Stoke Wood

Last Saturday Monkey and I were having a bit of a lazy day, we’d spent the morning catching up with some homework and had fun with some craft projects.  But we both needed a bit of fresh air, it was already past lunch time and I didn’t fancy driving far, so we decided on a trip to Stoke Wood.  It’s a Woodland Trust Woodland in Stoke Lyne, just outside Bicester.  There are no amenities other than a free car park, but it always has a plentiful supply of mud and sticks!  Wellies and waterproofs at the ready we headed off for a little adventure.

A trip to Stoke Wood

The area is popular with dog walkers but we managed to find a space in the car park and Monkey was eager to being our adventure.  There’s a map of Stoke Wood as you leave the car park, so we had a look and decided on the route we would take.

A trip to Stoke Wood

A trip to Stoke Wood is something we really should do more often, it’s close to home and an ideal place for Monkey to let off steam.  We were chatting away and realised it’s been quite some time since our last visit. Note to self – rectify this!

Even though the car park was busy, we barely bumped into anyone the whole time we were there, so it often felt as if we had this ancient woodland to ourselves.  We couldn’t help but notice the bluebells.  They were everywhere, such a beautiful blanket of blue with pockets of white wood anemones keeping them company.

A trip to Stoke WoodWe stopped to admire the scene and I told Monkey about the bluebells I used to see as a child in the copse close to where we lived.  They always make me think of fairies and pixies, a magical carpet of colour.

It has to be said that Monkey’s appreciation was slightly less than my own.  Come on Mummy, I want to find some mud!

A trip to Stoke WoodWe wandered along the paths changing our route from time to time and it wasn’t long before Monkey found what he was looking for.

A trip to Stoke Wood


A trip to Stoke Wood

You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you jolly well have to go right through it!

A trip to Stoke Wood

He was a Monkey in muck and that’s he’s kind of heaven.  We talked about all kinds of thing on our walk.  We had bought our bird book with us, but I’d left the binoculars in the car and Monkey and being quiet and still aren’t the best of bed fellows.  The interest is there, but the inclination to actually stop and be still, less so!

Monkey was on a mission to explore as much of the wood as possible, and he did eventually take time to admire the flowers around him.

Of course no adventure for us can possibly complete with out be joined by a stick, or two. There was mud soup to be stirred along the way. The sticks seem to be growing in size too.

Imagine Monkey’s delight when we turned a corner along the path and discovered a very impressive den.  Wow Mummy! and he was off to investigate.

A trip to Stoke Wood was such a good idea, the weather has behaved, we got to enjoy the flowers and fresh air for a couple of hours.

A trip to Stoke Wood

Monkey was intrigued by the catkins and some wonderful fungi.

It was well worth making a trip to Stoke Wood, Monkey was getting hungry, it was time to head home for dinner. We’ll be back again soon I’m sure, as we really do need to make better use of what’s on our doorstep.

Do you have Woodland Trust wood close to you, that you can recommend?

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10 thoughts on “A trip to Stoke Wood

  1. That looks like a wonderful woods and how pretty with the carpet of bluebells too. Must be really lovely to have that close-by #countrykids

  2. Stoke wood looks like the perfect place to visit after a morning of housework and crafts. How beautiful with the bluebells coming out and some spring sunshine. Good for Monkey collecting sticks and poking at the mud, just what every boy should be doing and I do agree that is one impressive den, you could actually shelter from a shower in there. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. Oh my! Lots of lovely photos and woods is always a hit! I love the bluebells too during this time of the year. I am on a mission to take Olivia to the woods carpeted with bluebells too. 🙂

  4. There is something special woodlands, we are lucky to have quite a few close to me. Which funny enough we are visiting one tomorrow. I find it is peaceful and great to walk around and explore X #countrykids

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